Do you want to become a better photographer? | Landscape Photography Tips

what does it take to become a better
photographer welcome to my channel here I post my
travel short films but I also make video just like this one where I share my
thoughts about photography and filmmaking so if you’re here for the
first time it might be a good idea to subscribe we all like the technical
aspect of photography and in fact in my last week video
I enjoyed sharing camera setting information editing techniques Lightroom
workflow and as a matter of fact when I post and share my images I don’t mind to
share also the technical data the shutter speed I used the aperture the
lens I use, understanding and knowing all this technical information is it going
to make us better photographers how many technical tutorial are we
watching we all want to master our technical skills we want to know
everything about our cameras and about the cameras we you would like to have
and of course there is nothing wrong with it but I also recognize that all
this is just instrumental these are our tools my intention here is not to preach
any wisdom to anybody but I’m actually using the making of this video to talk
to myself do I need a new camera to become a better photographer do I need
to master some new techniques and I really need to say I don’t think so
so if camera and techniques are just tools what do they serve for what can I
do with that so I need to stop and think what is
photography for me photography is art it is the expression of my vision it is
imaginative creation and it is also my favorite form of communication and if I
think about all these it becomes easy to realize that more pixels will not help
me to have better vision my imagination will not improve if I use a superior
lens so what does it take well in my opinion the most important thing is to
pay attention pay attention to what you like pay attention to what you feel pay
attention to what you want to say listen to my own voice what makes me happy what
makes me sad put my own feelings in my images and in my story why I took a
photograph should always be more important than how what do you think what really matters in
your photography let me know in the comments below I love to know your
thoughts in the end unfortunately I believe that becoming a better
photographer is a lot harder than learning new techniques in fact this
process will never stop since it is about understanding more about ourselves
and life around us and it is difficult to shut down all the noise that
surrounds us and be able to really pay attention and listen and I’m not saying
that I will stop learning about photography techniques and
technicalities learning means progress progressing cannot be wrong but what
might be wrong instead is to stop there without searching deeper for our why our
vision maybe I will become a better photographer when there will be more
people asking why I took that photograph then people asking me how making this
video definitely helped me bringing back the focus to what really matters
leave me a comment if you want to see more videos like this and also if you
didn’t yet maybe this is the right time to subscribe thanks for watching
see in the next video

100 Replies to “Do you want to become a better photographer? | Landscape Photography Tips”

  1. Great thoughts! You are not wrong- it is always more important to know why someone took a photo than how. If viewers are asking the why…. then you know you are doing something visionary and different.

  2. Just found your channel, I very much appreciate your thoughts & perspective. Your tree shot brought back memories of when I was in the same spot some 40 years ago, but in winter. That was the first of nine trips I have made to N.Z. from here in Australia, unfortunatly I never had the time to photograph the country as I would have liked as I was always on business & a time table. I look forward to watching more of you and your work. All the best. Craig Byrne.

  3. Really nice short video. Can you please make a video about how to edit videos adding sound and different scenes?

  4. I think you touched on a very important aspect, our imagination! I think it should drive us to create what we see in our minds when we see a scene and capture it with the camera.

  5. I love landscape sir…!!!! An you are the best in my eye. Sir make some videos what are the important gear while taking a landscape images… What kind of lense, setting, weather it's required in landscape?

  6. Great video and thank you for your time! Photography for me is the ability to give that "awww" moment to myself and anyone that sees my photo,…but give it for free…because not everything inn life has to be expensive.

  7. Attilio, this is a very good point of view, fully agree with you. And my answer to your question is- most important in my photgraphies is mood and feeling. Sometimes people asking me- why my photos are better? Whats the difference between their and my photos. And my answer is quite simple- while they are trying to capture literal fact of whats going on in front of them, i am trying to capture and show the feeling.
    Actually i started my path as a photographer really recently and found out your instagram profile a couple days ago but i'm allready in love with your photographies. You're a real master of you're doing. Becoming a photographer like you is a goal and your will to learn more about what you are allready best at is amazing. It opens a wider view what photography really is for me.

  8. Thank you for this it was very powerful. The why? I for one can say I was a painter. I would take a picture with my phone and paint the image on canvas…. then I decided to invest in an entry level camera then paint the image. I then realized what am I doing! I can paint with my camera instead of a brush. That’s my story as to why in every pic I take. It’s a creative release.

