Dolica Proline GX600B200 Photography Tripod Long Term Impressions

Today we’re taking a look at this Dolica
Proline GX600B200 tripod. This Dolica tripod came with the head. It’s not great
but over time it’s loosened up a little bit and actually gotten better. The legs
do separate from the tripod head. That’s a very nice feature with a tripod.
Itself it’s a 3/8 inch connection. I did notice on Amazon that the tripod quick
release can be bought separately, which is very nice. It’s not super expensive. So
if you do lose it or you want a second one.. third one.. for different cameras, you
can pick those up. Of course, you can replace the tripod head with whatever
you want. I have noticed with the pan lock that when you really tighten it
down it will shift the tripod head a little bit, which is not ideal. So when
you’re trying to lock it down with the pan… You probably want to decide before
your actual point where you want the camera to face. So you’re just wanna
adjust for that little quirk. This tripod is pretty decent. It’s not super light.
It’s not super heavy. It’s got the three locking pieces on there, which are pretty
quick to lock and unlock. When I first got the tripod it was kind of rough.
Those plastic pieces, but again, over time they’ve gotten better.
They work nicely now. So it’s kind of like those shoes where you buy them and
you have to break them in a little bit. I have noticed with these grips they
kinda slide around, but when it’s a decent temperature they are very stiff
very locked in there on the top. Here we have a hook for extra weight. it is plastic.
Actually, pop it off… Reverse the inner section like most
tripods. On the bottom of this tripod it has a screw with really thick metal spikes
to it. Usually I try to cover the… the feet of tripods because it’s just easier
to keep them cleaner, but that can be useful. But there is just a small bit of
area if the rubber does eventually wear down you will just have those metal
spikes coming out of the bottom. There is a bubble level on the tripod legs.
However, in my case it looks like the liquid that was inside there evaporated,
or something. So it doesn’t work anymore… This tripod is nice and versatile. Got
these clamps here you can undo have it go like that… Lock in. You have a maximum height of 60 inches. And then 51 inches without the
inner section. All closed up its 23 inches and it
isn’t super lightweight either about 2.5 pounds on the weight of the tripod with
that head. This is kind of at that level where it is small enough that it’s not a
super big hassle. They do rate this for 15 pounds of weight capacity. That seems
like quite a lot. I don’t know I haven’t had anything that’s even close to that
much. That was a look at this Dolica GX 600 with the B200 head. Overall I do
like it. I use it quite often. The head itself maybe you want to look for
something a little more robust potentially. The legs I do like. Haven’t had
any issues with those. And just generally it has worked well enough. Especially
considering how much are paid. So good option if you want a budget tripod. Hope you enjoyed the video! I’m Scott of Photography Banzai.

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