Die verrückteste Garage der Welt?! Supercars & Spielhalle

In this video: This is the McLaren hall. This one costs about 350.000-400.000 €. This one costs between 1.3-1.7 million €. 620 hp…the original price was 300.000€. This is pure fun! Upstairs is the pinball floor. I have more then 50 pinball games on this floor. What the hell!? We are on our way to see the most extraordinary
garages I´ve ever seen in my life. It´s pretty hard to explain. It´s a garage with a very interesting car collection. Including a retro museum and gambling hall. It´s really super hard to explain, so
the best would be to show it to you guys. Here we are – next to me is Marcus. Marcus is proud owner of this – what do you call this? Museum? We chose the name pinball hall although
there´s much more in it then pinball games. It´s a mix of cars, pinball games and other gaming machines. Men´s paradise! I think many people want to see the car
collection as you have a very special garage – but the cars are almost minor matter in here. Because it´s so rare and I´ve never
experienced something like this before. You know the garage best so I would
suggest you will lead the room tour. And maybe explain why it´s called pinball hall. Here on the ground floor is our communication floor. It´s for meeting up and having a chat. It´s the most quiet floor – all the
others are louder because of the games. You can hear the pinball machines upstairs. They are calling for getting played. We will go upstairs later on. On the ground floor we also have a bar counter. So that we can have a drink like a beer, coke or water. The counter is made by an italian manufacturer which uses old
airplane parts to build furniture out of the aluminum parts. And everything we can see in your garage cannot be purchased off the
shelf. You`ve collected the bits and pieces over the years, right? I´m collecting these things since more than 30 years now. I started with a normal garage with an old Opel
Kadett C, which I bought when I was 18 years old. Then I´ve bought the first enamel sign which was a Shell sign. That´s how it started and the collection grows. I´ve never sold anything. To the chagrin of my family I´ve always collected more and more. Let´s have a look at this item right
here which caught my eye immediately. Is it an old camera? Yes it is. It was made before 1900. We
don´t know the exact date of manufacturing. We estimate it´s from 1880-1885. With that camera you needed to stand still for approx.
2 minutes to create for example a group picture. Look how huge cameras were in the past! Claus is holding his camera like this. Just immagine this with that one. YouTube like
travel vlogs wouldn´t have worked out back then. That would´ve broke my back carrying that thing around. Behind the camera there´s another curious item. It´s an old stoller which has nothing
to do with the garage normally. I just saw it and liked it. I think it´s also from the year 1860-1870. You also have some ols Coke boxes. The interesting thing was: I had a closer look and saw they are still sealed. How old are they? 1984 That ones has overcome a few years already. With original dust from many years included. This one is the area of Coca Cola enamel signs as
I´ve collected them intensely for quite a bit. I´m collecting other things as well meanwhile. There are also rare items. Are there bullet holes in it? Yes, right! Look! We have many signs with bullet holes. That´s a typical american thing. You can see it thoughout the US Highways. The people are shooting the signs out of the driving car for fun. What do we have over there? Is that an electric chair? I´s almost an electric chair. I´s an original airplane seat
out of a starfighter from 1963. It´s a so called ejection seat. Besides there´s an old chest. And there are cash boxes in which
valuable items have been transported. Mostly while travelling with the carriage.
I think it´s approx. from 1700-1800. There are also old slot machines. Are they still working? Yes they do! First you need to put in the coins. The balls are falling down and by pulling this lever you move the
balls. And depending were they land you get the corresponding points. Now I know how you earn the money to buy all those cars. You
invite friends who put money into the gambling machines to play. Just as it is in Casinos: The bank wins. That´s a thing I know! That one´s really popular during parties. People really love playing that game. I believ that. It´s really attracting to play with it. What is that? This is a really old compass. That´s a compass? Yes it is. It´s approx. from 1880. There you can see how much space we are saving nowadays. This big compass and the huge camera over there. That all had to fit in somewhere back then. This is also very interesting. Everywhere you
look you can discover some things in here. You can look from the upper floors down to the lowest. Downstairs there are also some dancing mannequins. There´s so many different things: Mannequins,
elephants, a huge clock. Which I saw just now. It´s just overstimulating in here. The clock belongs to the old main station in
Cologne before it got refurbished 30 years ago. They removed the old clocks so that I was able to get one. That´s interesting. Behind Claus there is standing an item shich is not one of the oldest in here. That´s right it´s super modern. It´s only available since three years. It´s a driving simulator. When you jam on the brakes you feel it. That´s just fun. But it´s not very easy. Stunning! Good that wou won´t feel the crash in here. Over there is our darts area. The high table right here is an old bag bellow from an old forge. We were thinking of what we can do with it so it became a table. I think we did a good job. I`m imagining 10 men working on that. We can´t explain each and every item in here. That´s way to much! I just wanted to show you that in each corner you
find something and there are also small old items. Isn´t it beautiful? I love it! Look! It really works! Great! Look! Here we find a collection of small cars. We find a similar collection in big measures
in the other room. We will see that later. That´s a miniature collection, right. These two are standing next door. Yes, we do have them also in original size. These two are part of my calendar as well. Oh yes right! It was these two. The chairs are beautiful. Is it from the
same manufacturer like the bar counter? Yes, they are also made of the airplane
aluminum and upholstered with leather. That was only one floor. Right! I think now it´s time to show why the building is called pinball hall. Okay so let´s go upstairs. Upstairs we have the pinball floor. Really? We do have more than 50 pinball machines. What the hell? You can find pinball collections more often but these are all still working. Most of them are from 1989-2000. Also here we can see through the entire building. The building has been a former fodder silo. In this area they were known as “Raiffeisen”-building. It´s were the farmers once bought barley, wheat and seeds. You can also see the engine over there. With the
