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OK , Come on in ! Hello Guys, This week, on our new episode, our subject is, using studio lights indoors and outdoors. We’re shooting an Acro Yoga event. I’m with some great guys here I want to introduce you the crew It’s Emre ! You already know me. Here is Emre ! Emre , Show yourself to the camera.. Neslihan, Hi ! Neslihan again.. There are two Emre and two Neslihan for now. oh, There is another “Neslihan” here Ok it’s Vehbican We didn’t let him him join our two Emre two Neslihan group but he creeped in.. Ok, I think this will be a great one. Specially , this will be useful for fashion and portrait photographers. We will talk about how we use our studio flashes on an exciting subject as Acro Yoga. I will explain some details. Here we go ! Hi, This week, we’re shooting Acro Yoga with our studio lights If you want to know about what is Acro Yoga, You’ve met with Neslihan and Emre They’re presenting a great performance by mixing the Yoga Asanas ( poses) with acrobatics. It’s the first time I see a performance like this. I saw some samples on the net before bu I wasn’t paying attention When I visit their instgram pages, I was shocked. A great performance. I think it’s a great subject for understanding studio lights Today, We’ll work indoors and outdoors. We’ll mostly work on outdoors by overpowering the sun.. I will give you the details later on.. We’re shooting Acro Yoga, Let see how ! Ok Guys, on this photo of Emre, I want you to look at his back muscles. The highlights on his back is coming from my main light, as you can see it here. It’s an 500 W, Elinchrom ELB500 TTL Flash head. It is my main light. I’m using this Deep Octa Softbox as a fill light. I’m filling in the shadows with a soft light. My main lights power is more than this soft box I’ve made my adjustments as is. Emre, can you show me the pose again ? Now, my main light which has a light shaper and a grid on it, is just lightening this line here. Light is coming through like this and touches slightly here. It creates highlights and shadows on his back as you can see it on the photograph now. I liked this a lot, thank you Emre, you can stand up now. I will raise you with my legs like this… I stay like this… When he lifts you with his legs, you will point your face that way… No, not that much.. More towards the light.. Its working.. Turn your head towards this way.. After an hour of, light set ups, outfit arrangements and searching for the perfect framing… Ok, Let’s start reviewing our first photo. As you can see here, I’m using two flash heads. Ali Ceylan ( Emre’s son ) is hiding behind the tree helping me out. He is pointing the flash head right towards Neslihan’s back as I wanted. She is sitting on Emre’s leg, drinking her tea and reading Homo Deus Like it’s they’re daily routine 🙂 Look at that ! My lights are 500 Watts power each. They are both 500 Watts lights. You can overpower the sun with two 500 Watts/sec. lights. This photo was taken at around 2:30 – 3:00 PM The flash head on the right, has a reflector on it. This reflector is making the light more focused on the subject. Now look at how it directs the light as I’m drawing here. It’s pointing the light like this. and it’s a hard light. It’s hard because there is no soft box or grid on it. It’s bare light without a soft box or grid. I want to use this kind of light on purpose, because, I want to see the effect you see on my models hair and back If there was a grid on the flash head, Let me show you in red, it’s direction would be just like this. It would effect only to this area with a grid. Purpose of using a grid is making the light narrower. I will show you the samples on our future episodes. Let me erase the red. ok, My second light head has a, Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox I’ll also show you the direction of this light.. I spreads to a wider area and it’s a soft light. It’s filling the scene with a soft light with the help of the soft box If we take a look at our flash settings, this one is at 5.5 Remember that maximum power is t 6.3. This is 5.5… the other one is at 4.7 If you ask why I set it at 5.5 is because as you can see it here, the light head distance to subject is further than the other Add this equation a soft box, softening the light. That’s why I increased the power. On the right hand side, the power setting was good enough to achieve what I wanted. Let’s check the original photo here. Let’s close those layers and open up this one. Yes. Now you can see the effect of my light on her hair and her back. It was quite a nice photo. Let’s check it’s settings. If I close this one… I will let it open Let’s write down the settings here The shutter speed is one 1/2000 sec Aperture is F2.8 On 1/2000 sec. you can overpower the sun and make the scene as if it was darker. With those settings, I emphasized the flash look here and I liked it a lot. Back to the original. That is the final look guys. Let’s move onto the second photograph. All settings are same. The shutter speed is 1/2000 Sec. Let’s write them down. 1/2000 F2.8 These are our camera settings. Light power is also the same. Do you want to know what I changed here? I moved my lights a little. Because what I wanted here was, oops, sorry.. Let me choose my color right away. What I wanted here was moving the flashlight B closer to me, Moving it further away from her back, and letting hard light, illuminating left side of her body and her arm. On Flash head A, Let me write down A My flash head A was here on my previous photo. I moved it this way because Her body was turned towards the camera. I also tilted the flashlight down a little bit So I can light up the face and bodies of Emre and Neslihan together Everything is just the same as the previous photo. Now let’s open up the original photo. You can see the hair light and the effect on her arm. All I’m trying to achieve here is, creating these lines of light and separating my models from the background thus, making the scene more dramatic