Dog photography with Monica Van Der Maden

This is one of my favourite shots
of a pack of dogs. And today, I will show you
how I created it. My name is Monica van der Maden
and I love photographing dogs. I have got four dogs –
Joop, Nellie, Trijntje, Kees. Dogs are really my life.
I love everything about them. I always shoot in natural light
and I shoot early in the morning. I use the Nikon D850,
I call it “My Precious”. It’s really an amazing camera –
it’s fast in its autofocus. I always use autofocus with dogs because dogs are
really hard to photograph, there are movements
the whole time. I always ask the owner to pose the dogs next to a tree
or on a long path. My favourite lens is the 200mm f/2G and for me, it is
the most beautiful lens there is because it’s very sharp and the bokeh and the depth of field
are really amazing. Dogs aren’t always the easiest models because not all dogs are
well trained. The most important thing
as a photographer is don’t rush. I shoot at f/2 because I love
the soft backgrounds and the dogs need to be sharp. I have the shutter at 1/200 s
to prevent motion blur, and I try to keep the ISO
as low as possible. When I’m looking into the viewfinder,
I’m looking for an emotion. What I want to give the owner is a real,
beautiful memory on the wall.

8 Replies to “Dog photography with Monica Van Der Maden”

  1. do you know how much is casting this gear you are using ? this lens and this camera you using maybe 2 percent of people had it . this is not talent . if you shooting photo with a camera 300$ you call your name photographer

  2. Hi,why when i use aperture priority the shutter speed so slow like 1/4 or 1"? How to use aperture priority without slow shutter speed

  3. So happy to see a full frame DSLR video again after all the marketing around the Z series.

    Love this photographer's style and attention to detail, and she captures a lot of her process in few words.

  4. A friend of mine (who I highly respect as a pet photographer) mentioned you to me and OMG so inspiring. Thank you and I hope you provide more videos! I would love to be part of your master class some day.

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