help of it they were able to carry their sacks. And then they stored the barley and wheat. It was all closed and decayed so we had to refurbish everything. We re-opened the ceilings so that you can have that view to the lower floors. Marcus is not living here – the whole building is a huge gaming area. You enjoy staying here with friends having parties, right? Only private parties. It´s not an official club. It´s only accessable for friends and family. That´s what you´ve been waiting for: The holy halls. This is the McLaren hall. And there´s also a small part with some oldtimers. We will have a look into that also. The 720 in the front raw is my recent car for the race track. I´m not doing real races, I´m just doing track days and private ones. It´s just a hobby I don´t have a racing team. I´m driving stock cars in general. I´ve bought a
racing car recently but only for private purpose. Over there is the predecessor model. Let´s continue. 650 hp – You can practically know that at
McLaren as the hp is always part of the names. The doors are opened like that while the roof is staying
there so it´s a bit difficult to get in the car. It feels like you have to climb into the car. That´s a bit different at the 720. Ah okay. So you can get in there much easier. The door is much bigger due to that. You don´t have to do that anymore. I´ve been pretty much impressed by the 720S Since then I completely understand why people want to have that car. This car is really a track weapon. I always get the new model when I´m to slow with the former one. So you are quicker automatically. Let´s start in the back. There are cars which have been motive in my calendar as well. What kind of car is that Marcus? This car is the result of a collaboration
between McLaren and Daimler Chrysler They started to collaborate in 1998 to build a Fomula 1 car together. So they became one and decided in 1999-2000 that they
want to build up a street legal super car together for everyone. The result is the SLR. They sold it as Coupé and Roadster. This one is the Roadster. There is a number of 374 pieces existing. The Coupé is existing approx. 1300 times. So they are limited versions? They didn´t sell that many cars. The McLaren/ Daimler Chrysler Group have
set up a really high price that time. Approx. 500.000€ – And not many people were willing to pay that amount. In the beginning they wanted to produce 4000 pieces, but they´ve
never been sold. So the car became a limited edition involuntarily. This is a typical classic design: silver outside and wine red inside. That was also the color of the race cars. They were available in many colors: black, white and green. You were able to choose freely back then. What´s todays value of the car? The value has still not arrived at the original value. The recent value is between 350.000-400.000 €. The original price was 500.000€ – so there´s still missing a bit. Whereas the 722 had a original price of 600.000€
and the recent value is more than 1 million €. Because that one was officially limited? Yes it´s officially limited to 150 pieces – depending if it´s a Coupé or Convertible. And the Stirling Moss has a value of 2-3 millions €. The original price was 800.000€. Million is the keyword – let´s got on the the next car. Because that should be the right price segment for it. This is the McLaren Senna. This is also a limited vehicle. 499 pieces have been produced. As far as I know all of them have been delivered or will be soon delivered. This one is number 250. That´s pretty much the half of the limited amount. The original price was 922.000€ tax incl. So it´s not yet the million – but almost. The recent value is between 1.3 and 1.7 million € depending on the equipment packages. Depending also on the interior and on the destination it was sold
at. In the US the price is higher then the price in Germany. The price differs regionally. How many hp does it have? It has 800 hp – it´s the same chassis like the 720. But only the framework. Of course they optimized the suspension. We have central locking rims like the ones used in motor sports. They say it´s the first stock car which has been built closely to the race cars. The car has approx. 800 kg downforce. At approx. 200 km/h. McLaren says that they did non focus on the design itself. Many people say they don´t like the optics of the car. It´s 100% a technical car. Each part and every
air scoop is there due to technical reasons. Everything has a functionality. Each fin which is able
to open and close inside or the movable air scoops. Everything has got a function depending
which curve you drive and at which speed. Here is where the air comes in and is led along the sides of the car. It has got super aerodynamics. Due to the aerodynamics they avoid that dirty air is used for cooling the engine. That´s a huge port. It´s producing a mad heat. The greatest eye catcher at the car is the wing where you
can eat french fries on with 10 people at the same time. That is really a huge wing. Is it moving? Yes, it´s moving. It gets up to support the braking action. It´s setting itself upwind and while driving it changes
the position to support the driving performance. Also here you can see that function was
the overriding goal instead of design. The whole wing only weighs 4.6 kg although it´s this huge. It´s carbon fibre… It weighs literally nothing. The whole car weighs 1200 kg unladen weight. They did a good job optimizing the weight
although they included all the comfort. And it really looks huge. The car look much heavier. That´s awesome. It has all extras like navigation system and all other
technical refinements. It has got air suspension. You can adjust it higher or lower or choose race setting. What I wanted to show you are these small windoes in the doors. That´s something interesting and rare. I´m having a seat to show you. Where can I open the door? There are 2 buttons over there. McLaren says the windows shall help the driver to see the corner entries. So everybody can see my legs when I´m sitting in here. Right! I´m a bit lost because I really don´t know how to open the doors. Over there on the autosky. I think this car should get an extra video as it´s so special. Show me where do you open the doors? Here! Ah over there! There´s so much to discover in this car. You`ve got infotainment navigation system and everything. You don´t have to do without comfort. There´s something we have to show you.
