Creative Ways to Spice up Instagram Video Content

– I just remember thinking, how can I show my content
in different ways? And I love to make up different,
creative ways to, you know, show my living room and I can
only shoot it so many ways. So, apps like Life Lapse are really great to kind of spice up the kind
of content you’re putting up. (music) My name is Jane and I live
in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are currently in my house. We bought it in September. We had a little bit of extra
money to do some work on it and so, since September, we’ve just kind of been
picking away at projects. I think my line of work
and where I find creativity is simultaneously in
building things with my hands and then also doing mini storytelling. I obviously do a lot of
social media in my day job, so I was kind of used to how that runs and thought, now I have
this really fun project that I can share and I
follow all these other people that do kind of the same thing and I enjoy their content so much, I thought maybe someone
might wanna chat about, like, paint colors. My entire home renovation
is solely on my iPhone. I did buy a little tripod,
which has been a lifesaver in terms of being able
to set up on a couch or up on the side of, you
know, a lamp, essentially. That’s all been done through my iPhone. I actually edit videos on my iPhone. So, I use a couple of different
things to edit my videos. To do more detailed videos
with text overlays and stuff I use an app called Splice, and then I also use an
app called Life Lapse. It’s a really great app and I found that one on Instagram. I like stop motion because
it’s more interactive, it kind of shows you the process rather than just the final result. So, one of the ones I did was I had my… We had just renovated the room and we were moving all
the furniture back in, so I showed all the furniture
moving back into the room, which was kind of a fun way to show, like, “All right, here we go.
We’re starting again,” rather than just being like, “Here’s the living room from scratch.” Before using Life Lapse, I had shot stop motion very amateurly. I’m sure, like, grade
school we did claymation. Do you remember claymation? But if there’s anything
I remember from it, it was a pain in the butt. It’s really hard to do on your own if you’re just using a
camera, from my perspective, ’cause I’m not a
professional photographer. So, when I found Life Lapse I was like, holy, this is a really easy way to kind of get stop motion done ’cause it guides you along the way. One thing I love about Life
Lapse when I found it is how easy it is to use. I set it up and I had made a stop motion within 20 minutes max. And I especially love the feature… I’m not sure what it’s actually called, but I keep calling it to
people the ghost feature, where you take a photo
and it kind of gives you a 50% or 20% opacity ghost
shot of what you just shot and then you can move your object in frame and you can see how far it’s moved and that’s so helpful, and what makes stop motion so
hard is doing it on your own. I recommend anyone who
is working with products or working to demonstrate a space to use Life Lapse. It’s just a really cool way to change up how you’re showing your content and the dynamics of it. So, maybe a three-dimensional object, you can show it all ways around without having to swipe
to different photos. I get my inspiration
largely from Instagram, other people who just have cool houses, a lot of French style, and things that seem effortless but cool and used and lived in and warm. My favorite accounts to follow
for home reno inspiration and style inspiration, the first one I ever started following was I think his name is Wabi Sab-E. And I could be pronouncing that
wrong and I’m sorry if I am. But he and his girlfriend Hannah also live in Nova Scotia and they’re renovating this
old… I think it’s a farmhouse, and they do all the work themselves. And I started watching them
on YouTube probably a year ago and didn’t realize they
were Nova Scotia based. And then started following
them on Instagram and realized they were
and I was just like… Messaged them, “This is so cool.” So, they kind of gave me the inspiration to maybe start my account
and do things myself. But my favorite one for style
is called “astylistguide,” and they just have the coolest… – [Woman] Very rustic. – [Jane] Yeah, kind of rustic-y, “I don’t care, I live
in a French, like…” That’s my favorite photo of all time. I don’t know why. There’s something about
the texture and the color. So, that’s the vibe I’m going for. Am I getting it? Probably
not, but here we are. – [Woman] Yeah, you are. – Thank you, that’s kind. I use the bookmarking feature
on Instagram constantly. I pretty much treat it as
my Pinterest board now, which I’m curious to know
how Pinterest is handling ’cause it’s kind of the same thing for me. So, now I have different boards I save. For the house I save things
that are, like, goals, things that are, like, content ideas. And that’s one of the
things with Life Lapse, how I initially kind of downloaded it was I saw a stop motion, and I
was like, “That’s super neat. “What a cool way to show content,” saved it to my content folder, bookmark, and then I go back and I see, like, okay, that person did this thing really cool or so and so did that. How can I work that for my own content? I think anyone can do it, you just have to make
sure you’re being safe and taking the right steps, and I think if you do enough research and you’re not in a rush, anyone can figure anything out and if you can’t, hire a professional. Don’t buy anything in a rush. If there’s something
you want, look for it, see how much it costs
and then wait for a deal. Or, if there’s a deal, don’t
just buy it because it’s cheap because you might want to replace it a little while down the line. So, find something you really want, wait for a sale or look on, like, Facebook Marketplace or any sort of second-hand
place and then go from there. Google, YouTube, I think watching a bunch of different or researching a bunch
of different opinions on the subject is really important ’cause then you might realize
that at a certain point it works for someone, but it might not work for somebody else. So, it could work in a new build, but if you have an old house, there’s other considerations
you have to take into account. Pretty much everything in this
room was not purchased new. We have a couch over here
that was second hand. These tables were Craig’s sister’s. Everything you see, so, yeah, we didn’t buy any new
furniture when we came in. (music)

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