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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this. I decided to invest in lights and haven’t regretted that decision at all. Knowing lighting and sticking to my mark iii for photography and some joking buddy shoots worked wonders. To me understanding the technical side of things and focusing on an understated skill, lighting, is important (note by understated I mean people put more into high quality cameras over learning how to position lights properly). For the price of a red raven dcm2 you can get 3 litemat 4, arri s60-c and a mole led 5k. This kit alone will rent like crazy and you can fool around with it constantly making you more akin to getting work. Two years ago I decided to get three litemats to learn lighting. Now, through renting and consistent work, I own 12 litemats, (2) skypanels, mole led 5k, 7 mole 2k, oft kit, 3 ton grip package, and by the new year I will get some more fun toys. Everyone wants a camera and thinks it makes them better. Focus on lighting and you will see the difference in your work.

  2. I tell people this all of the time. If you can't produce a good image on a phone, you're not ready for a DSLR. If you can't produce a good image on a DSLR, you're not ready for a RED camera.

    Filmmaking is filmmaking.

  3. People that have an iPhone X can buy that lens without thinking twice. I am stuck with an Xperia Z3 Compact that has a broken back screen and a half detached digitizer. A couple of days ago I removed a small piece of glass from the angle of the back panel because it was full of dust and I couldn't take pictures anymore…

  4. "I have a RED WEAPON CAMERA and shoot RAW and output 21:9 aspect ratio because FILMIC!" "Why is his head cut off in this scene?" "…..aww sheeeeit."

  5. This is also applies to drones. I used to use a phantom 3 standard and flew it hard for 2 years. Long story short I won to drone film awards and beat all the high end drones. It all came down to shots and the music.

  6. Thanks. This just made me rethink about getting a full frame. Gonna work with my crop sensor for now. What lens are you using here though?

  7. 6:20 Oh, the last thing I uploaded to my channel is a one minute short film which I did on a T2i and only practical effects!

  8. ok, so you're driving down the street, gesturing with your left hand, holding the camera with your right hand and driving with… !??

  9. If you want a camera that records in professional standards like 10bit or ProRes get a Pocket 4K or GH5(s) if you need something more reliable. If you don’t have the money get the Canon M50, if you can’t afford that get a T3 (not T3i) and look for vintage lenses. If you need a zoom lens get the Canon 17-55mm f2.8 for the Canons, that should have you covered for a long long time. If you use an iPhone tape a cheap ND on the front and expose properly with Filmic Pro. There are no excuses left these days.

  10. I may be nowhere near as pro as you Potato. I think you are awesome dude. But my perspective is this.I started off with a Sony HC-90 Pro sumer Standard Definition Handicam. Then jumped up to a Sony HC-7 HD Handicam. After that I learned that DSLR's shot HD video now (in 2011) I shopped around and decided that the Canon T3i would be perfect. Good price and great features. I was very happy with it's abilities. I finally had a video camera that had interchangeable lenses. I felt like I had a Pro camera body. Even though I didn't. Then in 2015. I upgraded to a 5D mark III and last in (2018) I got my 80D. So I now finally had a DSLR that auto focused on Video. So I have a nice set of 2 cameras for video and stills. I feel well rounded with one full frame and one cropped frame. I gave my daughter my Canon T3i so she could take better refrence shots for her painting and art work. My new favorite lens id my Canon 28 – 90mm Lens I got when I bought a used Canon Rebel Ti off of Amazon.

  11. The big advantage in having a giant camera is that you can be really weird on the street and as soon as the people see the big camera pointed at you it's suddenly totally normal

  12. Major info for video beginners. Thinking of d4darious who shoots on a D60 and has for years, knows EVERYTHING he can do with that camera and does it well. He's ready for Arri.

  13. The cactus thing is a real struggle. FYI, taking your pants off is probably the only solution. I've been there more than once.

  14. Hi love shooting and im also a vloger i dont know that you will give lens lr not but i still like your videos my chanel nirmit kadam

  15. Thanks! You are so right! If Casey can make an 80D work well in 2019 why would I as a vlogger need an A7III… It's so important to generate value with a cheap camera before buying a prosumer model in the hope of making a YouTube career.

