Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera Review | Cameras Direct Australia Hello Photographers, Tom here again
from Cameras Direct with another Canon DSLR Cameras Review Today we’re gonna have a quick look at
Canon 700d DSLR Camera. This is one of our most popular DSLR’s that we currently have. The 700d is so
popular for the following reasons: 1. 18 megapixel Canon sensor. Tried and true technology used in lots of Canon cameras because it is so good. 2. Very good image quality for enlargements or for any type of
photography that you want to do. 3. The big headline act on this camera though is the fully articulated touchscreen. Now the
touch screen enables you to look at photos like you would on an iPad or
iPhone, touch swipe pinch and zoom to magnify and makes the 700d a lot easier than a standard non touch screen. It also gives you the ability to shoot
above your head, or below and has the wonderful feature of being able to touch the screen and the
camera will then focus and shoot if you wanted to. So the 700d is very very clever. Some other features that the 700d has is a built-in flash which
automatically activates in the “auto’ mode The 700d has full auto and scene modes which of course set the camera up for specific types of
photography. You don’t have to worry about things like white-balance and
ISO. You also have full creative control manual, aperture priority, shutter priority and Program where you can control the cameras functions if you desire. Five frames a second motor drive and a nine point Auto-Focus system make the 700d also ideal for tracking the kids or bit of sport or wildlife photography The Canon 700d is really a fantastic little camera. If you’re looking for something that’s not
overpriced but is gonna give you great results… especially compared to a compact or your phone and gives you a full range of Canon EF or EF-s lenses then the Canon 700d could be for you. Canon EOS 700d DSLR Camera Cameras Direct. Helping you take a better photo. Thanks for watching.

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