Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras and Sensitive Electronics by Altura Photo | REVIEW

Hi I want to take a minute and show you
a line of professional camera cleaning kids from Altura Photo The cleaning kit
comes in three different options they all include the same cleaning supplies
however the difference between each kit is the type of cleaning solution and
bottle that is included we have the empty refillable spray bottle we have
the Altura Photo camera lens screen and filter cleaner and we have the all
natural odor free Altura Photo cleaning solution that is made in the USA it’s
safe for all surfaces even your camera sensor so whether you want to use your
own solution or you use one of the Altura Photo sprays you’re in good hands
either ones gonna do a great job and cleaning your camera gear they’re
perfectly safe they leave no residue they have no harsh chemicals and they’ve
been around for years making them very reliable and effective every
photographer should have a cleaning kit no matter what level you’re at novice or
professional these are practically a necessity and the Altura Photo brand
cleaning kits have all the essentials to keep your camera and lens in great
condition so first what I really like is that all the cleaning kits come in a
handy reusable zip storage pouch they also come with three premium ultra soft
magic fiber cleaning cloths safe for cleaning camera lenses glasses LCD
screens and much more without scratching or leaving streaks on the surface now if
you haven’t tried a Medic fiber I highly recommend them
they’re awesome next we have the Altura Photo lens cleaning pen now this is
something every photographer should have in their camera bag it’s a dual sided
multi-purpose cleaning pen on one side you have a retractable brush to brush
off any dust or debris from your camera or lens on the opposite side you have a
dual sided tip the round side is gonna clean your lens surface and the
triangular side is going to clean your LCD display you also receive an
additional lens cleaning brush in addition you’re gonna get a bulb blower
and this is safer than using canned air because there are absolutely no
propellants this is great for blowing off large
particles of dust and dirt from your lens and on your camera and in fact I
recommend using the ball blower and your brush first before moving on to any
deeper cleaning this kit also includes a pack of 50 sheets of Altura Photo lens
cleaning tissue paper and what’s great about using disposable sheets is that it
guarantees that you’ll have a clean tissue on hand for any type of situation
so there you have it this is the line of Altura Photo professional camera
cleaning kits I hope this video helps you out happy shooting

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