Dispersion Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Stock download links are in the description. Duplicate the background layer. CTRL + J. Hide the top layer. Select the Background layer. Select the Lasso Tool. (L) Select around the model, like so. Once you’re done. Right click – Fill. Contents: Content-Aware. Then hit OK. CTRL + D to de-select. Make our top layer visible again. Select the top layer as well. Select the Quick Selection Tool. (W) Select the entire model, like so. Head up and click on Select and Mask. Select Refine Edge, if you’re using a different version of Photoshop. Refine Edge Brush Tool Start off by only selecting the models hair. Output to: Layer Mask. Then hit OK. The model is now on a separate background. Duplicate the top layer. CTRL + J. Right click on the mask – Apply Layer Mask. Hide the middle layer. (Layer 1) I am going to rename this layer to “Dispersion Effect” Duplicate it once more. CTRL + J. I am going to rename this new layer to “Man” Select the Dispersion layer. Head up to Filter – Liquify. Make sure the Forward Warp Tool is selected. Warp the model like so. This is going to determine the size of the dispersion effect. Take your time! I will speed this part up, to save you some time! When you’re done. Hit OK. Hold ALT While clicking on mask. (Fill mask with black) Select the “Man” layer. Then select mask at the bottom. Make sure your foreground color is set to black. Select the Brush Tool. (B) Select a dispersion brush. I will select this one for now. You can choose anyone you’d like to use. Open up the Brush Panel. Start adding the effect, like so. Rotate your brush frequently. Increase Brush ] | Decrease Brush [ I am going to select another brush. So it doesn’t look like a pattern. Start adding the effect once again. I will speed this part up, since it’s time consuming. Once you’re happy with the effect. Select the Dispersion mask. Make sure your foreground color is set to white. Lets start adding the second step to the dispersion effect. Be sure to take your time! Rotate your brush frequently. Shortcuts: Increase Brush ] | Decrease Brush [ CTRL + Z to undo. I will speed this part up once again. Start adding larger particles. Starting to look great! I am going to do some clean-up. Select the top mask. Man. Make sure your foreground color is set to white. Select a small brush with soft edges. Zoom in using your Zoom Tool. (Z) Start masking out unnecessary parts. Once again, take your time. CTRL + 0 to zoom back out. That’s starting to look good! I am going to add a broken glass texture. Select your Move Tool. (V) Then drag and drop onto our project. Lets change the Blending Mode to Screen. I am going to rename this layer to “Cracks” CTRL + T to select the cracked texture. Hold ALT + SHIFT while dragging a corner inwards. Position the cracked texture in the center of the mans glass lens. Continue positioning and centering as needed. Select your Zoom Tool and zoom in. (Z) Head down and select Mask. Make sure you’re using a small brush. Your foreground color should be set to black. Start masking out Start masking out unnecessary parts or the glass. CTRL + 0 to zoom back out. Create a new adjustment layer – Select Gradient Map. Select the Gradient Presets. Select a nice gradient for this part. Download my free gradient pack. Link in the description. Hit OK when you’re done. Then hit close. Bring down the opacity level to about 20%. As you can see, gradients look great! Some of the dispersion effect looks a little dull. I will sharpen it up. CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E – This will merge all visible layers. Lets rename this layer to “Sharpen” Right click – Convert to Smart Object. Head up to Filter – Sharpen -Unsharp Mask. I am going to set the Amount to 60%. Then hit OK. And that is it! I really hope you liked this tutorial! 🙂

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  1. maybe a silly question but does having a blue background not make it work ?
    does it have to be a dark blackish background for a better effect?

  2. Olá poderia fazer um tutorial de como desenvolver esse efeito em actions para aplicar em outras fotos. Não tem tutorial de actions para aplicar efeitos em fotos. Flw, sucesso!

  3. well i use CC 2019 and there is no button like 'applying layer mask' so that's why i couldn't go further… 🙁 any idea.

  4. maybe i have the wrong versina of photoshop but i can't get it to work. the masking never mask so all i get is black when i try to brush

  5. This doesn't work his stock photo is some special vector can do it to other photo with out doing something else to it

  6. 🙋‍♀️ 💚💙💛 Muy interesante el video!! Gracias.
    Aquí les dejo un enlace de Photoshop Premiere @t
    Les invito a mi canal 💬

  7. Wheres the part about what setting you do on 'refine edge'? As I dont have select and mask option available.

  8. Should this effect be possible using Photoshop 6? I don’t seem to have some of the control consoles pictured here. At one point there is a reference to a layer mask control on the very bottom right side of the screen and I have no such controls visible there.

  9. i have questions about the brushes how to make it look like that ? 3:47 my brushes are in zigzag and all of them are by folders , another one is how do you use the quick selection tool on a picture with many people in it ? because when tried to use it it keeps selecting the bottom edge of picture and also the right and left edge of it , is there a way to select the people only ?

  10. You can buy photoshop actions that do this, and they work and are easy to use. Google 'Graphicriver' and all the photoshop actions with instructions are there for $6-10.

  11. this video was really helpful iam first year photography student and it helped me finish my assignment in 3 hours thanks

  12. hey i need a tutorial on that ps logo intro effect i m so addicted to it…. n this effect it soo good

  13. This is amazing, so awesome. I have seen many versions of this and would love to try it soon. Thank you

  14. Автор сделаешь из моей фотки как на видео?я сам никак не могу,не выходит.Дай данные куда тебе написать можно

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