DMACC Photography

It’s a community almost here like you
know everyone in the photography program. It’s so much fun after you start
progressing in each level of photography. There’s more things you try.
There’s more things the teachers say, ok try this now, or try splashes, or try
shooting still life. The classes for the Photography Program start with a digital
class and a Photoshop class, Photoshop for photographers. Then, we migrated on to
history photography, studio photography, portrait photography, wedding photography,
architecture and commercial photography. Students don’t have to have any skills
all. You can come in with no skills, or with a lot of skills it’s really they
teach you from where you start. Our program is all digital now. We don’t have
a film aspect of it anymore. So, students can come in with the digital camera they
don’t have the expensive film in print that they used to have. The starting
salaries range anywhere from thirty thousand dollars to forty thousand
dollars up to 50, but that’s if you’ve done an internship somewhere or
if you have some photography background. We’re in building 18, here at the Ankeny
Campus. We have the whole building. We have two digital classrooms with
computers in both and three photography studios here on campus. I love to come
here. Like today for instance, on days I don’t have school all day I only one class, I
just will stay here in the program and just stay here on campus and just shoot
just for fun. Like you have the use of the studio and all the other studios in this
building. All the camera equipment, lighting, it’s
be able to use that and then be able to like be creative. The most fun thing
about this program is the fact that students get hands-on training from
instructors and we all participate together in one big family kind of
atmosphere. What’s challenging is understanding like all the technical
aspects or anything. Like, lighting is you might know lighting before you come into
this program, but every equipment like Bowens, Geminis, whatever lighting stuff
they have they’re all different. So, they all work differently, cameras same way
lenses same way. If you’re shooting fast like water droppings or anything like
that you have to make sure it’s fast enough to capture it or a blur. So, you
really got to know what you’re using before you actually started shooting. Our
students that attend this program, have different goals they want to achieve.
Some of them just want this as a part-time jobs and some of them want a full-time
job and be their own boss, be entrepreneurs and some aspire to work
for portrait studios. We help all those students achieve those goals. Get
them in the workplace and work ready with a skill set of tools, when they come
away from the program.

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