DJI’s First Handheld DSLR Gimbal — DJI Ronin-S First Look

– In this video, we’re
checking out the brand new DJI Ronin-S, a three-axis gimbal that could be a game changer, coming up. (uptempo music) – [Announcer] The following
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Sean here with Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And, we’re here at CES at the DJI booth. I’m with Nicole and we’re
checking out the Ronin-S. How’s it goin’, Nicole? – I’m good, how are you? – I’m doin’ really good. Man, this is one of the big announcements that you guys made here at CES. A lot of people are excited about it. But, tell us about the Ronin-S and let’s look at some of the features. – Sure, no problem. So, this that’s hanging off the gimbal from the look at it– The first look that people will feel is that its ergonomic design. Firstly, the curve of the handle here is supporting the weight
of the whole camera. So, you don’t have to worry about falling when you’re grabbing the
whole weight of your camera. Secondly, is the roll axis. So, it’s not obstructing
the wheel of the camera. And, second thing about
this design of the roll axis is that when you’re holding
the trigger at front, which goes to the lock mode, you are shooting something
from high up to lower angle, and this case is not
blocking this roll axis. It’s not blocking this lens at all. Something like this. Right? And another new thing is
that we have a front trigger, which I just briefly show you. For example, if you double
tap, it’s gonna recenter. If you hold it, it’s gonna be locking the gimbal’s direction. And once you have triple tapped, it’s gonna have selfie mode. And also, it’s gonna have
the mode button at the front, which if you switch between
different model modes, you will just have different
speeds that you set at the app. And if you hold this button here, it’s gonna be something like whip pan, so it’s like faster movement of the camera and it’s still got a
very, very civilized shot. – That’s super cool. Now how much weight does this
hold for a camera payload? – So right now we don’t
have the final specs in terms of the weight or payload, but we are very confident
that it will support most of the DSLR and mirrorless
cameras in the market. – And right now it’s a 5D Mark IV with a Cannon L Glass Lens on there. That’s a pretty heavy setup. – Yes. – Absolutely, and what is the timeline for release of the Ronin-S? – We are gonna ship this
product by the second quarter. – By the second quarter, it
should be available everywhere. Now, one of the things we
were talking about off camera was that this is also the same technology as the Ronin 2, right? – Mm-hm, right. So, what’s more about this is that, besides the tech part about the algorithm and it’s also including
the experience that while we were building the Ronin 2, we know what kind of accessories that like prosumers and also
consumers will like to use. This port here is also
a connection to all the other Ronin 2 professional accessories. For example, we just
released the DJI Master Force and DJI Masters Wheels
which are the IMU control and the Wheels control for the gimbal. These are all compatible
with this Ronin-S here. So it pretty much brings
all the technologies that we have and the
accessories that we have from Ronin 2 and bring it in to a smaller, compact design for a bigger market. – That’s awesome, and now, for now we’re still not sure the price correct? – Yes – But what we’ll do of course
if we’ll link up to all the details that are out so
far about the Ronin-S in the YouTube description,
and as time goes on, I’m sure that information
will be coming out correct? – Yes. – Any final thoughts as
far as DJI’s vision for releasing this product, kinda who it’s for and what DJI wants to accomplish. – We are targeting at a
bigger market of the DSLR and mirrorless camera users and also who would love to shoot for say wedding, say travel for like vlogging. Those are the target customers, and we would love to have
them to try the technologies that DJI have on all the
previous Ronin there is. – Absolutely, and you know
these days with stabilization it’s really possible to level
up your production value in a major way and a stabilizer like this can absolutely change the game, so I cannot wait to test this
out, get our hands on one, and I know the Think
community feels the same. – Thank you. – Thanks so much for being on. – Thank you. – Question of the day, what do
you think about the Ronin-S? Are you pumped, and if you’ve
already been using some gimbals for your videos
and content creation, let me know in the comments section below. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. And to see other videos in
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