100 Replies to “Coach Fired Over Agonizing Caught-on-Camera Cheerleading Split Shares His Story”

  1. Fired over pain from a sport lmao, what sport doesnt involve pain during training wtf. she should join a less intensive sport then

  2. How can a high schooler be a 13 year old, I’m a 16 year old freshmen and The lowest the age goes is 14, so how can she be 13 I feel like the parents just lied about her age just to make the coach look even worse, or maybe she’s just extremely smart, I don’t know

  3. I mean if she’s says stop just stop you’re a grown man forcing her legs open with a bunch of naive girls assisting you it looks weird. You don’t know her body or her pain tolerance just respect if she says no. How many signs do you need in order to listen

  4. As a man I would not want to be coaching women. This day and age anyone and everyone is just waiting to take you down.

  5. It's her fault she sucks and why would she sign up if she isnt flexible wow useless get out poor coach he didnt deserve this

  6. As a competitive dancer with at least one if not two of my splits and seeing this video I can see that he is NOT forcing her down but literally supporting her if not also lifting her up more than pushing her down. He doesn’t deserve to be fired

  7. Bro at dance our teacher will grab our arms and pull them above our heads and push us even farther down and like that’s just what happens here😂

  8. Y’all the videos says it all! What I saw was he was holding her up. Regardless if what he is saying is a lie if she was truly in pain her teammates would probably help. The coach did nothing wrong and she should’ve known what she signed up for in the beginning!

  9. Would you rather get hurt doing stretches or pull all the muscles in your leg or break something and be out for a month?

  10. Do we really have to say why they acted so quick and swift in firing and vilifying this man.

    Thank goodness that other parents came forward to his defense.

  11. The coach was just doing what he was hired to do… coach… it’s not his fault that she decided to cry… it’s almost like she didn’t k ow you’d have to stretch stuff normal people don’t stretch if you’re a cheerleader

  12. Idc you don’t physically force someone to do something ever
    I was on the 3rd best cheer team in the world, did dance & gymnastics my whole life

  13. You clearly see that hes holding her up because she leans to one side and forward, that it hurts is her fault actually

  14. Play the race card! You might have a case. Goes to show the wussification of America is all too prevalent in the corrupt public school system!

  15. Ok, if stop doesn't actually mean stop, then next time, maybe ypu should establish a safe word with the kids so that they can signal to you when they actually do want to stop.

  16. Bodily harm – no question about it. Great presentation of lies for the public. Don't protect people like that, this is not about color but abuse! I was a gymnast and this is nothing but wrong.

  17. Don’t understand this, when she ask to stop u stop, plain & simple. When interviewer asked what to do when asked to stop he says keep her in position for 15 seconds. Hmm 🤔 that is not what stop means. For all the haters this is a 13 year old kid, true probably full of drama , but stop means stop & u were the grown ass adult.

  18. What exactly has the girl said about it?????????? Was it her choice? Was it against her will? Couldn't she clear everything up?

  19. Stop recording everything yo wtf or cover his face the person who recites should get his or her as beat frfr people need to stop recording everything

  20. Damn we we're out here saying he's a bad teacher but instead he was just doing his job, the internet really is something ig we gotta think before we speak

  21. It’s normal. Yeah, she may have gotten slightly injured but what did she expect? If you aren’t ready for splits and stuff, don’t sign up. Splits still hurt for me! Also, the coach was supporting and holding her up, not pushing her.

  22. Let's state the obvious it's because he is a male coach. If it were a female coach she would have been verbally reprimanded not fired.

  23. I was a cheerleader for 9 years and this is completely normal, we even did oversplits on higher platforms to increase our flexibility. This is what you sign up for, if you can’t take the heat then leave. This coach obviously has a competitive cheerleading background which even further should back up his coaching methods.

  24. I like how the mom is recording and complains after the event happened. If she’s so “concerned” why didn’t the mom jump in to stop it?

  25. My acro teacher did this to me when I was like 6 and I don’t remember crying crazy like that but I mean everyone is different

  26. Scientist here, you people do realize in order for new muscle or elasticity to be a thing in your body. Old muscle must be torn. That’s why at the gym you start to be in pain. Why you always have to over do it a bit every time more and more to overcome your limits to get more muscle or adapt to training.

    Pain is commonplace to get fit. That’s why most people get fat and unflexable, they fear the pain.

    This girl was going to be in pain one way or another. Men feel this too.

    We just don’t care because screaming out about it won’t change our goal. Unless we want to fail.

    This girl knew what she was doing. If she wanted it to stop she’d say I quit. But I didn’t hear that.

    I heard ow, it hurts, IT HURTS. Well of course it hurts, YOUR IN THE GYM. GOOD LIVING HURTS LIKE HELL TILL YOUR BRAIN ADAPTS TO THE PAIN. It’s like being punched repeatedly in mixed martial arts until you just get used to it. Your body learns to understand it limits and not fear simple pain as much. You go from a wimp who can only go 5 minutes in the gym.

    To a pro who can go 2 hours without a sweat.

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