Camera Tripod Dolly

okay so you’re looking at the title
today’s episode a rest yourself why we need another dollywood bill two dollars
before where will the tripod dollar today overstreet is a is that the viewer
requests in the second reason is that i know we’ve built a bulldog
before and it really dali and those are good dollars they serve their purpose or
for that one glaring deficiency in that is that you can’t pair till your camera
while you shot as tracking but you can with the tripod ali okay so his intense footage record ali
here i am tracking right on padding-left known as the sun intends
to stay in the senate the frame isn’t keeping up with it with my panning and it’s an example of that kind of mood
next we’ve got uh… me darling forward world tilting
up wins the sky moving in the background indicating lee intel and tilting up also well wobbled area to practice more he rivera point-of-view shot this is me tracking rating in imperial
left until two straight down so it looks more like a curve tracking chart i see
the dalai track well asher out so i cropped it also noticed that the uh… camping chair baylor right that’s what i’m using to store by a
tripod dalian than the previous two incarnations of
the dollars that dole will detail dalian a trolley dali i got those wheels from
use roller blades they pick up the thrift store list and i wanted more consistent mills
in various because they need to use all eight eight can pick and choose what
they did before so any new wheels and bearings not used one so i had to go the
new route had a president expensive wheels expense
as possible and i settled on wal-mart walmart’s website i found these roller
derby cruisers federal issue from fourteen nine
nineteen ninety nine nine if you’re going to be size menu in you
click on size eight to notice that they drop two fourteen ninety seven uh… this is the lowest price i could
find any culmination of wheels and bearings out there that were new when you arrived in the mail two weeks
later in our own way to take two weeks will because they use their ship to store options says is paying for shipping as i want to
say four dollars a really wasn’t worth it because it took too long tell us about a week that connect have
actually been working on the dalian refining it well well listen we’re doing shit the
store okay so here’s how we get the wheels
offers to hear roller skate and take care of five
sixteenths inch socket or two of them and uh… hold one loose in the other comes up please we’ll containing and
walking that on the end compiler pretty easily listens in the
state of your fingers not comes right off your hands and they
just lift off the wheel gignoux opposite an easier you just pull hold the skin poorly we’ll usage is desirable it’s holding women dropped out may bear two wheels do that three more times okay so next time we need to prep is the
eight p_v_c_ put three quarter inch closer to the holes and the reason i
like the clothes from lowes is that you their little stop sign shape
so octagon seeking easily find the middle of the clogged by
premark and the middle of for edges in the dryer crisscross the middle delta is that they were the senate then the drought is a retired crucial he says that still for the larger bit first quarter inch and roll out the pilot hedging bits of flesh sixteenths inch
bit and rule that one out well do you uh… desired hole size do
that’s a more times putting together the wheel assemblies is
pretty straightforward you take your uh… recorder for sixteenths inch bolt block washer on it drop it through the
inside of the p_v_c_ plug so they’re sticking out then figure five sixteenths inch washer
over the top of that in gujarat we’ll and then here five sixteenths future ratchet back and tighten the whole thing i was hold
the although not on the end in tight-knit whittier ten pc quote would hand titans quite quickly and easily when you’re done do that seven more times this next part is super easy nerd is
putting the uh… we’ll assemblies into the east side flow p_v_c_ pipes the two of them inside like so doesn’t
really matter which one sits soul symmetrical usually less emily you need three more
these mesh is just a couple measurements of
your tripod feet where the hell in on the grounds of the contract rundown
measure one foot to the other and then measure the third foot to the
middle of the other two these your basic uh… measurements you’ll need which
will be just a little bit but here it is down there was a very different also take into account that area peavey seats he had three quarter inch
tee is three inches in length and you lose intention the middle just remember that we are putting this
together right so let’s put all of our basic
pieces together the person are going to do is put t join into one of the wheel
assemblies and then the other will assembly on the
opposite end of the teacher right now i’m putting these together by using ssh
short inserts its intention half long concert uh… than short piece of p_v_c_ amusing
to hook all these things together makes them putting another t joining into the previous t
joint with one of the whole sticking straight
up them putting along this way into the end of
that the jury this is your front wheel assembly here those are starting to come look like a
tripod and sort of see where the fear mexico unity and the other end of that
piece and taking another wheel assembly putting it into a t conferring with the back legs into that
each other this whole thing goes into the t we just put into the longer piece nearly the same thing on the other side that will also go into the t and there’s your basic tripod dali
carriage right there next let me get the uh… dolly track from using two-inch
p_v_c_ pipe because that’s what works best but this will set up and put that down so i can makes a final adjustments and see how
roles rights and i’ve taken my don’t reckon
places outside or or shoot was that we’d won and with some in
kuwait in using the sandbags to keep unstable hopelessly carriage on the track that i
get my uh… tripod and place the feet in the open hands of
the t joints near the wheels fit right in cool things holding by gravity nothing’s
lashed down and away we go and that is your tripod dali out couple
of other exciting things about this design is number one that’s we have some
modular uh… dali wheels now we can essentially build other raise around now the caveat about
this is that these wheels and bearings are cheap so there’s a lot of direct uh… which doesn’t really matter on a
bigger device like a tripod every year uh… devised by lighter cameras i
notice or smaller to always like a tray to replace the trolley deli
with a realtor on the is generally work too well we’ll come by and just didn’t work it’s moving is
because the was just too much drag so that’s bad but
i think this design as gooden effectively build some idler wheels from the ground
up with you have something so that’s that’s a good uh… good thing another thing is that the uh… tripod
dalian is on a tripod the same tripod at the frugal is based around so
essentially recognize have a tracking crane shot as well that’s kind of
exciting so they haven’t tested yet but something i will in the future so until
that happens we’ll see you next time for a moment

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  1. Love your projects… I'm a DIYer also. I made a rolling tripod dolly by buying an old office chair with wheels, taking the chair off and attaching an adjustable mono-pod to the center post.

