Crossout Show: Pixel perfect shot

In this episode: Luck wins Pixel perfect shot Just in time The final strike Being clumsy sucks and VS Doc knows that all too well. He flipped his car, simply by driving around. Yeah, i know. But our hero is also lucky, so he doesn’t care for that. After spinning around some, he falls off a hill and lands on his augers. Bang, there goes a gift of fate. An enemy lands just before him, seeking an easy kill, but quickly turning into a victim. Did we talk about luck yet? Well, here’s 1000 Gold for VS Doc! No wheels, one gun with just a few shells left – that’s the kind of kit that Hungry Porbeagle had to use against a foe, one on one. But the enemy was in similar condition. But he had shooty drones, and they are separated by a container wall. Or are they? Hungry Porbeagle was able to spot those few fine pixels, but also a way of making some Gold! Well done! Wrestling the victory from the hands of the enemy is not an easy task. Testik25 took part in the Scorpions event and somehow managed to break the tie with another player. He also did it in style, by leaping from behind a hill and shooting his foe in mid-air. Such an epic combination of beauty and skill must not be ignored! Remember folks, by winning in Crossout Show you 1000 Gold! The final winner of this week is Northman. He already used his boom-sticks, defeating one enemy. So i guess he can go blow himself up now, hoping to score maybe another frag. Oh man, he’s got bigger plans. His ride’s explosion took down THREE enemy targets! That’s what i call going out with a bang! Northman, thanks for the video! Here, catch! Now it’s time to pick the best comment of the past week: Rhodes 3 says: Raider: “Look, I turned him into a spinning top!” A-K Phoenix: “Omae wa mou shindeiru!” Raider: ” NANI?!? ” Please respond to your original comment with your in-game nickname and email address so we can send you your prize. Please, be advised that the prize gold may take up to five business days to be added to your in-game account. Thank you for watching this episode! Okay, let’s recap the three simple steps on how to submit your video to Crossout Show. STEP 1. Record and put together a video. ATTENTION! The submitted video must be made by you, must be published for the first time, must have public access for viewers and must not violate any copyright laws. STEP 2. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and hit the like button below this video. STEP 3. Upload your video to Youtube and send us a direct link to [email protected] The covering email should contain the desired category for your video, your in-game nickname and the email address registered with your game account, so we can send you the reward should your submission win! Every week four submissions will win 1000 Gold! We will also be awarding the best comment of the week with 300 Gold. So, get your engines revving, make some content, send it to us, or simply watch and comment, either way – we’ve got plenty gold to go around! See ya in a week!

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