  9. I agree with you . You can have the best camera,lens,and knowledge .. but if you don't have the vision or know why you took the picture what it felt like to take it how it looked compared to the image in your mind will only ever just take lifeless photos

  10. Great Video, Please make more of these insight type videos. There is so many technical how to videos but what I lack and others is the vision, the thought process. Too many frames per sec, what lens, what camera. I thought about going to a bridge camera so no more excuses 1 camera 1 lens the rests is up to me.

  11. I try to capture a moment, a feeling and the atmosphere of the places I visit, and that someone else will enjoy seeing my image, cool video Attilo, thanks, Derek

  12. I create a story I use my imagination to try make it real I make the others see from my eyes with your knowledge of photography….. Thank you i agree with you

  13. Thank you for making me realise that why is so much more important than how. I do know that some of my own favourite images came not from a DSLR but rather my phone or a pocket point and shoot camera. But we often forget the basics, and this video has reminded me. I will think more in future!

  14. I Love photography. Im trying to capture something good day by day and Always trying to learn about the photography.

  15. You just joined an elite group on YouTube that actually is talking about something that is important about photography. Using our mind and thinking about what we want to photograph and how we will do it. The gear is important (you should know how to use it) but it is not going to make you a great photographer. The problem is that it's too easy to focus on gear. Focusing our attention on the things that will make a good photograph and we attain are not sexy or easy to do. It is difficult and requires some soul searching on our part. You grabbed my attention earlier this year when you decided not to move up to the Nikon D850. Your logic was brilliant and you were swimming upstream with all of the other YouTubers jumping on the "Isn't it great" bandwagon. Photography is a technical medium and we do need to know the in's and outs of it, so please continue doing those video's but I hope you will have more video's on this topic. thanks

  16. Wow! … You gave us the key with this video.
    A lot of photographers tell in a lot of videos that the camera and the lenses, are not so important as we thought. And they are right, but…. you pressed the right key man. "Why I took that photograph?". Yes!!!
    Thank you so much for inspired me with this video. Thank you.

  17. A recent viewer, subscriber and fan of your material but find the catch light in your eyes from the ring light very distracting. You asked for comments and gather you won't mind my feedback. Otherwise fantastic stuff and inspirational while I convert from wedding photography to landscape and photo art. Also switched from my raft of canon gear to Sony mirrorless for the much smaller form factor so a learning curve. Looking forward to garnering all I can from your experience and expertise. Thanks

  18. Its so much harder to answer that "why" than to explain that "how". Great perspective. Thank you for making this video.

  19. I would definitely like to see more like this! Technical aspects are no longer anythign i need to learn about it is the ‘seeing’, the composition, the feelings i want to hear about and leanr about. I found your channel yesterday and have now watched 6 videos, all of which i found really intereresting and compelling. New subscriber of course 🙂

  20. Attilio, you really hit the target on this one; it's not the camera but the photographer that makes a great image. I try to explain to my non-photographer friends that it is almost an insult when someone sees one of your images that says: "Wow, that's a great picture. You must have a really good camera." It's like going to a restaurant and saying to the chef: "Wow, that was a great meal. You must have a really good stove."

  21. Your video raised so many questions in my mind and let me think why I am obsessed with photography? Why I spent that much amount of money on cameras, its gears and to travel different and far places and and so on ……….
    What I really figure out that while I am doing this I feel peace of mind, relieved from stress and all other frustrating things in life and make me feel recharged and refreshed and can come back to work in a very good mode.

