Canon M6 II – The New Best Youtube Camera under $1k?

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  1. Hi Potato Jet, should i get this with the speedbooster and 3 very nice lenses or an iphone 11 pro if I'm an amateur who likes really nice equipment with absolutely no regard for learning curves.

  2. I'm glad you didn't put peter's name in the title or any of that clickbait shit. Makes everything much more genuine. Also, camera conspiracy wouldn't be pleased with this camera

  3. smallrig cages eliminates the blockage from the mic setup and flip screen. its still small and adds a lil more w8 to the camera

  4. Hello ! Sir, I'm a mobile photographer and I wanted switch from Mobile to DSLR Camera and my pocket budget is about to $700. Can you suggest me some better option in this price range ?

  5. Today is my appointment for Potato Jet's face tattoo, has anyone ever tattooed Peter McKinnon's face? No. Potato wins.

  6. Hey potato jet, i have a VR channel and use the 6D M2, link here (at 2m to 3m is go pro 6)

  7. Ibis? Bitrates? codec's? Damn. Every video I've watched you've broken every camera down to a T but just threw this one together

  8. If someone wanted to buy their first camera currently debating between the m50 and the a6400 then you toss this in the mix. I also want to use it for streaming.


  9. Your vids just get better and better! I laughed out loud here in T2 LAX. Potato Sac. And everyone was like โ€œoh hey, you watching Potato Jet?โ€

  10. This is a mirrorless with a APS-C sensor? I didnt know mirrorless came in anything larger than the micro 4/3rds.
    Would my Canon Rebel T6i compatible lenses fit on this without any type of adapter too? Like the nifty fifty and so forth?

  11. Hey bro I found your channel from Peter McKinnon's video, trying to figure out where that off-road location is.. Is there a name for it I can search on Google maps?

  12. hahaha, only 2 are made XXD BTW Can anyone tell me what those red-edged round strap thingies are that are hanging on either side of his camera? What are they for, see them often but haven't been able to find the purpose of them.

  13. Just took the m6mkii to Morocco, Germany, Portugal and on a few domestic travel vlogs and it slaps. Absolutely amazing what they packed in such a small package

  14. What is with the awful autofocus on Canon's cameras when shooting video? It's woeful. I've got a G7X MkII and it's the same. MkIII too apparently.

  15. Question. What is better…. Canon EOS M6 Mark II or Sony A7 II???? Thanks. Love your content. Just trying to way all my options. And analyzing this to death lol.

  16. I knew Potato Jet's channel before I knew who Peter McKinnon was, and now that I've seen some of PMcK's stuff on youtube I'd say Potato is the better content creator ๐Ÿฅ” ๐ŸŸ

  17. hello, could you tell me if the canon m6 II could be charged by a powerbank ? and could it video record while charging ? and if there is a way to extend the video time limit on it ?

  18. Ah man… Just asked for the Canon M50 for Christmas. It's prob too late as it's already most likely wrapped. @potatojet What are your thoughts between the 2? Is the Canon M50 still relevant??

  19. So, you may have told some one earlier, but what speedbooster are you using that gives you good electronics and DPAF?

  20. Here is the mic โ€œrelocationโ€ kit for the canon m6 series.

  21. there is a way to repair sd cards when the lock is broken ! The way this thing work is actually just with a sensor into the sd slot witch tells the camera or the computer if the card is read only or rw, so you can put a piece of tape to close the gap and the card is working again ! (sorry for my poor english …)

  22. Not sure if I'd upgrade from my M50, but that B-Roll looks greatt. The M50's 120fps in 720P doesn't look as good as that sadly

  23. I love this camera for vlogging, it's small enough to take anywhere and when you put a sigma 16mm f1.4 prime lens on, it becomes a real beast, and that bokeh you get from that combo is awesome.

  24. Does it have a clean HDMI output?

    My M50 still has the square around the face when in AF, so to get a true clean HDMI it must be in manual focus mode.

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