100 Replies to “Cousin Sal’s Hidden Camera Prank – Pull the Plug”

  1. I may be sensitive but I don't think that's a very good prank to play. You don't know what somebody's been through or if they've just lost a grandparent. Sometimes families have to make a very hard decision whether to pull the plug or not. Just saying I've had to be there.

  2. I'm sick and tired of Jimmy Kimmel's desperate attempts to fit a comment about the President, like dude, you're on an entertainment talk show not political agenda discussion show… And I'm from Australia so it must piss Americans off more

  3. Cousin Sal is going to need a disguise, as his face is now more familiar than Jimmy Kimmel's. Then there's the same house used for these stunts. Pizza drivers, Door Dash drivers, repair persons, carpet cleaners, etc., are probably starting to recognize the joint.

  4. So you’re telling me this delivery guy is fine hanging around while there’s a dead body there but as soon as he wakes up he runs outta there lmao

  5. @3:26 The woman sitting next to him finally realizes who's sitting next to her 😀 That's why people get mugged, because they have no idea of what's going on around them.

  6. I used to do pizza delivery and I would never be that nice to anybody! What a sweetheart I would like him to date my daughter

  7. why are jimmy’s videos in 720p. People can record in 1080p on their phones. ABC can easily buy a 1080p camera and upload in 1080p they have tons of money.

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