Cheapest way to make your own Photography Zine

today i’m going to be showing you three different ways to make your own photography zine for a very little amount of money the first way is using a company called curate space Our print on demand service which means they only print the book once someone has ordered a copy because of this the price per book is significantly lower than it would be if you just ordered one copy from a professional printer I’ve used create space now, to make my last two books and i couldn’t have been happier So the first thing you need to do is obviously have an idea or at least some sort of content put in your book now even though it doesn’t matter and you can put whatever you want in that i definitely recommend you have at least a basic theme or body of work after this you need to create two pdf files the first of which should be both the front and back cover together and the second one needs to be the internal pages i Used adobe indesign to create both the files and if you don’t have it don’t worry because there are plenty of alternatives And if you go to a school or university I’m sure they have access to it i also know a lot of libraries now have the adobe suite so it made sure to check that
You need to set the page size to a 5 and i’d recommend you have no less than 20 pages because you don’t want the Final book, to be too thin Once you’ve created the files you need to go to the create space website and make an account after you set up your account click on add new title Here type in the name of your book select paperback and then click on guided setup Once that’s loaded fill in the necessary details and then click assign a free isbn here you can customize the size of your book and whether or not you want it to be printed in color after you’ve set that you need to upload the interior pdf file you’ve created once it’s finished uploading and you’ve reviewed the file pick a finish for the book and upload the cover pdf once this is done you could submit the book, for review which shouldn’t take more than 24 hours When your book is approved you need to proof it after this you can either honor a copy directly from createspace which might take a few weeks to arrive or you Can publish it on amazon the benefit to publishing it on amazon is it gives people a trusted source to purchase your book from It also only takes a day to appear that so you can order a copy on amazon that will arrive sooner that one through crate space directly would to do this you need to select the channels for it to be distributed on i recommend early setting amazon comm and amazon eu as the other channels will drive up the minimum price you can set your booking if you’re looking to get a book only for yourself set the price at the minimum possible This will usually be no more than five pounds and it’s a great deal if you want to sell your book To a few people you can set the price a little higher in create space will pay the profits at the end of the next month If you’re expecting quite a large amount of people to buy your book i wouldn’t recommend use great space This brings me to the next way to make design which is getting it professionally printed Using a printing company isn’t really something that’s necessary unless you know you’re going to sell something like 50 plus books The reason for this is the more books you order the cheaper it cost to print per book for example getting one book printed might cost 15 pounds whilst getting 50 books printed might cost 200 pounds which equates to only four pound per book most professional printing companies will work with you whilst creating a book and they offer a much wider range of layouts papers and style so there multiple benefits i recommend getting in contact with one as they’ll usually give you a direct quote and talk you through the whole process finally there’s the polar opposite approach to all of this and that is diy create your own zine yourself i really like this method as it’s the most personal there’s nothing better than hand making something and being proud of what you’ve made The same goes when you buy a handmade product it’s really nice knowing how much effort has gone into making it and each product is slightly unique you get creative freedom and whilst it’s not the most cost effective and easiest approach it’s certainly my favorite photography is an art so why not put as much effort into displaying the photos as you do taking them thanks for watching authentic aesthetic bye

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  1. There's a few issues in the rendering of this video but my computer keeps overheating and I'm too lazy to fix them. Hopefully there will be a video next week and the expired film video will probably be the week after that, anyway I hope you have a good Wednesday and thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Thanks for doing what you do, your work is inspiring, fresh and diferent in a good way, pls never stop doing what you do, its honestly brilliant

  3. Which printing company did you use to get such a small hardback zine printed? I’m trying to find out that one give m a card cover but a proper hardback

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