Come To Work With Me | First Photoshoot 4 Months Post Baby

today we are shooting beyond fashion
magazine cover we’re doing an interview we have to leave the house in 40 minutes
valaria work face on got it you didn’t sleep last night
okay no pity party for you get it okay I’m wearing the Hat
I decided I’m wearing my hat okay let’s go
how extra mind we just had right now I’m just trying to hide the fact that forty-five minutes last night
also forgot to transfer this to go to come along okay lost the Hat I’m over the hat I
don’t need I don’t need the Hat power anymore oh my god everything hurts from
my workout yesterday these stairs we’re not kind to me you can’t believe you
were getting up to go to the gym at like god-awful hours of the morning this week
do you want to hear my new project okay such body like such a babe her body
is a masterpiece so I I asked my treat I was like
cause she completes zucchini competitions I was like tell me more oh
so apparently I mean I’ve heard it before like the bodybuilding and stuff
but there’s a kabuki competition where it’s not like about like muscle mass
it’s not about the creating lines and stuff so he said there are trainers that
will take you on and it’s like a three to four month thing where you go like
hardcore we work out every day for one hour and then the most like basically
the difficult part is to dial it right because it is super clean so I’m making
literally considering doing this stop it something’s been doing and like the
document the whole process that would be so much fun
go to all these like competitions around me we’re doing glam today I feel yeah as
they brought jewelry yeah my hair is high society so
you know anything that you’re wearing or no no is it very scary for me because I
feel like we do all our contents so I’m in charge of like hair and makeup I know
exactly what we’re doing all your time and here it’s like it’s like throws me
back to my not comfort zone so when in my modeling days where I would come to
shoot I’ll be like oh my god I hope I look pretty today
you guys gonna bleach our eyebrows today just I was literally just thank you for
you I mean it’s her favorite life yeah good next go back with a penny or
challenge someone asked me when I did them can your challenge someone was like
you know it looks different did you have to know they’ll take off all the time after okay
okay music your music this is my music your
valerian playlist it’s a good one trust me okay I think trying to sabotage you next open don’t shoot there’s no strap for you she’s a girl okay Oh oh my god this is like the size of my
whole upper body Oh you still like go up as you put it on to
reveal I’m gonna pick me up special dance that
you I’m scaring the mango stuff you don’t even need shoes on the seat
I like this vibe Oh No you’re just wait thank you so much for us god I would
literally lose my life without you no thanks No there’s a pond there I don’t
know if that means affairs very different that I’ve been waiting for my whole life okay don’t get too like that on the side and one she’s done
the power change can we do a feel like an underscore do you have something lacy well I just think of this and this
Kosaku be like and so pretty what’s the what does Peggy Bundy say I
don’t know what is love and marriage again carriage I have heard I just want
to keep hearing me sing nice work time for a little interview I started on YouTube and Instagram or
first was a I mean I was already on Instagram that like everyone else I was
just I was sharing and before those things like that when I graduated my
certification or list nutrition I started seeing clients and I understood
that it’s really not it’s not gonna get me to spread the information to a wider
audience so I got a little frustrated so I
decided what can you know what can I do really to bring all that information to
as many people as possible and help them that’s when I started a blog which was
kind of late for blogging so a blog in 2016 was already kind of a yesterday’s
news so when I started the blog I figured that it you know it’s very hard
to connect to people with writing things like they can’t really understand you
know where I’m growing and what message I’m trying to bring across so then I
figured okay I’m gonna do something really scary something I have no idea
about and that’s gonna be YouTube so that was my first introduction to you know I started with my phone I still
shoot some videos on my phone to be honest and that’s I think the big miss
perception there are a lot of people is it misperceptions miss Coates
misconception that a lot of people have today they think that you need all this
fancy equipment and the right house and the right background and honestly I
still like use tables and books as my stands and I should in my house most of
the time i YouTubed how to edit videos and that’s how I learned how to edit
videos I basically learned everything from the internet what do you like best about me what I
like best about being an influencer is sharing my life and you know the ups and
downs and just like kind of real life tips with people I love that today
people can connect to something real I remember when I was a teenager the only
people I could like tried to look up to are like either models in the magazines
or someone that is very untouchable so I really liked that little I mean that’s a
little anymore but the community that we built where I feel that I really have a
personal strong connection with my audience and I’m not so much as like an
expert I don’t want to be an expert I just want to be like you know like their
friend or their biggest sister or someone that they can kind of go to to
you know get some help yeah yeah yeah so initially I wanted to get a job
in McDonald’s and my mother was against it when I had a birthday party with
Jewish people it’s like a bat mitzvah so at 12 years old I had this big party and
we got a photographer to come and take photos of me my mom saw something that
I’ve never even thought about I was a very shy very kind of people didn’t even
