Christmas Puppy Photoshoot + Taking Cute Photos of Puppies!!!

– Come on, come on. (puppy yelping) – Oh yeah, these are good. – (laughs) he’s like a chunkamunka. Auw. (camera shutter) – (together) Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie. – And today we’re gonna be
doing a puppy photoshoot. – Oh yeah! – Hee! – So we are at our friends’ house. These are their puppies
and they’re so cute. – What brand are they? Brand? Breed. It’s a breed, not a brand. – I think they’re labradors.
labradors? – Cutest things ever. – Okay, just kidding
the breed is Labradoodle and they’re about six weeks old. So, they’re like new. Oh my goodness, what’s this name? What is this? – That is BB gun? – Bb gun! – The kids named all of them. This is Olive and this is Phoebe. – They have the cutest names ever, so we’re gonna be taking photo’s of them, just whatever we want, we
have some little decorations that we’re gonna be
putting on them and then (yelping) somebody’s sad over there. (laughs) He wants to come and play. So they have like six of them and we’re gonna be switching out, so. If you’re really interested
in buying one of these puppies please message us on Instagram,
because they are for sale and they’re totally worth it. – (laughs) oh this one’s just like licking my — – Oh, they’re funny. Okay, let’s get started. It’s like tug of war, we’re playing. – [Friend] That’s what he
was doing with my hair. – Okay, guys so we have like
a bunch of little decorations. – We have some little bows
that we can put in their hair, some ribbons, some bandannas, so we’re gonna do the first
stage of this photo shoot and it is to decorate the puppies. – So I’m gonna put, this
is Phoebe, she is like— – This is BB gun. – This is probably the
calmest one out of– – And this is a girl, so I’m
gonna be putting a little bow on just the hair so it wouldn’t hurt like
the ear or whatever. – Olive is just chilling over there. Okay. – Okay, Olive, come here,
Olive, come here, Olive. Phoebe, here sit. – He has little ears on him. They’re not gonna stay. Should I put the bandanna on him? – And I’m gonna put this
little thingy around, his face. – (giggles) He’s a funny one. – Phoebe’s just chilling over there. Hey, you, hey hey, hey you. Stop biting my fingers off. Here you go. You’re so cute. – [Marissa] So this is one
of the most adorable videos we’ve ever done. These puppies are seriously so cute and this black and white
one here, her name is Phoebe and she was the most
chilling out of all of them. She’s the easiest to take pictures of and she was definitely my favorite, so props to phoebe for doing that and letting us put bows in her hair. I’m so jealous of all the families that are getting them for Christmas. So we were feeding them
little pieces of turkey, so that they would stay in the little spot that we wanted them to,
so they really liked that and it actually worked pretty well. Guys, look at this one, Phoebe
is probably the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen. So over here I’m taking
another picture of Phoebe on this little wooden cart
thing, with a red blanket in it and some ornaments in the foreground, so these turned out so so
cute and she just huddled up in a little blanky and it was adorable. Adorbs. This one is also another
one of my favorites. So we had Liza, my
mom’s friend hold her up and it kinda just made all
her face muscles scrunch up and her shoulders come
up to her little cheeks, so it was so cute and, yeah this picture turned out adorable. You want one BB gun? He’s like, my turn. Toke? You wanna hold that one
up by your face, Brookie? He’s like I don’t want to. So something I discovered
while taking pictures of these puppies, was that
it was way easier to take pictures of the black and
white ones instead of the full black ones. This black one, her name is
Olive and it was really hard to see her eyes, there wasn’t
much contrast in the puppies. So its’ mostly just a big ball of fluff. Seriously, guys, you cannot
see the difference between the eye and the fur because
the eyes are pitch black and the fur was pitch
black so it was pretty fun, it was still fun to take
pictures of both of them but the picture didn’t turn out well. My goodness, she’s so adorable. Dreamy eyes, dreamy eyes. In here is the brown and white one again. He is just so sweet and I
think this picture was adorable because he was looking
off into the distance and yeah, I loved it. We were trying to get his
little paws to hang over to the side of the bucket,
but he was just not having it. He was probably looking over
at his brothers and sisters and wanted to go play with them. He has bluish eyes, which
we didn’t realize until we edited the pictures so that is so cute. I know I think these pictures
turned out and the second picture here you can actually
see his little tongue sticking out which I think
is adorable and probably my favorite picture. And we’re back with one
other favorite puppy, phoebe. I think it’s Phoebe, I think it was another
black and white one, but this one was just so cute and chilled, which makes it easier to take pictures of. – Oh my goodness. – That was cute, that was cute, guys. Oh yes, yes. (photo shutter clicking) – This is Olive, she’s so cute. – [Marissa] We actually tried
to fit more of a puppy inside of a stocking and take a
picture but they were a little bigger than we realized
so, didn’t really turn out, but we still got some cute pics. – [Brookie] So cute. Look at like the little
kettlewell puppies. So cute. – [Marissa] So here we wanted
to get a merry Christmas sign in front of them, but Brookie
was having a little bit of trouble keeping them,
in front of the sign, let alone sitting down, so. Brookie was definitely
having to, I mean when is the last time you guys got
to play with six puppies all at one time? You’re feet are in it, Brooke. They’re just parting different ways. It was a cute shot. – Come here.
