Can’t Believe that this is EGYPT | Valley of the Kings & Red Sea

[Music] good morning everybody welcome back to Egypt we’re in Luxor today we are going out to see the Valley of the Kings and a few other spots this is gonna be super interesting I think this is kind of like the big final see all the last tombs here in Egypt so as with anti Egypt tour everything is so connected well we’re leaving our hotel we’ve walked past the pool area just casually walking to the Nile and a boat is coming to pick us up to take us to the other side of the Nile good morning thank you so much bye-bye it’s a fun way to stop morning I wasn’t expecting this they got these little like cops to take us wrong like you can’t even walk the whole thing all right welcome to the most famous cemetery in the world we’re currently at the Valley of the Kings and today we’re going to go inside three of the terms I think there’s about sixty two tombs that they found here so far and I’ve heard that they are a pretty cool site to see if you have a look here you’re just walking down this kind of alleyway and you’ll see signs to different terms like carved into the sides of these yeah this is the valley and then they’ve just dug in I actually thought they were always going to be monuments I didn’t realize how going to be cut into the side of an actual mountain also just as a side note you can’t take your cameras in to take photos or videos unless you buy a photo package it’s 300 Egyptian pounds so double the price of the entry ticket of course we want to take you guys along so we picked that per ticket alrighty welcome to the entrance of King Rama sees the ninth yeah I think so yeah Wow look at the paint I can see yellows and blues like yellow gluten red Wow oh this tonight also look on the details on the roof there’s just artwork everywhere inside here just there hieroglyphics the roof was painted the roof isn’t in the best condition but these walls is probably the best hieroglyphics we’ve seen so far in this is the end of the tomb and this is his burial chamber imagine being the archaeologist yeah this is definitely a lot more comfortable if you are frightened right mister pyramids like this almost feels like it was disciplined but a lot of people who come in there’s so much space to walk around but then we were in the pyramids backing down we’re going down this is to show you guys just how big the Valley of the Kings up we caught the little transport in here and then we walked aiming to King Ramses the ninth each of these are numbered to King Valley 21 – and of course the ones with names we probably would recognize they’ve actually put the names on this you got ramasees you got Tutankhamun which I believe over there probably the most famous tomb in the world this is the tomb Tutankhamun the reason that this guy’s so famous is because first of all this was the last term that has been found in the Valley of the Kings and it is the only tomb that was completely a hundred percent intact they had everything inside even the gold mask over the mummy everything you do have to pay extra to go in here this is crazy how the entrance right near the entrance we this may be one or two walkways that way amazing they never found it to an hour like not even the tomb Raider’s or anything found it so what’s super interesting is that even though this is probably one of the most famous Pharaoh’s in the world actually wasn’t a very good Pharaoh so he was quite sick he died very young under the age of 20 he had like a shorter leg and just it’s so fascinating I’m sure in the ancient times then looking at King Tut and thinking none will remember you you’re just a forgetful Pharaoh but just because of the circumstances of how this is the last tomb they ever discovered in the 20s also because everything was intact you probably heard the conspiracy about the Pharaohs curse where people who opened up the tomb they all started dying one after another so there was a lot of media attention on King Tut hence why everyone probably remembers his name so far this is what promises the food yeah and look like that’s what they did was almost so there’d be this giant granite piece and then there would be the sarcophagus and then they’d be the coffin and then there would be the body luckily imagine people fancies and balerion looks like faint veins yeah so many stories and singing on the walls as well nice car to Africa restaurant for lunch local Egyptian French tradition right I was so so we got probably about the gander what winners Oh what’s good fried eggplant I think I’ve tried that before Friday clock I guess everything cried across we found out there’s only one bridge in luck so that’s why you have to catch these taxis across the night I know this on my own we did nothing from alum all right I think we saved the best for last this is the last temple are gonna be seeing here in Egypt and it is the largest ancient monument in the world it is two kilometres square foot and this is entrance so we have a bunch of sphinxes along the side body of a lion head of a ram and this is like the entrance way slow grand it’s 2,000 years to build so some of the parts of this building of 4,000 years old up to 2,000 years old these things are different to the one that we see at the pyramids because the one at the pyramid is lying body with the head of the Pharaoh it was the head of a random so apparently this is one of the seven new wonders of the world because there are so many columns there’s so many theories and how they got them here but it’s just you look everywhere you look this these columns and they’re so tall if you seven times then you get good luck all right you guys we just came back to our hotel and thought to give you a bit of a room tour business please it’s probably the fanciest one we stay there so far I still can’t believe the accommodation we get to stay on Sonesta very luck so anyway we have like our little private balcony overlooking the Nile but just become like a nice great great