Catching a fake game owner on camera i guess?

Me doing the intro I’m aware i said “Welcome back” Instead of “Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel.” or something. Casually starts collecting more coins Once i said in the chat i was recording, Everyone was chasing me down to get into the video. I’m just getting more coins. This is me realising i have 2019 and about to have 2020 coins. Around here is where the faker claims he’s the owner of the game, Either to make people give him attention, For people to fear him, Or just to scare us and obey him, Luckily i had alredy dealed with a faker before. I ask him What game after telling him the owner’s ingame name, He says this game after claiming to be Game owner again. I check the owners profile and look at her/his friends list. I tell him i’m not at spawn. I took my headphones off at this point from the loud coins sounds. He starts saying He’ll ban me by now, I tell him to kill me, He says shut up the second time. I reset and go over there to face him. He says he’s the Boss of the game and a administrator. He tells me to be his friend or He’ll ban me. I tell him He’s fake, He sends me a request that i decline and say I don’t like liars. He says *Ban* As i reveal it to him I’ve recorded this intire thing and it’s going up. He tries to say he’s innocent, But i have the intire video From the start of where he starts saying he’s the owner. I go back through the chat showing what he says to me

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