  22. Thanks for this Attilio. You've reminded me that some of my best images were captured on a 5MP Olympus C5050 in an underwater housing. My goal then was to capture the wonder of that environment. I don't dive now but the goal remains always the same, to remind myself of how that moment felt and hopefully, to communicate this with the viewer. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Hello Attilio 🙂 I'm just surfing your youtube videos and I have to admit, you are an inspiration to me. In this video, you show me briefly on now how to take photographs but on why should I take a certain photograph, what is my mood when I look at the scene, is it important, if so, why? Great short video 🙂 I would like to hear your thoughts about photography and maybe some short videos that would "speak your mind" and "open up our visions" into the creative and hyperbolic chamber of photography 🙂 Great stuff!
    I would also like to share, that I am very passionate about photography. I started my photography journey when I bought a OnePlus 3T smart phone because it took great pictures at that time and I just went with the flow. Everywhere, every time I always took photographs, experimenting with manual controls – how would it change the scene, what mood do I want to portray, what do I want to relate to others when they look into this photograph? All of these questions race in my head and I just take the picture. Pictures are words, they have meaning and translate into emotions – state of mind. Thank you for sharing this short but knowledgeable insight into photography. 🙂

  24. Fantastic!! It felt very real as it is communicated with very good authenticity (I think so). Thanks a lot and I will keep coming back to your videos for both why and how :)); that will also help my 'why' as well; I too ask myself the same as I took interest in photography only recently.

  25. thank you for sharing – why vs how? intuition vs technicality, connecting vs instrumentation……..i hope i got it right ………

  26. Thanks for the video. It has been a while since I have not asked why?. I have do focused on technicalities that loss some of the fun. And that is what used to drive me so much… having fun. Gracias.

  27. Hi Attilio, I just discovered your channel and I do love it, this specific video is really great and made me think what photography represents for me, how to photography in … conscience , a good introspection at what really drive me ? Thanks

  28. I just new in photography…. Sometime i am not confidence with my gear if we hangout with friends in same hobby of photography…. But after i saw this video i feel better… You are so inspiring me…. Thank you so much

  29. Ive watched this maybe 6 or 7 times now, and still each time i learn or realize something different. I am going to have to make a recording of this so i can listen to it when im out in a place without wifi or cellular if u dont mind 🙂

  30. I'm a new, very pleased subscriber! I am thoroughly enjoying your videos. Informative on many levels! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, passion and knowledge. I look forward to seeing more of your videos, new or old.

  31. thanks for the video. getting more into my photography, so I appreciate your questions and I will ask why to take​ the photos. these videos are great please carry on adding to this.

  32. Photography is for me relax, possibility to increase own knowledges and way how to recast my vision and feelings to photo output …

  33. I do love photography but time and money is the problem. Also I owned Canon 750D with 50mm 1.8mm & 18-135mm and tripod. What should i do to become a good photographer?

  34. Guardando i tuoi video mi hai fatto tornare la voglia di fotografare che avevo un po perso. Mi sono reso conto di aver finora usato lightroom superficialmente e spesso in modo sbagliato. Sei di grande ispirazione. Complimenti

  35. Wow very thought provoking Attilio. Never thought of if from the perspective you’ve shared in this video. Often times I compare myself to others and say to myself I wish I can take photos the way they do. But I realize photography is a symphony a very eclectic one at that and many different styles at that. To say the least there really isn’t a wrong way, it’s as you said why I took the shot and what did it mean to me will come through. Thank you!

  36. Great ! I totally agreed. would you have video showing us what need to attend when taking wide angle landscape photos? I am interested in that. thanks!

  37. yes I agreed. I'm a beginner but what a realize it's that it takes time to find the good subject and the good composition. often i'm going to fast, I want to find something but in fact I need to be more present to myself, open my eyes with no pressure, enjoying to be outdoor, enjoying nature and if nothing happens it's ok. I also do the photo that I love without thinking about others, if they like it I appreciate if not it doesn't matter. I have nothing to prove. I really love your long exposure, that true there's a lot of serenity, peace and it's good for this brutal world sometimes.

  38. The why is far more important than how and what. Well said. Also, the eye takes the pictures, to be precise, it's your mind. Cultivate your mind to take better pictures.

  39. Hi Attilio thanks for the video. I can see from your video that you are a cool, calm and humours person which makes watching your videos more interesting where as most others photographers can make a person feel a less confident in their own abilities. I love getting out there thinking about the photo, working out how's the best way to show people what you are trying to achieve but a the moment I'm so stressed out it not work and seeing this video it has shown a little bit of light through the darkness that is around me at the moment, thank you so much and looking forward to watching more of your videos. All the best Phil

  40. Definitely more videos like this! Trying – just trying as easy it's not – to explain why we do things, not how we do it.

