Deconstructing the Edit: Week 11

Hello and welcome to my creating room we
have a really fun event today so I want to jump in because there’s a lot to talk
about my name is Brooke Shaden I’m a fine art
photographer and I want to take you through some of my process now I do a
lot of shooting because I’m a photographer but a lot of what I do is
self portraiture so this is a little bit of a different image for me because this
is not a self portrait this is a child not anymore
but then she was so I want to take you through how I would photograph a younger
person and how I would edit it as well so this image is so much fun to me we
have a lot to go through let’s go down I’ve actually used this room the base
image here several times for different images because I just think it’s so
perfect it’s blank but in this particular case we were really there
this was an abandoned hospital such a neat place and so we went into this
space I did in post to create this sort of room effect because really it was
just a corner of a much bigger room with a hallway so I made it look like a room
and then we’ve got our subject oh my gosh so adorable and so I had her
standing on a stool and on this stool obviously the feet were straight not
angling so that was one thing that we had to fix and if there’s anything that
I’ve learned in working with younger people it’s that you don’t stress over
not getting the perfect shot you just make it work later because you don’t
want to stress them out you don’t want to make them feel like they’re doing
something wrong and so better to just say this is great let’s try that let’s
try this and then get it all done so instead of trying to get one single shot
where her dress was moving and the hair was moving and the feet were dangling it
just wasn’t gonna happen so instead I add those things on later there’s a foot
see we got it eventually all right there’s a sadder face that I’ve added in
I’ve got some hair which ends up pretty much getting covered up anyway and then
we’ve got lots of sticks so I gathered the sticks photographed them in that
space and then decided that I didn’t quite the light
the pattern that I was creating so I ended up duplicating a lot of them to
create this really weird crown effect that I thought was really effective so
let’s see we’ve duplicated that again created shadows making this really 3d
and the same pattern on the arms I love this image because of the duplicated
sticks at first I thought oh I really should use a different stick for every
single element here to make it really unique but it just really called for the
symmetry of it and it almost I don’t know it just has this really raw feeling
but I just love so that’s how I made the sticks I photographed them in that space
added them in later because I obviously didn’t want to make a child stand there
while I was adding the sticks in or anything like that but that’s how I did
it so I added the sticks later but shot in the same space made a pattern out of
them because I thought that would be interesting you saw that I photographed
her face separately the dress in two parts the feet in two parts so it was
many different parts put together for the sake of a faster photoshoot look I
even made the face even sadder you guys watch oh I love doing that because you
know it’s I’m not great at directing people even myself I really don’t excel
like that it’s not something that I do easily the next thing that I did was I
didn’t want to get anyone all dirty during the shoot I didn’t know them that
well then so I went ahead and i just added scuffs everywhere with the burn
tool we talked about the dodge tool earlier of a burn tool making little
dark marks all over her not like Harry Potter I’m sorry mark and everyone and
then texture and that’s how it finished so that’s this image it’s a really fun
colorful image a little bit sad a little bit I don’t know it just weird just off
offbeat for me but I love this image and and I specifically love the use of
symmetry first by duplicating that wall to make it a perfectly symmetrical room
and then duplicating sticks to create this pattern that just has this really
mesmerizing effect to it hopefully that is inspirational in some way for you to
get out and make something for you to try something with who knows a child
where sticks or just a different subject than you normally would whatever it may
be so have a great week creating and I’ll see you next week

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  1. I love the way you get into photos, i mean…u have fun while taking the shots and u dont care if u have the greatest composition cuz everything is about having fun…something that im dealing with cuz sometimes i get more concerned about getting the perfect shot and im learning a lot from you.
    Love u Brooke…i really enjoy watching ur vids

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