theme for this trip and then this room yeah so as you can see super nice we’ve got some Egyptian painting artwork here this is the world’s biggest bed I’ve ever seen it’s like two double beds joined together and then then some in the middle so we’ve got that really comfortable sleep last night a little bit of a desk we also have some tea and coffee which is always good this has been like the first hotel I think that’s given us this and then we just have the bathroom from the future I mean we open up the shower and I don’t even know what’s going on here this is something straight out of Star Trek there’s a spa bath there I don’t know there’s jets here I still haven’t worked it out like there’s a remote here that’s gonna do something and then it looks like there’s an egyptian-style the date here I don’t work that one out yet I lovea good morning everybody it’s the next day it’s the end of our time here in Luxor and now this next part of the trip is gonna feel more of a vacation the last nine odd days have been crazy from kairi’s in egypt to an overnight train so two nights on the felucca been quite non-stop so it’s really nice at the end of the tour we head down to the Red Sea so going to her Garda and it’s four nights of just relaxing bliss so we’re just chilling on the balcony enjoying our last glimpses of the Nile how you doing bubs good I’m excited for the Red Sea last time we saw him in the Red Sea was in a lap in Israel and it was the best small plane we’ve ever done so we definitely need to go on like a small cool triple some variety having our first taste to forgot oh we’ve just come to our hotel and we literally have our own beach at the hotel notice where the righty this is cool no more Lyle everyday we’ve seen the Nile no no no this is just gonna show you the Red Sea the last time about the Red Sea was in a lot we need to get out Israel we need to go put our feet in the Red Sea yeah let’s go test it up I don’t even think we’ve looked a lot no we didn’t actually no this is the first time you guys have seen the Red Sea with us different to the Dead Sea which is the floating one yeah I think this is happening sometime oh yes a super nice Oh guys or nights here we’re gonna take a chill we’re gonna go do some things with you but we’re also gonna put the camera down a little bit and relax and then we’ll see you guys in like a couple of days time we will show you around the area cuz this is now I feel like I’m on holiday ly days later good evening everybody it’s the last day on our Egyptian tour here in Hurghada and the last three days has been so unbelievably relaxing we’ve just sit on this Beach swam in the wall and just done nothing and it’s being so good because after the crazy insane tour we’ve had like we’ve seen and done so much there’s it’s been nicer this last four nights is just to relax because you really feel like on vacation because sometimes you gotta follow then you do so much that you need a holiday from your holiday so this has been super nice this isn’t in our own private beaches owned by the hotel that we’re staying at the Marriott and there’s a bit of an island bar so we can walk across here we might grab a little drink we had such a fun day today we went out on to the Red Sea were like we need to be spend at least one day out on the Red Sea first of all we saw a gigantic pod of dolphins which was amazing literally look at this so this is an antique probably not seaworthy but we have heard what we actually have been in the Red Sea in Israel and it was some of the best Norway we have ever done so I’m excited to go out and see more of it literally they’re like job job job there’s dolphins jump straight in and there was about 20 of them and then after that we kept like jumping off the boat into the water [Music] nice [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and then they have this little like but not about things that we were riding that around [Music] [Music] like a really good day we’ve had so much Sun here now is it happy hour tomorrow thank you just relaxing Egypt has the best mango juice as well mmm-hmm obviously trying our first seafood here in Hurghada from the Red Sea calamari beaches suspense and this meal was six dollars six dollars Australian so good fried calamari what I want to show the journey back to Cairo begins let’s do this [Music] all righty guys I hope you enjoyed that insane Egyptian series we loved it it was one of the funnest trips we have ever done hands down and hope we’ve convinced you to good Egypt it is an amazing country and I’m really excited if you guys to see the next series yeah so thanks so much for watching if you’re new around here hit that subscribe button give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for your support in Egypt you guys have blown us away honestly thank you guys we’ll see you in the next episode video we’ve actually come to Greece for our one-year anniversary and we’re about to jump on a catamaran and spend the next seven days sailing through Greece [Music] [Music]

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  1. Just wanted to say a HUGE big thank you for everyone's support on this Egyptian series! You guys have BLOWN us away! Can't believe it's our final days here, really going to miss this place! What was your favourite spot that we visited?

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  10. Hi.. Iam from Egypt
    I advice to travil it becuse it is very intersting in the world
    Thanks ❤️🇪🇬

  11. The story of people dying from opening the tomb isn’t a “conspiracy”. That is not a story about people conspiring. Maybe a “myth” or “legend”.

  12. good videos and nice to see Egypt. .Was hotel busy? Thought you were not supposed to film in valley, they take cameras off you.

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  24. I feel so embarrassed- these British dudes have gone to Luxor whilst I’m an Egyptian and haven’t even gone there XD

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