Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets Engagement Portrait Edit

Hey guys Ryan here at Signature Edits, and I’m going to show you how fast and easy it is to edit an engagement or
portrait shoot using our moody vibes pack. Let’s get into it.
First off I have this engagement session with Keiran and Courtney. It’s an amazing
session that my wife shot for us. We’re going to edit it together. I’m going to
press command a to select all these photos and then I’m going to go to the
apply during import dialog and select moody vibes and select my favorite
preset from this pack which is definitely moody vibes earthy I love
this preset it is worth buying the packages for this one preset I use it on
absolutely everything anyways let’s keep going so I apply that
preset because when Lightroom is actually importing the photos it’ll
create previews with that preset applied and just save a ton of time cycling
between photos it really reduces the loading time and makes things faster so
I’m gonna hop into the develop module and right away you can see that this
looked weird super super super weird why is that well
it’s because the white balance is not correct right now
Lightroom has automatically imported the photo with the white-balance as shot we
need to set it to auto the reason being that this camera for whatever reason had
the white balance set the same for every single photo and so you can see it look
good for some of them but for others it is clearly out so we’re just gonna use
Lightroom Zotto function to fix that for us so select auto select all these
photos by pressing command a and then hit sync we’re going to synchronize all
the settings across and Lightroom is going to do its best job at guessing
what the white balance should be for each photo that’s gonna save us a ton of
time especially when we’re saying it’s one-click presets well it’s really only
one click if a your white balance is correct and B your exposure is correct
so we’re gonna go through here and adjust the exposure and you can see once
the white balance is right the photo looks great
if I wanted to I could add a little bit of contrast and that’s looking good now
for those of you who are really interested in the darkest and moodiest
of the vibes we have a fade option as well so here’s movie vibes warm gold
vintage and earthy you can see I love earthy the most I could warm this up
that’s why warm is looking so cold and then we have the warm fade gold fade
vintage fade and earthy fade so if you really want to go for that darkest and
moodiest of the vibes you can hit earthy fade and apply the
to all of them we’re just gonna go with earthy today all right so now all I have
to do to edit these photos from here once the white balance is correct is
just go through and adjust the exposure I do this by pressing the plus and minus
keys on my keyboard and it’s super quick and simple if you want to add a little
contrast here absolutely free to obviously each photos going to be a
little bit different in terms of what contrast it needs to look perfect
because if you’re shooting your camera lens pointed towards the Sun like this
is clearly a backlit photo you can see that we’ve lost a lot of contrast around
Chiron’s hair and so we might have to compensate for that a little bit in our
photos so I’m just gonna go through just as necessary and if I want to I can add
some effects effects come with the moody vibes preset pack we’ve got all of these
adjustment brush presets that you can use and one of my favorite is the
brooding D haze darken and what this does is applies a D haze kind of D
contrast D clarify around whatever is outside of this little circle here so we
can use it to really place some focus on this couple and darken everything else
down stairs before and there’s after super dark super moody you get it okay
so let’s keep going just pressing plus and minus suggesting my contrast here
exposure to that is sometimes I mix up words it’s okay
a little bit of contrast this one’s really cool I’m gonna do that moody D
haze darken here for sure and if here is your normal adjustment brush tool you
can actually hit this little triangle and that will give you one slider that
allows you to adjust the intensity of the effect so I want lots of effect
we’re just gonna do kind of a tilt shift vibe so again here’s before that effect
and after really really cool great and if we want to do we could
actually even add some Sun flare here using our Sun flare brush so we’ll go
here Sun flare subtle and just drag a Sun into existence and obviously the Sun
for whatever reason is on the outside of this so I’m just gonna have to press the
apostrophe key and that’s gonna put it inside the circle drag it up there and
the reason I’m dragging it up here is because the Sun is already hitting
from this direction I couldn’t put the Sun over here it would just feel weird
so I’m going to put it right there and then dial it back so that I just blend
it in here maybe add a little bit of saturation just like that and you can
see it really adds an extra little bit of pop to the image so without it this
is what it looks like let’s get rid of that and here’s with just add some
interest to your image and that’s why we include them with every preset pack so
this guy we’re going to definitely take our dark and moody D haze darkened tool
put that on there this one will just add some exposure a little bit of contrast
darken it down again if we wanted to another way to do the Sun flare is using
the gradient tool Sun flare subtle grab it from here because that’s where the
Sun actually is just like that dial it back a little bit apparently it’s not
subtle enough for our needs go like that so we could either do something like
this maybe add a little bit of contrast and we’re good so this one adobe has not
quite gotten the white balance correct so we’ll just warm it up a little bit I
just the exposure there you go now if you wanted to you could work on this sky
so let’s see is there any detail in the sky the easiest way to do that
pull the exposure way down we can see that this is blown out and white so I’m
not going to bother trying to get those colors back basically because they don’t
exist they were blown out in the original photo okay let’s keep going
here this guy’s looking pretty good right out of the gate if you wanted to
again we could add a little bit of Sun flare why not here we go we’ll die it’ll
it way back here so it’s not quite so intense warm it all the way up and so
that’s really up to you right if you like the Sun flare that’s cool if you
don’t like the Sun flare more power to you this is looking good
you some quick adjustments here so you can see what it’s like if I am NOT
taking my time on every photo so this is one I like just like that if you want
you can apply a nice black and white we’ve got a couple of options a faded
option and a more high contrast option that’s the black and white here’s the
color and I think this would look really really great not with a Sun flare but
with our D haze darken tool yes very cool and a little bit too intense for me
so I’ll just hit that minimize window dial that back like that now if we want
to go really crazy we could have the darken and we could add a Sun flare up
here we’ll dial that way way back so it’s super subtle just like that so just
you can see here’s our photo without any adjustment layers kind of cool light okay going through
you had some exposure there you can see that we’re getting a little bit of grain
in our photos because it’s dark out right iso 640 now so if you want you
could add our denoise preset so let’s take the earthy d noise and that’s just
going to apply a little bit of noise reduction here in the photo now this guy
is obviously really really underexposed I have to take it up three stop so we’ve
got some serious noise going on but if we apply our D noise you can see it
looks like a nice kind of filmic grain that we’ve got going on rather than a
bunch of digital noise in your camera great and we’ll do the same thing with
this one very cool and we’re done ok so that is how to edit an engagement
session or portrait session using the moody vibes pack it is so quick so
simple and so easy once you have your white balance dialed in where it needs
to be and your exposure it is pretty much just drag and drop you are ready to
go so if you have any questions contact us at hello at signature edits dot-com
I am looking forward to getting these presets in your hand we spent a lot of
time making sure that they work perfectly so I can’t wait for you to try
them out right talk soon you

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