OK let’s check my favorite photo of this series. I like this one more than the others why? Because, I was successful at achieving what I always wanted. On this photo the most challenging thing was keeping the B light out of the frame while illuminating Neslihan’s hair, arms and her body. Watch out the light on their arms.. Also it was hard to illuminate both my models from top to bottom One of the most important things here is the beam of light at her body line. If you look carefully that light starts from her ankle following through her body line, right to her hair. To achieve this effect I increased the power off my B Light up to 5.5 A Light was the same as before. It illuminated my scene softly, same as before. By making all the arrangements we achieved a very nice look on this photo I will show you on the original photo, My shutter speed was 1/2500 Sec. F2.8 My main purpose to use the shutter speed was, If you look carefully at this photo the ambient light is darker. By choosing a shutter speed of 1/2500 and decreasing the ambient light, I tried to mimic a sunset look. This method was also enhancing the dynamism of the scene by using the flash power. This final result I achieved was all I wanted to show you on this episode. Let’s check the original photo right away. Can you see it guys ? the hair light, illumination on both models faces. which comes from the A Light. It is very soft on A Light, but when you pay attention to the light from B. The lines here… which I like so much… Her hair… and her body line… As a result, the models were completely separated from the background as I imagined. Some people asked me if the models were photoshopped here. As you can see it is an original work which was shot on this place. It was a successful work for me.. Quickly I am moving on to our last photo. For this photo, we changed our location. Our pose was also different on this one. We decided to shoot the scene on a natural background. As you can see here A is 5.5, B is 6.3 B is on it’s highest setting, because it’s farther away from the subject than the other scenes. I placed it far behind because I wanted it to illuminate a wider space You can tell from the green grass how B light illuminates the scene It also reaches out to Emre’s body. As the flash distance to subject gets bigger, it’s power has to go up accordingly. I couldn’t use the same flash levels as before Because the flash to subject distance was greater than the previous photos. I had to compansate the flash levels for this one. On our A light, I had enough power and light quality for this scene. The time was nearly 5:00 PM so my ambient light was getting lower. One of the most important aspect of this photo was the shutter speed In order to get the ambient light properly I decreased my shutter speed to 1/800sec If you remember we were at 1/2000 sec shutter speeds on our previous photos This one is 1/800 and F2.8 Because of the ambient light I was forced to use these settings. Let’s look at the original photo. On our photo, take a look at, the background Light on Emre’s body, Hair lights, and the beam of light on body lines these areas… Here you can see the soft hair light coming from A. I want to show one more thing to you on this photograph let’s check it now.. Lets close this, and.. let’s take a look at this two different backgrounds I took this with a shutter speed of 1/800sec. on this one.. It’s 1/1250sec Our shutter speed is affecting the ambient light As you can see here the studio lights are at the same level But when you change the shutter speeds Ambient light is darker than the photo on the right with an 1/800 Shutter speed. Ok Guys, we finished our photo shoot. I thank Neslihan and Emre, they are really good at their job. Now, I want to talk about why I used this flash set on outdoors. Most beginners on Flash Photography experienced that with some flashes, specially old ones you were not able to go beyond 1/250 sec. shutter speeds. Because flash heads were not able to synchronize with the fast shutter speeds. Beyond that limit, you were seeing a black bar on the bottom of our frame. The flash set we are using is capable of synchronizing with fast shutter speeds. like 1/1000, 2000 even 1/8000 shutter speeds It can sync with speeds of 1/8000 So, How does it work ? When the first curtain opens and the second curtain closes on a 1/8000 sec photo Flash head continuously pulses hundred of times in a second. We see it as just one flash pulse. on HSS technology the flash head create pulses of light and that stroboscobic effect illuminates the shutter slit even on more than 1/2000 shutter speeds. ok, how I use this tech ? As a photographer, the reason I use flash heads that uses this technology, is first of all, overpowering the harsh sunlight. It creates dark shadows. My first reason is to fill that dark shadows. My second reason is creating drama on the scene. As you know now, when using flash, Aperture controls the flash level, Shutter speed controls the ambient light. When you want to decrease the ambient light, You can go up from 1/1000 to 1/1600 or 1/1250 When you do this, You can see now the photos of Neslihan and Emre Flash power is the same in both photos. When I increase my shutter speed to 1/2000 or higher, I can decrease my ambient light and become more dramatic. You start to emphasize the flash light. sorry.. So, these are the creative effects of this kind of flash sets. From now on we can use these flash sets, indoors or outdoors easily Today we had a great photo shoot together. I thank Neslihan and Emre again, as a crew we were really surprised what they can do ! they can easily achieve a difficult goal We’re thinking of trying those moves when we go home. It is very hard at this age but who knows 🙂 We call it a day, we were delighted aren’t we guys ? It was great ! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like, if you want me to create more videos like this. Thank you so much and see you on the next one !

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