Cameras Capture the Birth of 14 Black Mambas

NARRATOR: Mercury,
the black mamba, has found the ideal
snake nursery. But this is not a
private birthing ward. This custom-built
termite mound is rigged with
surveillance equipment and delicate lighting. She will be depositing
her precious cargo live on television. The vigil at Mercury’s
nest site continues for four long days and nights. And then, the true purpose
of her mission emerges. One by one they appear,
not hard like a bird’s egg, but soft, pliable and
leathery to the touch. The parchment-like
eggshell is permeable, allowing gases in and out so
the embryo can breathe inside. Over the next 90
days, the eggs will continue to swell
in size and weight while the embryos develop. 24 hours later,
exhausted, Mercury has deposited all of her 14 eggs. It’s now time for her to
restore her depleted energy, drink fresh water,
hunt, and survive. Safe in their secret
chamber, 14 new supersnakes are coming to life. Three Moons have waxed and waned
since Mercury laid her eggs. Inside each of the
leathery shells, a miniature mamba has
been rapidly developing. The embryo extracts calcium
from the shell and nutrition from the yolk sac. And lengthens rapidly,
gradually reassembling a long, slender snake. Three months later, a
new generation of mambas is ready to enter the world. The young snakes don’t
exit immediately, preferring to move
around in the egg and absorb the remainder of the
egg yolk, which will sustain them until their first kill. [HISSING] These tiny mambas
have fully developed venom glands, deadly
enough to kill a man just minutes after birth. One by one, the baby mambas
emerge from their nursery. 20 inches long, independent,
and already capable of catching prey the size of a small rat.

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  1. one may ask how these new born were trained to hunt to survive . this is education in genes. The knowledge, wisdom and power of Allah has no human scale .

  2. I think it's just incredible that they know how to hunt the second they are born. Don't have to watch the parents or anything like mammals

  3. They are not born as children, they are born as adults.
    Compared to humans, that is truely astonishing.

  4. It was scary enough even without the sound effect i think i m going to trouble my mom while going to bathroom at midnight which is besides the garden

  5. The whole comment section should be filled with vomiting emojis. Whats wrong with you peoe😐😐😐😐😰😰😰😨😨😨😱😱😱😵😵😵😦😦😓😓😓😓😓

  6. 3:04 ok ok ok… You disappoint me, Smithsonian… I don't think they come out of their eggs and hiss like cats. Fire that special effects guy… I had you in such high esteem. 😛

  7. Wow, for a minute there, I thought they were going to say they weren't sure if they were human or not. You know, embryonic evolution and all!

  8. Nothing can create itself or By chance … It is Only ALLAH (GOD) Who creates everything through different Procedures and beautiful and complex living things ..ALLAH Ho Akbar ..GOD is greatest

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