know I was going to school with them like I was very invisible as a kid and
she saw something she’s like you really you’re you’re a little different on
camera it would be more confident you you know you’re very different than in
real life so 12 years old it was very young but the photographer’s told her
you need to look into getting her into modeling industry so when I was 15 and I
was pursuing a career at McDonald my mother said okay all your friends are
working there that’s great let’s try modeling and if it’s not gonna work if
no one accepts you then I can you can go work at McDonald’s so I was like so
happening for me I’m so getting that job at McDonald’s what happened is that that
she submitted photos of me to this online competition it was actually for
the russian-speaking like people in in Israel and I won we went to get the
prize and it was a horrific night for me but Elite model agency was in there and
the guys saw me and he contacted us after and that’s kind of how it started
so from something very terrible that night was very terrible turned to be
something I mean a full-on career 100% it was my mom I did not want to do it
that was not something that came naturally to me I think that as teenage
girls just being at schools or like out there in the world we always compare
herself to like regular people so for someone that was so insecure and Sur shy
to get into the modeling industry and start going to castings and compete
against all these gorgeous girls it was it was a very it was like you know when
you throw someone in the water you sink or swim that was that yeah I hate the world balance because it’s a
very tricky word it doesn’t really exist and I think that a lot of people think
that you know it’s something that we need to aspire to I think that for me
balance changes every day some days you know tips more towards work and I’m more
into debt that kind of area or the other days when I feel like okay I’m way too
much there I’m gonna start tipping it towards my kids or myself or so I think
they’re just being in tune with myself and being aware of what’s going on in my
home and with me when I need a break when my kids need me so I think it’s
just kind of self-awareness and being in tune with what’s going on in my life
yeah that’s how I find that balance Lebon rosewater mist my wallet obviously
air pause because I listen to a lot of podcasts and a charger yeah currently I
love goop I love so what is a soul conversation with Oprah Oprah’s podcast
I love how I built this yeah it’s really good oh thank you so much thank you
and yeah that’s some of the ones I’m kind of listening to now what’s my
favorite fashion trend no my god I hate that yeah I don’t know
if it’s happening still but it will always happen for me yeah definitely
Snickers I think that in general the fact that’s kind of the more laid-back
chilled you know like tents that are sweatpants things like that I love that
it came back into style and people can wear it to different places comfort is
everything so that’s definitely something that I I’m into yeah I mean I
think that this industry is still at the beginning of it because it’s gonna get
bigger and bigger because this is the new media I think that what a lot of
people do wrong that I see is that they’re trying to imitate someone else
they look at other people that are either fashion fashion bloggers or
beauty bloggers and they’re doing the same thing and the whole concept of
influencers is to bring your own personal stamp to the world to bring
your own authentic self and that’s how people connect to you and at the end of
the day the way to build an audience is to tell your story and you’ll find your
tribe just to be authentic and real and not trying to be someone that you’re not
it’s very important what’s your favorite kind of my favorite kind of YouTube videos to
make are probably the motivational self-love ones although I love fashion
and beauty and things like that but for me I really get excited and passionate
knowing and even receiving feedback about the videos you know smell small
lot of things that remind people maybe to stop once in a while or breathe a
little or not to be so hard on themselves I think we all need you know
that little cheerleader to be like you’re gonna so I love making goes I would probably be somewhere in Europe
wandering the streets trying to understand the purpose for my life I was
very very very lucky to meet my husband at that point that I met him because he
really not only made me believe in myself but also showed me the style of
myself that I never thought I had or possessed oh my god I don’t want to
think where I would be without him it’s very sad okay we’re good thank you you yeah thanks lady thank you nice to meet you
so nice to meet you downstairs we little meet candidates yeah okay you
guys are fast enough to lock up there’s this one stop it this is so cute I wanted to finish this vlog in the car
but I fell asleep on the way so today was super fun it definitely took me out
of my comfort zone and I feel like we had a pleasure to work with some really
talented and awesome people and I’m super grateful for the opportunity and
for beyond fashion magazine that are featuring me making me their cover girl
it’s super exciting and super awesome and that’s my first cover is like a
social media of filarial povitsky that’s so awesome
yay I’ll be sharing the outcome the magazine cover and interview and
everything everything on Instagram so stay tuned and follow me on Instagram if
you don’t plugging myself in

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    I think you are a very empowering woman! Thank you for that!
    But, don't you think that the bikini contest is something very superficial? I get that you want your prebaby body back. But why do we (woman) need/feel to do bodychalenges all the time? We need you challenge our mind more! We need to work on our mind more! We need to be better examples for our children.

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