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(tranquil electronic music) – I’m Dixie Dixon. I’m a commercial fashion
and lifestyle photographer. I guess you could say I’m
based in Dallas, Texas, but sometimes I feel more at
home on the airplane because I am travelling so much these days. I grew up in Houston, Texas
and I went to TCU in Fort Worth so I ended up moving to
Dallas after college. I grew up an only child so
I think I had to find ways to entertain myself and
photography was one of those ways. So, I can remember being super
little and posing all of my stuffed animals for pictures
when I was really little. So, I think that my
folks they’ve always been really supportive of my
career and definitely helped me launch my business. I always was very inspired
by pictures in magazines. I was always looking at
books, mainly the pictures, not so much reading them. And I think that I was
always visually inspired. I’ve only had photography jobs. I ended up doing little
league photography, wedding photography, portrait
photography, event photography. So I’ve done every genre of
photography there is and I think that trying all of these
different genres helped push me towards the commercial fashion
industry and when I really fell in love with commercial,
fashion, lifestyle. So I’ve basically been
a Nikon girl forever. I mean, my first camera that
was handed to me was a Nikon FG and then fast forward, I’ve owned just about every Nikon DSLR there is. You know I’ve kind of grown my business, and grown my equipment. So, I have a wide variety
of clients that I shoot for. And I do a lot of
lifestyle photography for companies like Nikon, Disney. And I also shoot for
pharmaceutical companies, like they do ultrasound
therapy, it’s a company called Old Thera. So, I kind of have to be very
versatile in the way I shoot and it keeps it interesting. I think a lot of my photographic
influences were a lot of the photographers that were
getting published in Vogue and all the big magazines,
like Patrick Demarchelier, Richard Avedon. And also, I had a great
mentor, Jeff Licata, who I studied abroad in London
with and fell in love with fashion photography at that moment. He really inspired me to
work with a team of people in order to create images. And so I think that’s when
the fashion photography genre hit me, like, this is what
I want to do with my life. I’d say the best part of my
job is getting to know people, and connect with people,
and it’s visually inspiring, and creatively inspiring,
when you get a team of people together, and you create something that you couldn’t have created by yourself. And I think that’s what
drives me to keep creating. I think this business
gets me out of my shell. I’m definitely an introvert,
and an introvert that can be very extroverted, when I need to be. But I think that I love the
feeling of being surrounded by people who are
creatively on their A-game and trying to create, and
they’re full of passion. And I love being in that
energy, in that space. And so for me it’s an amazing experience, that I almost feed off of. I think the most incredible
experience this past year was shooting for the Nikon
D5 campaign because it’s their flagship camera, and
it was such a huge honor, and we had such an
incredible dream team as part of the whole process. So, I think that’s definitely one that goes down in the books. If I wasn’t a photographer I think I would definitely be a musician. I wish I could sing, but I
can’t sing so I played saxophone growing up and I’ve always loved music. I think that music can
really set the tone. And so literally for every
shoot, a lot of times I like to create the shoot’s own playlist
that sort of showcases the mood of the shoot and
helps me get in my zone. I think I am the most happy
when I am completely in the present, and I think it’s
really hard these days for us to live in the present moment,
when we are constantly on our phones, technology, emails. And I find that I am most
present when I am shooting because I am so in that
moment that sometimes I don’t even hear what people are saying behind me just because I am so focused. And I love that moment
because I’m just so focused on what I am doing and nothing else matters. I wanted to create this
tutorial because when I was starting out in photography
there weren’t resources like you have now, where you can
go online and learn so much about a genre of photography. And just having this would have really helped elevate my career. And so I wanted to sort of
give back and share what I’ve learned so far, because
I’ve had so many great mentors and people that have
helped me along the way, and creating this tutorial
helps reach a lot more people. I think the biggest thing
that will accelerate your career is… honestly… finding your style in
photography and you don’t find your style by going
out in search of it. It’s really a constant exploration
of your own soul and your own voice, and so getting to
know yourself is the key to expressing your style. Taking photos is a very different
thing than making photos, and if you can have a vision,
and craft an image with a team that fits your vision,
you’re very much making that whole dream happen. So, I think it’s a very
different thing and I think making photos, I think I
wouldn’t be me without it.

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