  2. I cannot get the curve i looked everywhere in the city… i think i need to try other people method . your was nice but cant get the 3 ways curve PVC

  3. Muito bom. Eu não entendi a pronuncia, mas entendi as formas de fazer, a imagem. muito obrigado pela grande dica.

  4. Looking forward to more of your great videos. But even cheaper still, you know you can buy skate or skateboard wheels by themselves online or at any sporting good store right? Just a suggestion for your next project. Thanks for the videos. 🙂

  5. You're dolly it's so cool thank you !! I have just one question thought…. Do you think it could work on a 360 curve track ???

  6. This dolly is so nice I am in the process of making my own the only difference is I will be using 1-1/4" pvc pipe because my tripod legs are a little bit bigger. Thanks for the tutorial. I subbed. … Cheers!

  7. Now I can make my own dolly for my tripod. I didn't imagine we can actually do this, great stuff thefrugalfilmmaker.

  8. We miss the complete unboxing of our Roller Derby 🙂 thanks to your video its a fantastic idea you have, i will copy it. best wishes form Switzerland

  9. there is no way of making a less wobbly look for this?mines does it and when i came back here and watched video of you filming the sky it was wobbly too

  10. Can you please give the name of the shop where you bough the pvc ??? i can not get the 3/4" PVC side outlet elbows in The Netherlands


  12. if you want smoother wheels you want to buy anything BUT walmart wheels/bearings. Go to a skate shop ever though they are kind of expensive it will be wayyy more worth it in the long run

  13. This is an old video, so prices on brand new roller skates have got up a lot since then (cheapest you can find now are about $24.) But you can just order the wheels by themselves (with the bearings) and save some money.

  14. Go by your local skateboard shop. there you can get proper bearings and washers to make that setup roll much better. use El cheapo bearings ( 608zz abec or Abec5) and a set of replacement speed washers. they may have a grab bin of wheels so you can get larger softer wheels. bearings and speed washers should come in under 10 bucks.

  15. I was making a camera mount yesterday and needed both a plug and cap. The plug was flat on the end – like yours, but the cap was had a dome end and would not work with what I was trying to do. Grr.

  16. USA Warning!! – This is an American video, so as with all US instructional vids, its, "bla bls bla" interspersed with ofcourse the irrelevent and the "Bleeding Obvious". The first 3 minutes is 1) Buy skate wheels, 2) Take them off the skate 3) how to buy skate wheels, (just in case you have never shopped before: – Cut to 3.12 for the info. 🙂

  17. Very cool idea! I was looking around online and found you can buy skate or skateboard wheels just by themselves if you want, so you don't have to just buy skates to get them. They have varying qualities of wheels so you can better ones if you want or cheaper ones to save money. You can try searching "skate wheels" at eBay also to find sets of wheels.

  18. To reduce the drag, carefully pull the barring from the wheels, clean them with carburetor cleaner (soak, spin with fingers, and paper towel dry) put a couple drops of skate wheel barring oil on them, and but them back in the wheels. You'll have less drag and a longer free-spin. (In addition to loving A/V, I also use to work for a skating rink. 😉 )

  19. Some of this is awesome. However….You spend a lot of time and effort to build what would cost under a hundred bucks online. The only difference is the online dolly is not tractable or trackable. But you can modify it. Possibly….. However…I must say the production of your instructional video is phenomenal. Great job!!

  20. '
    better get good wheels from the local skateboard store…
    also get best ABEC ball bearings…
    dont waste shoes

  21. Super
    отличное качество видео
    приятно смотреть и хочется еще больше видео, шикарные руки и мозги – удачи в делах.

  22. YOU SOUND LIKE JEFF GOLDBLUM …. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but then all of a sudden it hit me! ………..JURASSIC PARK! lol… Anyway, I came here looking for some different ideas to make my own slider, and I got some good ideas…AND I got some relaxing  Goldblum serenade at the same time !

  23. I found affordable wheels on McMaster-Carr (p/n 2337T2, $2.33 ea). They are rubber and require 1/4 inch dia shaft. I have not tried these, just wanted to let others know about them.

  24. Great video. thanks. I enjoyed watching. I like the idea of the dolly system, video is so smooth. I do not use ship to store options at all, same problem you had.

  25. This is fantastic – by far the most travel friendly DIY dolly tutorial I've seen. You could easily disassemble the dolly components and throw them in a backpack – and just buy some PVC pipes for rails onsite wherever you happen to be. Thank you for sharing your design!

  26. Now, if this is not the best, I don't think you have been screening enough videos in the subject matter. Especially for someone who are minimalist with power tools, or simply tools. Great work.

  27. Mister…..Thank you. This is ExACTLY what I was looking for, and your on camera explanations are easy going and easy to learn from. Wesley

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