  16. Reality Check 90% (if not 99%) of people are NON-technical. My best photog friend can spend HOURS finding the optimum shoot for a gorgeous/seasonal subject (like Cherry Blossoms) and HOURS stroking the RAW images in Lightroom and Photoshop… and earns a dozen LIKES on FB only to have his wife take a snap of his cute 7 year old, out of focus, poorly exposed, poorly composed… petting a doggie… 100s of LIKES… Reality!

  17. Oh yes! That's hard for me to stick to this philosophy. I sometimes spend more time looking at videos of expensive cameras rather than shooting and experimenting. Which sucks. But my old Nikon D3300 taught me photography and videography – I think it was the first DSLR with 60 fps slow-motion and 24 fps frame rate shooting at 1080p in the consumer market. It's starting to get old but every month Nikon hold a contest in which you can win 2000$ for a 40 seconds video, and I noticed most of the winners are using the low-end models. 
    And it's not a well known company for video either.
    The only things I can't think off that you can't really learn on a super basic camera are how to expose for LOG and how to deal with RAW files. But you can always hack an older Canon with Magic Lantern or get a BPMCC original for like 500 bucks used…

  18. Hey your videos are really informative. Keep it up! I just subbed at like 0:05😂. I like this kind of content🔥

  19. My biggest problem shooting is that I'm naturally shaky.. I do what I can to balance out like breathing exercises and staying away from caffeine. Hopefully investing in a gimble soon!

  20. Don't think I'll be shooting to much with my old Sony DSC-S85 …. Spent a summer making videos with a Sony DSC-W370, only two years ago.

  21. I feel like this might be the right video to make this comment. I have been messing with film for the past 2 years. Nothing big, mostly filming live shows bringing them back to iMovie and putting them together like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1venwmP5Po&t=7290s
    Here is the issue – I have been filming on an ancient Canon SX20. I think that is ok work for a decade old fixed lens camera, on a tripod that has some play in it, but I want to produce something that is quality. I have since spent many many MANY hours researching and learning about better cameras, sound, lighting, tripods technique, etc. Needless to say, I've caught "the bug".
    I went out and purchased my first quality camera, and I skipped a few levels and got a Canon XF305, picked up a Tascam DR 60D MKII, an old 8 track mixer, a couple mics and a lighting kit. Slight overkill, perhaps. Obviously, not all of this will be used for show filming as I can plug directly into the sound board and have a press pass creds for my other business so on the fly journalistic filming, wont need most of this either.
    Now, I have practiced and learned the camera and how use it, effectively, in manual mode. In all of my research I see LOADS of videos talking about how to set up audio and the best way to shoot interviews, vlogs, close up shots and short clips. What I have not seen is ANYTHING that talks about filming from a distance greater then 100 feet, like a sporting event or the above video of stage. How do you set up the camera for the best results. Typically, these shots come from a dark spot to a brighter subject. How do you set white balance from a distance? Is it different when you zoom that far? What about sound? What Mics are best for that type of shooting. Shooting 1080p/30fps
    I don't know if you respond to these types of requests, but it would be cool if you did. There are loads and loads of people out there that could use some guidance on this type of shooting. I know its not your typical professional shoot subject matter, but I am getting paid for it and i want to produce quality, and i don't think the above is good enough.

  22. Still I think a camera setup that's too bad will make things too difficult. For example using a phone can get good results but some shots are just not possible (if you don't have certain accessories). I think buying a good used DSLR or mirrorless is a great point to start from if you already know the basics. Maybe a used 5d ii a7 or just an old 600d(60d in the us? ) that can be had from anywhere from $120 upwards.

  23. Camera equipment doesn't matter, but to some clients it does…and that's what you want. You want the clients that equipment matters to.

  24. If i follow you’re advice…it’s the Red Komodo and a canon EOS R me. this is brilliant and terrible at the same time 🙂 🙂

  25. Great video. Some youtube advice though:- If you make a 10 minute or longer video you get paid twice as much by Google Adsense (because they can pop in two ads). You are 23 seconds short of 10 minutes. That's why most videos are 10 min 1 sec long.

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