DIY Organization Hacks Every LAZY PERSON Should Know! How to CLEAN Your Room + Be Productive!

Hello there I’m Natalie and I was an unorganized mess I like to say it’s the artist in me, but it’s not I’m a messy person by Nature raise your hand if you’re an organized In this case give this video a thumbs up it’s okay. I’m not gonna judge you we’re just gonna bond on a whole new level I’m gonna show you the best DIY organizational hacks to keep your room bathroom kitchen and desk area clean hold up i’m doing a huge giveaway where I’m giving one lucky subscriber a canon camera. Ooohh To enter just subscribe and become a part of the family and that’s it so simple that’s it for I challenge you guys to get this video to 250,000 thumbs up you guys have been beating every single challenge, I’ve given you so far I dare you to turn in this to this by clicking below and hitting that thumbs up I want to give a huge shout out to Alli Leigh for watching my videos Thank you so much So if you wanna shout out in my next video just comment below hashtag natofication squad And if you’re here within the first 30 minutes that every video goes live I will be picking one of you to make sure you’re here early Add me on Instagram because I’m currently doing huge giveaway where I’m giving away my favorite Polaroid makeup Stationary brushes basically Natalie’s essentials to you. Let’s get on to the video. Well this hack is to help you keep your desk clean I’m one to say I’m not organized unless I have a system in place so if you’re someone like me that just gets a bunch Of papers and sticks them into a binder whenever you need them You open it up you try to find what you need you’re not really helping yourself You’re just wasting your time, so let’s get a system in order um I have to use to take a few colorful binders categorize the binders So for instance you can do medical you could do school pets homework school work Whatever you want, and that is a folder specifically for that category. I’m telling it’s gonna save you so much time also if you get yourself something like this which is actually used to organize pans in the kitchen you can also use this as just an Organizational tool for different binders for different books and your desk area all you have to do is just print out a few different tabs Just paste them on or glues them on or stick them inside the binder and then there you go You literally have a bunch of binder categorize you can take one whenever you need in a specific category open it up find What you need save yourself a lot of time and your room will be less messy and trust me your desk area would just stay Clean since this is a cleaning video you also got a clean. You’ll set this bathroom hack is gonna Save you so much cleaning and also so much, so I’m a little weird But if you’ve ever experienced your soap drying on too little soap bar. Are you placed it on top it looks nasty? It looks gunky. It. Just it doesn’t look cute, so I recommend you guys to get a sponge similar to this one You’re just gonna put the soap over it you’re gonna trace it you’re gonna Cut it and then you’re to create a nice little mold for the soap to go into this is amazing because you could use this As a sponge for all around your body or you can simply just leave it as a placeholder to put your soap every time you’re done using it you can actually get the Sponge and with it just run it under water And you’ll see all these bubbles just foaming and you can use that to actually clean your bathroom So there you go three hacks and want your cleaning who are being clean, and you are keeping your soap clean It doesn’t matter how much I’ve tried I have never been organized with my clothes first of all I can never pick an outfit secondly I’m always running late, and then by the time of it I’m just so overwhelmed and stressed that I’m trying to pick out certain pieces, and then I shove it back in there But what I would suggest is simply taking pictures of your favorite pieces or even your new pieces just take an iPad or your cell Phone and simply take a picture of your clothes on the floor lay your clothes flat So you can create a very aesthetically pleasing? Flat light picture and then with those pictures you can just create a notebook Inside your iPad or whatever you’re using and taking whatever your device you’re using just take one of those little sticky tabs and stick it to the back of the device and then place it on a wall in your Closet that way right before you get dressed you can always just flip through it and decide on what you want to wear and simply Start to bring pieces together and see what looks good together just mesh it get really creative really inspiring to see the different pieces come together and importing pants and see if that matches with the shirt and the Accessories and all that jazz and then you can actually save those outfits specify which day you want to wear them and what type of feel you want to feel so for instance you can have like a Casual day you can have a really classic. Chic day a sporty day It’s a great way to look at your closet from a different point of view and it’s gonna help you so much It’s helped me a ton every single time. I do this. I’m much more satisfied with my outfits I feel more confident, and I’m like dang girl. I’m workin’ it I’m a saucy girl meaning I like my sauces, but whenever I’m in my kitchen in my refrigerator There’s just so many different sauces. I’m not inspired to eat a salad man, and I have to be healthy this year But I will recommend this hack for you so that you’re not searching through all your cabinets and Refrigerator for all the different sauces and you can just keep them all in one same plate so simply get yourself an egg carton That’s all you’re gonna need you’re gonna get the egg carton and then with all your sauces just place them upside down Onto the egg carton. It’ll keep it nice and secure then you can place that in your refrigerator and literally It’s just beautiful all your sauces will look beautiful they’ll inspire you to eat a salad or get saucy And they won’t move around they’ll literally be in one beautiful place so much better I’ve been eating my salad three times a week For those of you like myself who continues to not know where anything is in your closet trust me I feel your pain with shirts Specifically with t-shirts you can do this all you got to do is just fold a shirt like you normally would but here’s