100 Replies to “Craziest Prom Moments Caught on Camera: Compilation”

  1. Actually that dance came from somewhere else and was created way before the backpack kid even started doing it.

  2. That sucks that the girls grandfather couldn’t attend prom with her, there shouldn’t have been an age limit! 😡

  3. Uuggghhh. I think it's time to unsubscribe. This is no longer informative. It's more like fluff. Every time it's garbage news.

  4. SO based on some of the comments..backpack kid going to a prom is cringy but the girl bringing a Danny Devito cutout is cool? Yeah, ok… The whole 'being socially awkward is cool' has got to be the lamest thing people obsess over. SOrry, there is nothing great about having a hard time socializing or whatever.

  5. I never been to the prom. When I was asked to a prom the boy said he would take me. On the day of the prom I dressed up and even put on make-up (wich I hate ) and he never took me.

  6. OMG when she took her grandfather my heart just melted. this will be something she will never forget.

  7. The girl kaylah bell had a shirt with azusa university on it thats the collage i want to go to and also my home city

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