I will take over the camera for a second. It´s really interesting when you look back you see
that the shape of the back window is quite round. You can´t see that much in the back window. But you don´t have to as you are always positioned far ahead all others. That´s right! You have got other interesting vehicles besides these ones right? I also have old bikes but we leave them behind for now. There´s just too much to show in here, we can´t show everything. We have to focus on some of the vehicles. This is the oldtimer hall, although
there´s one race car standing with them. It starts with this cobra replica built by t a company named REM. It has been built in 1972. So it´s already an oldtimer. It´s nice to
drive it just for cruising around calmly. It´s not a race car. The next car doesn´t really match to the others. That´s the recent race car made by Lamborghini. The Super Trofeo. I´m trying to work with it this year on the
race track. I´m not too sure if it suits me. Didn´t you drive it yet? No, not yet. I´ve just put it in and out the garage until now. We made some modifications in colaboration with Lamborghini as I only
have one arm I need to be able to drive and shift it even with one arm. Let´s have a look inside. Until now it looks like it looked after delivery with
one seat. We´ve ordered a second one for the co-driver. There´s the modification at the steering wheel so
that I can shift with the paddles on one side only. All other things will remain stock. We have 2
sets slicks and 1 set of wheels for rainy days. It weighs 1170 kg. Is lighter and has got 620 hp. It has been made for the race track as
it´s from the Lamborghini racing series. What does it cost? Original price is 300.000€. But it´s probably not street legal, right? Yes that one is not street legal. As it has got all the fins on the body it´s hard to
make it street legal. It has been made for downforce. You can change the setup individually for each race track. You`ve got all possibilities to read all the data. It´s just a pure-bred race car. There we have a huge contrast to the Lambo. That´s right. This is an ols Mercedes Benz. It´s the former S-Class and is called Ponton 220 S convertible. I can imagine that it´s very comfortable. It has got a huge trunk, you can take many things with you. As I said that was the former
S-Class and this is an amazing car. What is that over here? This is an old gmc pick up made in 1956. I didn´t restore it. I´ve bought it like this. It has a small block 5.7 litre installed. It´s with automatic gearbox. You can drive it nicely. It drives nicely but it has been rebuilt so there are not all the
original parts in there. For example the suspension has been optimized. That´s often the case with the ols cars. The chassis
is old but the rest is a bit more modern and updated. It looks like a really well-kept car. What´s that over there? Let´s continue. That´s a Chevrolet Bel Air. But it´s not a convertible which has
been sold the most. It´s a station wagon. There are quite rare. It´s because nobody kept a station wagon. The
convertibles have been kept because they are more fancy. We converted into a Cola Cola car
just for fun, as I´m a Coca Cola fan. When you have a look inside the back you can find
back the old Coca Cola boxes from the beginning. Each time we make rallys we have Coca Cola in old
cooling boxes with us to give it to the kids. The kids are amazed when they get the cold drinks. You´re joining rallys with the car? Yes, we´re joining many oldtimer rallys with different
cars so that they can all be moved from time to time. That´s a nice thing. But of course it´s originally not a
Coca Cola car and also the color is not the original one. It´s got a big block engine installed 7.4 liter capacity. When you start the engine the whole car moves. I can imagine! It has been made in 1955. Thank you so much that you gave us the permission to film your garage. This guy is really sympathetic. This is a really interesting garage / pinball hall. Please comment below what you think of it and don´t
forget to hit the like button if you liked it. See you next time! Ciao!

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