COMPOSITION – Most Important thing in PHOTOGRAPHY!

pewdiepie is better than t-series ناسەرەكى بۆ گۆشتى ڕانى بەرازى جەويى لەسەر يوتيوبناسەرەكى بۆ گۆشتى ڕانى بەرازى جەويى لەسەر يوتيوب ليل ئووزى ڕەنگى سەوز باشتر زوو بەر دەبێتەوە هيێ كابراى تۆ چووكى باريكى بۆى omg help me i’m trapped ok bois hey guys, i am sourav and in this video let’s talk about about composition in photography phto photo now before we talk about composition hi I am theboy lets understand what actually a photograph is so a photograph is basically a 2 dimensional box which is actually representing 3 dimensional worlds and composing your photograph means placing the elements of your image in a way a image is able to tell or convey a story to the viewer now the question is do you have understood what composition is but why is composition so important in photography so as a photographer the technical settings like the exposure, aperture shutter speed , ISO , white balance and stuff are the technical things you have to master the real challenge of photography is how to compose your image and your composition so composition is the most important thing that will tell story of the image to the viewer as a photographer, you should work hard to compose your image as a viewer, the viewer should not work hard to see a beautiful photograph. If he sees a photograph it should be good enough. okay, the viewer should understand what the subject is and what the actual story is so that si the reason why composition is so important in photography now , i will show you certain guidelines that you can use for composition the images that you are seeing are the shot of some of the best photographers from India that i personally know. thanks a lot to them for providing the image to show you what actually compositon is and you guys have a better understanding how you can use them in your photographs. so let me begin. the first guideline is rule of thirds now, if you have read somewhere about composition you might have heard about rule of third. Generally, as a beginner photographer what we do is basically we try to shoot the subject and keep it at the center, now the thing is if you do that it might result into a boring image. so rule of third suggest that you divide the image into three different parts horizontally and vertically into three equal parts, and meet, and place your subject in any of four intersection points now, if you place your subject in any of the four intersection points

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  1. At 1:48 I have put my name in the list because there are some images shot by me (Read the heading) . I didn't mean I am one of the best photographers (I'm still learning). Bye HATERS!

  2. You have the best and clear explanation about photography and I’m learning a lot from you. Thank you. 😁

  3. Hi i have been following your channel for a long time and i like your videos, but for this one i would like to ask you the difference between the "rule" of thirds, fibonachi and the phi grid , i understand that all of them have their utility, but could you possibly make a video explaining what are their major advantages and disadvantages ?

  4. Very helpful bro! Even I'm not a photographer, I still need to learn composition and perspective for creating motion art. Thanks bro! Pls keep sharing.

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