Canon EOS R Mark II Wishes: Can It Become The PERFECT Camera?

Canon eos R what could make it the
perfect camera I’ve been using it from June 2019 so for about seven months and
it was a big step up for me from the Canon 80d I still use that camera as a
backup or when I have to shoot from two different angles but the Canon EOS R has
become my daily driver and in this video I would like to have some more
interaction with you guys let’s start the conversation I will tell you what I
wish from the next Canon EOS R mark II if that will be its name but I want you to
leave me a comment with your wishes and things that you want to be changed
regarding this camera and what do you think it could make it better
or the perfect camera which will never exist and if this is your first time
here welcome I’m Criss I make tutorials and review gear and it will help me a
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clicking the bell would be an awesome thing but let’s get back to the video
actually I read some news in the past days and I found out that Canon is
planning to release three different cameras in 2020 three different cameras
high resolution EOS Rs and EOS Rm which is which will be cheaper than the
EOS RP and an EOS R mark II and at this point these are just rumors and we
will see what other news will come up in the next weeks but I would focus this
video on the EOS R mark II – okay so the first thing I would change would be to
get rid of the touch bar right here because honestly I’m afraid to use it at
the beginning I was so excited I thought this would be a great thing to have but
turns out you can touch it accidentally and change settings that you don’t want
to change I could easily live without this and
instead insert 2 customizable buttons right here it would make much more sense
in 2020 every brand should give some more room some more possibilities to the
users to customize their camera as they wish
now the second thing I don’t want to have a crop when I record in 4k I want
to be able to shoot in 4k and at least 30 frames per second with no crop I
would prefer this instead of 4k at 60 frames per second honestly
the third thing yes I would like to have a decent slow motion at 120 frames per
second in 1080p at a good bitrate I tested the Canon 90D some wild back in
my opinion is that the 120 frames per second on that camera is pretty usable
so I think it could be added on the next version of the Canon EOS R I would
prefer this option instead of better ISO values with less noise I’m not saying
that the Canon EOS R is very good at high ISO like the Sony cameras for
example but it’s decent for what I use it for YouTube videos and client
projects during data now the fourth thing would be Ibis which is in body
image stabilization if you don’t know this already it is something which could
step up your game especially if you have lenses with no image stabilization and
if Canon can’t implement these things that I’ve mentioned the new version of
the camera could be could be I’m not saying 100% but could be a perfect
camera for me at least and I could still live without dual card slots anyways I
think all Canon EOS R users are waiting for the new release the new
model of this camera but until then please leave me your thoughts and wishes
in the comments and I will try my best to reply to all of you guys I think the
Canon EOS R could become a great a great camera I’m Criss make sure you subscribe
you hit the bell and you press the thumbs up on this video because that
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4 Replies to “Canon EOS R Mark II Wishes: Can It Become The PERFECT Camera?”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I own several cameras and enjoy shooting the R along with the EM1X and D500. My wishlist for the R: Dual CF Express (do not mix CF with SD), IBIS (similar to Olympus/Panasonic…not like Sony's), ditch the bar, 120 w/audio.

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