Developing Disposable Cameras from Early YouTube Days

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  1. Honestly could probably tell the story behind most of these photos my self because I have been here that long honestly still waiting for Tyler to say troyler was real I spent so much time dedicated to doing research on that stuff and I’m still waiting for the confirmation

  2. just went back and rewatched the face paint and spent like 3 hours on a jack and finn wormhole because of this soooooooo

  3. How dare you Matthew Tyler Oakley. How do you not remember the most iconic troyler video of all time 😱 The face painting Video was my life I swear to god!

  4. jesus christ these photos unlocked memories i’ve repressed for about 6 years. honestly the golden age of youtube ngl i miss it

  5. this was the prime time for youtube. i remember being obsessed with EVERY SINGLE ONE of these people. i miss it but at the same time… i’m cringing

  6. It's been years since I watched your video (I've been a fan since I was in junior high school and now I'm in College!!!) and this somehow made me feel nostalgic. Damnnnnn I miss the good old daysss ❤️

  7. Omg this is such a throwback!! I remember when all the British youtubers were super popular and ruled the Internet. I don’t know who from that group is still popular. Dan and Phil? It’s crazy how time flies. I deserve a senior discount lol. 2014 YouTube was the best

  8. haa this is too nostalgic !! The Mamrie vine omg ahaha I love you crazy people ! I still watch Edward 40 hands and all of your collabs at least once a year lol they just don't get old

  9. Senior discount, missing the old YouTube! The silly collabs were the best!! Still to this day watching the one where you and Dan plays cards against humanity 😂

  10. this made me so emotional, all of the people shown here made me so happy and made me get through such dark times. it’s amazing to see everyone grow and achieve their dreams 💖💖

  11. My ALL TIME FAVORITE video was of you and Marcus Butler blowing up helium balloons while singing and doing crazy shit. That picture of Marky butt butt reminded me of the good ol' days on youtube!

  12. I had forgotten about this YouTuber and now I’m super curious how he went from 11M views to less than 100k on a video? I’m genuinely curious, not hating.

  13. Awe I love you this reminds me of such a better time of YouTube. Everyone enjoyed what they did and did it bc they genuinely loved it.

  14. Thank you, Tyler Oakley! I am now just a few years from becoming a doctor and I really just wanted to thank you because way back in college, you guys (all of u OG youtubers) made me laugh and remember how fun life could be. Really, thank you!

    P.S. i still remember vividly the cards against humanity video u had with Dan and Phil ♡♡

  15. This makes me… very sad? But also very happy in a nostalgic way. Man I wanted to be part of this world so bad, and I thought I had time, but I really missed the boat on old YouTube because it's gone now and isn't coming back. Someone create a new platform that can be like this.

  16. The comments in this vid are proof enough we would die for a collab video of a bunch of you guys just getting together having fun reminiscing and spilling the tea from those days I NEED PLS

  17. OMGGGGG THIS BROUGHT BACK SO MUCH MEMORIES I CANT. I miss so much this time. This group of youtubers were such an important part of my life while growing up. They made the little angsty me happy :’)

  18. I guess I get a senior discount cause not only did I know half the people in that photo but I also remember like, 99% of these moments when they happened 😂😅

  19. This made me miss the early days of YouTube…. when I had less stress and was more delusional that I could become famous on here.

  20. I kind of just realized how much of my childhood I spent invested in these you tubers, like my life truly revolved around Tyler and the brits, grace and Mamrie for a good chunk of my preteen years

  21. I haven't watched your videos for a few years until this video. I can't believe how much everyone is grown up since then. I remember 95% moments happening

  22. I didn't really think we were all that old…but you look at those photos, and those are the young, baby faces that I see when I think of those youtubers. Really loved this journey back in time!

  23. I loved this video. I used to watch most of the people in these photos videos religiously every day. Nice to look back on and makes me want to go and binge watch all the collabs haha

  24. tyler idk if you remember this but in one of you & mamrie’s collabs you both were talking about safe sex & said “don’t risk it wrap your biscuit” & i genuinely think of that like 2x a day & it makes me so sad bc no one remembers it but truly THE MODY ICONIC PHRASE smh

  25. Omg yeah I remember the first youtubers I saw and subscribed to was all British 😂👏🏻
    Then came Tyler and Connor Franta

  26. i deserve 5 senior discounts fam i remember all of that i recognize everyone and i miss all these moments i keep saying it every fcking time i get the chance to, but 2012-2015 was the best time on youtube HANDS DOWN nothing will ever compare

  27. when I think of your early YouTube days – I think of 5AG, featured YouTube videos, pendulous breasts and your metal wire glasses

  28. I just think it’s crazy that I used to watch the British crew and all of the playlist live people and I never heard of o2l I knew who Conor was and I knew who Ricky was and know I watch kian and jc two members from o2l how crazy life is such a full circle

  29. I loved watching you and Zoe collab!

    And I think about your Edward Fourtyhands video with Mamrie often.

    What a walk down memory lane!

  30. I miss this era of Youtube SO MUCH. It was so much simpler back then, no tea, no drama, all good fun, everyone was friends and collating and Youtube was thee most exciting thing to watch. the good ol days <3

  31. It’s just sad to think one day they all hung out for the last time and didn’t even know it was the last time 🙁

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