the trick? Instead of stacking your shirts on top like that you’re gonna flip them over huh what an interesting idea? So that way when you open up your cabinets you’re not searching this way for all your shirts instead You’re literally looking directly at all of them. It’s literally like looking through file cabinet I can just pick it up So simple game changer ladies your bras supports you so we got to support the bras for this hack instead of putting all of your Bras into one cabinet or however it is that you store them, we’re gonna hang the bra Revolutionary I know so taking a hanger like this that has a lot of different slots You can literally just grab a bra and hang it on there. It will not budge. It will not fall off It’ll make it so much more easier for you If you have to get dressed and you need a specific type of bra So let’s say you’re looking for strapless bra you literally see it so much easier than seeing your bras Just stored away And then you’re trying to grab them And then you’re like I don’t like this bra hate this bra hate this bra and for guys You can literally do the same thing with your boxers and to help you stay so much more organized your closets gonna be so much more clean, and you’re gonna not waste your time looking for a specific type of This hack is literally where my favorite if you experience Tragedies like this one where you literally throw all your DIY craft supplies into one cabinet Or just your desk office supplies for your knot I have solution for you. You’re gonna. Do is get a spice rack yep It looks pretty cute. You’re gonna dump off all the spice you’re gonna add anything you want into it You can add rubber bands you can add pins staples Note cards glue thumbtacks pennies construction paper tape literally anything that you want And it’s so nice to have this on your desk because it doesn’t take up too much room Just kind of twirl it and spin it to see what you need it makes it so much more fun to create and get crafty And just have all your supplies all in one place highly recommend you guys to try out this one super simple inexpensive and super Effective all right so you’re into glasses But your glasses are always Everywhere now glasses can be a very delicate thing where if you don’t store them right they can go bad I recommend you guys to just get a hanger put that hanger anywhere that you want you can even hang this on your wall really nicely or you can just leave it in your Closet and just hang your sunglasses hang your glasses. This is gonna help You not only keep your glasses organized But just know what you have and then wear it out get stylish get crafty this hack is Specifically for bathrooms to help you keep it organized if you have a lot of products that you absolutely love But you’re just kind of looking through shelves you just don’t know where anything is why not put all of your daily Products in one little place we’re gonna DIY a really nifty little place to put all of your daily Essentials using some pins and shower curtains create a really nifty DIY, so if you’re gonna take a shower curtain holder And then with the pins just tie it around and lock it into plate and then pin your your products on to them then you now you Can simply hang your favorite products And they’re all gonna be aligned in one place that you can actually See that you can use on a daily as opposed to just going through all these Cabinets and looking for all the things that you already use every single day earrings earrings I have lost so many earrings, and I don’t even use so many earrings You literally see me using these earrings every single video, but if I had known about this hack I would not be wearing these earrings every single day all you’re gonna. Do is take a cheese grater You’re gonna use this as a place holder for your jewelry. It is so simple and is such a life changer Literally just take all of your earrings and place them into one place and there you go earrings for life If you have a bunch of cleaning supplies or detergents just dusting away in cabinets isn’t that ironic? Then this hack will help you out instead of putting your cleaning supplies in a place where it is uninspiring It doesn’t make you want to clean at all instead Just buy yourself a plastic shoe organizer to just store all your cleaning supplies. It’s much more visually appealing It’s gonna motivate you to want to clean you’re gonna know where all your products are and then if you position this in a pantry Or in a place like the laundry where you can actually see it it will subconsciously motivate You just want to clean your makeup junkie and all of your makeup is just Messy and not organized. You know you can have a lot of makeup, but you don’t really use every single product every single day So to simplify your life and make it much more organized all you’re gonna Do is take a really nice magnetic board and you’re gonna take your daily products I use every single day and then using a magnetic tape you’re just gonna snip it and cut a few and then just tape it to the back of every single project oh And you’re doing your makeup routine literally move this board anywhere that you need the bathroom You can take it to school if you need it. You could take it to your locker You can move it away from your vanity to make it so much easier for you to just keep everything in one place Really nice and organized and you can switch them up! Those are no longer your daily to go makeup products And you can just switch them for other one just put some magnetic tape on them and there you go personally It’s made my makeup resume so much simpler because I know which preps. I’m using on it daily I’m not going through my makeup drawers like looking for the same thing that I use every single day And it’s a really inexpensive DIY my room before and my room after what a difference if you enjoyed this DIY Organizational hacks make sure you gets to be a huge thumbs up also check out my last video right over here by clicking it where I show you the best morning routine life hacks to wake up and Be productive for school subscribe right over here by clicking on my face I post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday just make sure you have notifications turn on by clicking on this little belt that way I Could see you twice a week. I want to wish you an amazing day. Don’t forget to live weird or die normal. Bye

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