Dog Camera?

(dance pop music) It’s time for ask Wendy. Oh wait, no but you, you, you Yikes! How you doing? How you doing? What your name, where you’re from, what do you do? Maria, I’m from DC, and I’m a administrative coordinator.
(yelling in background) Okay. How can I help you Maria?
(crowd applause) Okay, so I have a 21 year old daughter, she’s absolutely gorgeous, Okay. She’s spoiled rotten. Okay. So she didn’t graduate from college, so she’s back at home right now. Okay And she’s living her best life because she has these, what I call, “sponsors.” These are these male friends.
(crowd murmurs) They come and they take her out. They buy her things– I love a sponsor, but I’m grown.
(crowd applause) Yes, so, my question is What can I do to help her understand that this is not going to continue. That–
Kick her out. (crowd laughing) Cause Maria, you know, honestly like, moms should not have to see this and, back when we were young,
Yeah. our moms didn’t, did your mom see that in you? No, absolutely not– My mom and dad never saw anything filthy in me until I got this damn show. (crowd laughing) You know what I’m saying?
(crowd applause) Yep. Like, honestly, I was always a respectful daughter, so if you don’t want to see it, the best you can tell her is, by July first, Okay? She better be out with her own apartment. maybe you give her
Oh, okay. The first,
Okay. not the last, but maybe the first and security. Okay, all right. All right, all right.
You know what I’m saying? So, and that way you don’t have to see it cause she’s going to do what she wants to do Yeah, that’s what she’s doing. You’re busy– is her dad in the house? Oh absolutely. Yeah, he’s there too.
What’s he say? Well he– Dad sit around while a daughter has a sponsor? Yeah.
(crowd laughing) He’s not throwing “bows.” No, he’s not, he’s not. I mean, he just goes with it as well, you know, he’s okay with it I guess. We want her to get out and get a job, and everything, but right now she’s at these friends, these sponsors
she’s got until July first. that–
No. Today’s February third Third, yep. Okay, she’s got until July third. (laugh) Okay (crowd laughing and applauding) Yeah, no. No, for real. Cause she’s gonna be who she is, but she can’t disrespect you and her dad. Yeah, yeah. Okay
All right. Thank you. (crowd applaud) Okay, come here, come here. When the doors opened, I noticed you immediately. Thank you. Okay. I’m seeing it up close (speaks French) (crowd yells)
(crowd applauds) Who are you? My name’s James. Hi James– Ohh, James.
(crowd laughing) How you doing, Wendy? How you doing, James? Where’re you from, what do you do? I’m from Tampa, Florida, but I live in Brooklyn. But that, do you have a– are you “booed-up?” Yes, I do. I have a boyfriend. He got a jog camera for Christmas, and he uses it to check on the dogs while we’re at work. Oh, wait, is that what we’re talking about? Yes.
(crowd cat-calls) Okay, oh God, okay sorry (crowd laughing) go ahead. Now he uses the dog camera to check up on me while I’m at home. (crowd murmurs) Even if he’s in the bedroom, he’ll use it to see what I’m doing in the living room. He’s like, “are you eating ice cream right now?” (crowd laughing) Is it wrong to want a little bit of privacy? What is he? A food Nazi? (crowd laughing) A diet Nazi. Yeah, it’s wrong to check up, you know what? This funny thing cause when they had the girls over they were like, “Why don’t you have indoor cameras?” I said, “cause one day they’ll turn on me.” (crowd laughing) And you’ll see more than I care for. Yeah, you know what, if he has those cameras and he insist, just put an old piece of masking tape up there
(crowd laughing) and have the time of your life
(crowd applauding) or have the conversation with him that this is not right. Thank you. Yeah. All right. (dance pop music)

97 Replies to “Dog Camera?”

  1. Isnt the two guys at the back in the start the couple from that viral vidoe of them kissing and the high school girls were going crazy ?


  3. Wendy I’m a male escort I’m currently engage since I’m getting paid I don’t consider it cheating it’s more of a job but I’m feeling guilty should I tell my partner help me wendyyyyy

  4. I was totally distracted by those two guys at the background The black and white guy like what could they be talking about 00:25🤔

  5. The daughter is smart but the same time very shameless to say the least. Smart in a way to use her youthful beauty to get sponsors and shameless by letting her parents see that. Like Wendy said, there are certain things you do in life that your parents should never know about.

  6. I'm sorry but the mom sounds jealous of the daughter… The Dad probably isn't upset because his daughter is being treated correctly as she should be by a man… Hopefully, her sponsors will pay for her apartment as well. Good luck to the daughter <3

  7. If her parents are okay with her prostitution then, what’s the problem? Both her parents don’t seem that concerned about their daughter having “sponsors”

  8. Yes for the girl with the sugar daddy lol get it girl at least she ain’t settling for these dusties out here 🤣

  9. This is probably how chill the parents were with R kelly “sponsoring” their daughters until it became a problem..

  10. Since she have all these sponsors she should be able to afford a place .She should not have never been home if she have it like that .

  11. The reality is her mom feels some type of way because at her age she probably wasn't taught how to use her looks to her advantage. This is a classic lesson in hypergamy. Women will always be jealous when this type if dynamic, especially the women closest to you.

  12. Second question:

    Hey babe! Your bf use the camera to control you it’s a form of manipulation.
    My ex did that to me and I thought it was for the dogs but, it wasn’t. I’d be mealpreping and he will check what I’m doing at home and literally spoken to me through the camera.

    It’s a form of control. Manipulating and ABUSE.

    First of all; you already know what the dogs are doing at the home; peeing, popping, sleeping, running around etc.. what the heck do you need a camera to something you already know of?


  13. My problem with this is: I am raising my girls to be independent woman and this sounds like she is waiting on guys to give her stuff. Honey you came from college get a job buy your own things, man always want something in return, nothing is free.

  14. First let me start by saying 🗣 I LOVE MISS WENDY!! But….did anyone else notice the EXTRA “loosey-goosey” mannerism that Wendy displayed during this clip of Ask Wendy? Or is it just me? 🥺

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