25 Replies to “Caught On Camera: Fight Breaks Out At Paramount High School, 5 Months After Brawl”

  1. Dude don’t feed into donald trumps agenda wth is wrong with y’all brownside dont claim them if they hating on our brothers and sisters for having darker skin color…

  2. Honestly best day of my life I get to watch 5 fights break out today hilarious I ran to each fight 🤣🤣go the beat seats!!

  3. Like I said before I'm saying again parents need to home school their children or start their own School it will not be no more fighting

  4. No blacks or latinos kids foult, it is their parents that dont teach them to respect people from other races. Latinos and Blacks should be united not fighting each other. Whites and rich people are just laughing to see this.

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