Canon Eos R6 full frame camera. Watch this for more details

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  1. Very interesting. But gosh I just can't afford the fast RF glass. Unless Canon opens up their RF mount to 3rd party vendors I can't consider Canon mirrorless. There has to be value baked in. Canon just can't compete with Sony in this regard. I wish they would because that would boost competition in the marketplace.

  2. check out this very interesting article on the EOS R5 . it all makes sense now and pretty much confirms it all :

  3. I feel that something happened to you when you said the word "body" 1:22.. something deeply personal.. like a memory from a previous life 😂😂

  4. Still don't get the 20MP in 2020.
    Hoping for good dynamic range 'c-log 120 fps on 1080 and autofocus on the 4k and 30MP camera..

  5. Brother I understand that your making a living on YouTube and more power to you. But highlighting rumors is festering a group of disgruntled consumers. Because if they don’t get what you are speculating about that will upset them and they will begin to demand products from manufacturers that they did not plan on releasing to a industry that don’t need it

  6. I don't know some one say this will e the cheap R camera sub 1000??? I do not know I do not believe it…

    4k 60 means 1080p 120 is easy so this will be a very interesting option much better than the eor RP even with just 20 mp in my opinion expecially for video

    I hope will be cheap

  7. I've been waiting for these cameras for so long, I'm really stoked I held out, I knew Canon would pull through, huge! Cheers.

  8. freakin canon…why can't they just do it right by their customers for once? what the hell is up with 20MP? Give it a proper 24MP and it would mob the floor with the A7III.

  9. I am interested in the R6, but rumors said it won't be announced until May. They need affordable RF glass, but Samyang has started developing AF lenses for RF mount. Hopefully Tamron & Sigma will follow.

  10. 20mp full frame are you sure?? even the X-T3 and other canon apsc camera has (24-26 for fuji and 32mp for that apsc canon) so why is this one 20 mp? unless its a low light best like what sony a7sII was designed to do?

  11. 20MP doesn't seem likely for 2020, I can't see much if anything here for anyone that owns a 20MP + camera already, unless they are seeking first-time buyers with reasonably deep pockets.
    Why do people refer to fps as p?

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