14 Replies to “Caught on Camera: Brazen Thief Hits SF Mom-And-Pop Pizza Restaurant”

  1. Omg I met that woman, the wife. She's a sweet heart. I'm glad she's safe! Awh that's sad. It's about time I visit them again.

  2. this is sad robber and the robber is black criminal with out education and family connection sad sad sad people like this robber think did the robber have sister or family

  3. If you recognize the man call the San Francisco police department so they district attorney's office can not file charges because the crime was less than $950.

  4. I used to work at a mom & pop pizzeria, and 3 of my coworkers conspired to rob the store one night… well, they didn't know the owner also had his home built into the pizzeria, the racket woke him up, and he started shooting at em.
    Killed one. One got a "get out of jail free card", doing like a year in prison. I think the other one is still in prison.

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