Collection III by Sean Tucker – Photography Book Review

– What’s up photography fans. Welcome back to All About
Street Photography channel. And I am here today with
another photography book review. This time with Collection
III by Sean Tucker. So, let’s check it out. Sean Tucker is a
photographer and filmmaker from the United Kingdom. If you are more into photography and especially street and portrait stuff, you probably know his YouTube channel, where he posts his philosophical
videos, editing tips, photography documentaries and more. The book itself is a collection
of his images from 2019 from places Tucker traveled over the year. It contains 90 images, 45 black
and white and 45 in color, as well as quotes from
the videos Tucker posted. The book comes in square
format 21 by 21 centimeters printed on heavy stock, uncoated paper which results in softer
and less crisp images. The paper is also very absorbent, so make sure your hands are
dry before you touch it. By purchasing the book, you
help to support Tucker’s work and his YouTube channel. If you have not checked it out already, I will leave the link in description since the stuff is very inspirational and I found there many useful tips. Collection III is a limited edition. And I was very happy I was
able to get my hands on it since I missed the previous ones and Tucker doesn’t plan to print them. So if you are a fan of Sean
Tucker and want to get the book, I would recommend you to
buy it sooner than later. The photographs seems
to be more in thematic than chronological order. The information about the
photographs such as location, technical information,
or time are not provided. But on the other hand, it
makes the pictures excel and has this nice minimized feel. Also, when we talk about fine art, who needs those kind
of information anyways? It is incredible someone is
able to produce 90 photographs in just one year. I mean, not that you cannot take 90 shots but to be able to produce
90 master shots in one year is incredible. Even though Tucker shoots some very nice low key black and white pictures, which often reminds me
photographs of Fan Ho, I actually like more his color work. This is probably my favorite
picture in the book. It kind of reminds me work of Saul Leiter. Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite picture
if you actually have the book. The book is also pretty
cheap in my opinion. You can check it out on Tucker’s website. I will leave the link in the description. So, who is this book for? I would say for someone who
is a street photography fan and if you want to support
an artist and photographer you cannot go wrong,
especially for this price. What I like about the book
is that it can serve you as an inspiration to
improve your photography. Let me know in the comments what is your favorite photography book. Thank you for watching and
I will see you next time.

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  1. I'd lost track of your channel! Great to see your videos again, as I was very impressed before. Please add your name in parentheses to your channel name, as it's easier to remember or recognise 🙂

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