and go. So this next picture
we use this little ring and had the puppy peeking
out of it and this turned out so cute, the red bow on top of it definitely topped it off too. – [Brookie] I don’t know who
you are but you’re really cute. – [Marissa] Have you guys ever
gotten a puppy for Christmas? I think that was my number
one thing, when growing up, was like, why can’t I get
a puppy for Christmas? But we finally did when I was like 13, I don’t know, but comment down below if you ever had a puppy for
Christmas, because I think that’s the number one thing that kids want and I think that’d be
super awesome if a puppy just popped out of a box
on Christmas morning. – We’re gonna get ’em
going down the stairs, we’re gonna get all of them. – [Liza] Come on, oh yeah, come on. Come on, come on, yeah. Come on. – [Marissa] So this one we thought would be fun if we got all six puppies, line up on the
stairs, trying to look up at us which obviously was pretty impossible, because all of them are pretty wild. – [Liza] Oh he wants to. Come on, come on, come on. Oh, come on. (laughter) – [Marissa] but this is so cute and having them all in one space was adorable and they
were having so much fun, kind of trying to go down the stairs and one of them was so
cute and made us all laugh. – [Liza] Come on. – [Brookie] We could all
put them on one stair. – [Marissa] Here is the best
picture we got on the stairs. – [Liza] Hey, hey. (clapping hands) yay! Yay! – [Brookie] Oh look at those two. (clapping hands) – [Marissa] Kind of similar to the stairs, we were trying to get all
the puppies on the bench and having them look at us which was again pretty
impossible, but have you guys ever been to one of
those puppy things where you can play with puppies and
pay a certain amount to play with all kinds of breeds of them? Well, this was kind of similar, we got to play with six
puppies and they were adorable, they were about six weeks old. I don’t know, I’ve always
wanted to go to one of those puppies showings if
that’s what you call it. But comment down below
if you have and I think it would be cool to play with
a ton of different breeds of puppies. But here is the best picture
we got of the puppies on the bench. So, this next shot we tried
to get all the puppies, come running down the hall
towards us and by the camera and one puppy was super
fast and one puppy, I think it was Phoebe,
didn’t even wanna come out. We tried to get a string to
lure her towards the camera but she didn’t even wanna go. After we film these all the
puppies just go to sleep and crash on the dog bed which was so cute and made for some good
sleepy dog pictures. So cute and this one right
here kind of rolled off of the bed which was really funny. – [Brookie] Look at these little munches. Little munches. – [Marissa] So these puppies were either running crazy around the house or sleeping on the dog bed which I guess explains a toddler pretty
well, don’t you think? – [Brookie] (whispers)
the one dog. (giggles) except with that, the fatty. This is Toke, Toke. – [Marissa] I love puppies, yeah and I love the overhead shot of all of the different colors of puppies, I think it’s adorable and the
brown, the black and the white all just came together really nicely. – [Brookie] They’re so cute. – [Marissa] Merry Christmas,
guys and to the puppies. Here’s another pic of
these cute, cute puppies. – [Brookie] He literally
just like rolled off. Hi, Toke. – [Marissa] Oh my goodness, guys, look at this picture, adorable. (together) Merry Christmas
from Marissa and brookie! Thanks for watching! – Hope you enjoyed the video. – Give it a like if you love
puppies, goodbye, Olive. Subscribe down below if you love puppies, so all of you guys should
be subscribing really. – And we’ll see you next time, bye. – Merry Christmas, guys,
and to the puppies.

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