Discover the Paper Factory; Let’s Play Cities Skylines / Episode 10

hey guys John Nezodam here welcome
to another episode of let’s play City skylines a modded series this is the
River Run map let’s go over what we did last week we removed the garbage and the
recycle facilities down south and then we added the oil industry right here we
added some more roads here farmland added a new farm area we stumped the
road and it has a nice effect of lowering noise pollution the idea for
moving a garbage area and the recycle area was so that that it wouldn’t have a
pollution Spain in the centre of my area water what’s our plan today we unlock
the plastic factory so that we can make our paper mill but before we get started
I do want to give back to meetings so I have a subscriber that I’m going to
start so I’m gonna start naming things in this city after people that have
subscribed to me in return or showing support oh there is a channel called
Lord cookie gaming my name is ally and she plays story-driven horror and
adventure games with stress commentary and dry humor we use a go check out her
channel hopefully you enjoy the content we’re gonna be maybe the bridge after
her so let’s do that first so that I don’t forget there you go
oh we got an achievement own ominous almond I think that’s Latin for name a
road alright so this is actually funny cuz I’m actually gonna work on this
highway making it a two-lane highway and then removing the roundabouts I just I
decided after much deliberation that I wanted to do that initially it
kind of changed my mind I don’t pause the game when I play this
I feel like if I do an alternate route gonna cause so much congestion that it’s
gonna kill my city so we will leave these hotdogs abouts this bridge is
still gonna stay boy cookie game be an active member of this community and I’ll
I’ll pick somebody once per week to me a thing after and then I’ll probably reach
out to you and ask you what you want to be named after all right let’s meet the
demand of the industry and then make this into an industrial
area this reduces plastic I need to put a garbage area up here though since we aren’t gonna touch this
roundabout thing you got a plan for what we’re gonna do today think we’ll just
keep building and expanding the goal for today was to make it a printing press
I think that’s a good enough goal what do you guys think yeah let’s leave it at
that we’re doing the printing press gradually she’s Oriental group has
reached level 3 bonus efficiency pollution island built in building seven
among actual toy factory all industries alright we got a bus go on there that’s
perfect I let so we aren’t producing so the arm
needs some attention let’s look at the match flower to
purchase land I kind of want to do a railroad okay there we always hold on
there let’s head to another post office I’m not really sure if it’s helping out
but I don’t know I like meal especially if it’s like Amazon time now little put
one there oh yeah people I don’t have to put out a paper and the biomass and
makes paper since I increasing the work efficiency
with each barracks that is gonna be less of a need for workers so maybe that’s
why my uh Amana workers was going down it was 300 before I believe all right
guys I think that is all the time we have for tonight thank you guys for
joining me a girl recap what we did I named the bridge after a subscriber a
lien from Lauren cookie gaming you should see the name
we made a lord cookie gaming bridge if you want to be featured on this channel
or have something named after you all you have to do is subscribe or I’ll be
naming something after you if you’re an active member of this community but yeah
this is a liens bridge Lord quickie gaming please go check her out what else
did we hear we added more houses and the most important thing we created we got
our paper mill factory started so he finally got the plastics to produce
that’s pretty cool we decided not to touch the highway because it would
destroy the city but once we open another child we’ll explore the option
of making a proper highway I mean this is kind of like a highway but as
roundabouts connected to it and I kind of want to make it look more realistic
or you would see this in real life right we attempted to level up our farming
area we added more stuff to it all in the street to do the plastics we redid
this area so that it looks much better alright I hope you guys enjoyed this
episode please like follow comment or subscribe enjoy the comment once again I
appreciate your time thank you guys for hanging out this is John that sedan and
I’m signing out take care you

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  1. Oops, I meant to spell that as +Sarcastic Commentary, not Sarcasting (lol). I hope you guys enjoyed this. I forgot to include the plan for the next episode. I want to eventually explore new transportation options, and look into making more zoned areas while exploring policies.

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