  41. Atitilio, for me ..its asking myself everyday its a new day it will be different and maybe new ideas new sights walking the street and using new setting while exploring the outside realm of my shooting being expressive in what i do in sad and happy times..also would love to see your friend and you together again

  42. The days when I am at Home, Photography becomes bringing the beautiful scenes from the city where almost everyone has lost the temptation to know more and love a lot this city. It's more about finding the treasure from the same boring thing to what nobody wants to see more. Another good reason is I don't feel alone when I am almost always ready to capture the things I would like to keep as a story.

    [ Photography – a timeless joy, bringing beauty come out from everywhere ]

  43. I believe learning to see is King here. This is also dependant upon your own personal feeling, including state of mind at that particular time. I have found inspiration can gather momentum when having troubled oneself with a good hike to the set destination. Good equipment can help enhance any results and provide and aid to achieving them in the first place. Thank You for much inspiration Attilio.

  44. Hello Attilio, i spend many hours with watching your videos. I am glad I found somebody like you on youtube. You are a true inspiration. Grazie per tutto che fai per la gente :). I hope i said it right

  45. I always start to imagine a photo wherever I have been and then I am going there to do the picture that I did imagine before

  46. "Why I took a photography should always be more important than how"… One of the best advices I heard for a long time from a great photographer. Thank you.

    "Pourquoi" ai-je pris cette photo devrait toujours être plus important que "Comment"… Un des meilleurs conseils que j'ai pu entendre depuis fort longtemps de la part d'un grand photographe. Merci

  47. I agree that what counts most is the photographer's ability to "see" and compose images that tell a story and/or express an emotion. Sometimes I get extraordinary images with my iPhone. At other times it's with my Z7. On the other hand, I think by learning and practicing many techniques (often only attainable with a more advanced camera) a photographer's vision of what's possible in capturing and post-processing a scene broadens that photographer's vision and creative potential. Today's creative and technical possibilities have come a long way since the early 60's when all I had was a Nikon F with a 50mm 1.4 lens and processed images in a darkroom.

  48. I do take photos to assure me that still I am capable to share my feelings with someone that take a minute to hear me!

  49. I hope everyone who has remembers the first time they got the shot they were after. The composition, the colors, the mood, the vibrancy, that time when your result exceeded your expectations. That happened to me yesterday. I didn't want to go out. It was after work and I wanted to sit and have some wine and wait for my wife while hanging out with my dogs. But, the approaching sunset was telling a story that I needed to see. I got up, grabbed my "bug out bag" (all my gear ready to go at any time) and I bugged out. I arrived, and it was freezing. I ignored the dozens of people and found my spot. I used all of the techniques that I have learned from you and many others but never "got the shot". Then I got it. I looked at my screen and thought…I better leave. All this to say thank you for what you do. Inspire. I nailed it. it's not perfect. I see the imperfections, but it's mine. I did "what others do". i got the shot. Now, I can't wait to go get more. It's really what satisfies you that makes it yours and separates you as an artist. We'll all see it in each other's work. We'll all be proud of what you captured and will know it's your's.

  50. I'm a photography enthusiast, this is my hobby. I am very pleased to have found your channel, which I subscribed to and much I have learned. Its simple and objective way of explaining the various subject is fabulous. I try to learn and a lot I have to learn. My goal is to do photography and not take photography, to give my way of seeing the world, what surrounds me. I like street photography and landscape. It is in these two points of the photograph that I try to improve. Thanks and a lot of success for your channel.

  51. Hello Sir,to me being a good photographer means is to show how I see the world,a world which might not be perfect to many but to me that moment and the picture was beautiful,I dont know jack about photography I try to learn and use my sense potraying a little of myself in the picture.You are so right learning never stops but to show the world through my pictures is wat i look back and see there was happiness and im glad i was there in the moment.Cheers Sir keep up the good work always would love to learn from you more.Buddha bless you and your sweet family always?❤❤❤

  52. You have absolutely changed my life! Thank you so much for sharing your words, experience, wisdom and especially your approach to photography which has really helped me understand who I am to myself and why I want to further my career in this field. I am just an amature enthusiast, but watching your videos has given me a clearer direction. Thank you so much!

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