Doppelgänger Concept Photoshoot With SEOUL LIFE | Q2HAN x Wonder Mag

it’s so rough what’s up cutie so welcome to our Channel and it’s about a month ago a company called soul life approach to us is basically it’s like a selective online shop and inside the online shop they have a lot of variety of creme fraiche and really yeah fashion brands accessories clothing they suggested us to wear some of their items and take an editorial photo shoot with magazine call wonder magazine and we’re like hell yeah I thought this would be like a really fun opportunities for us to all the clothes and accessories that we were during the photo shoots were from this brand called gateless and half me which is inside the soul light yeah and yeah especially the earring yarn Oh necklace oh you’re in the necklace yeah oh good and I actually checked their Instagram so many celebrities wear them like even so me and black paint for the half of me clothing I really fell in love with the leopard slip dress that was pointless that’s Gaelic the Elise has all clothing – yeah they have gluten like no one asked me was like they’re on the trench coat RushCard oh yeah trench coat was really pretty – but when we first went to Seoul live website we were kind of confused because everything is written in Japanese and we found out that salt life became so popular in Japan that they started catering towards Japanese customers but the good news is says very soon they’re gonna come up with an English website so our cuties can also go in and check out their website so just a finger cry till that time here he comes and also this time key Jan did not cut too long to do this well that’s because the photographer and all the stuff was so nice but the photographer is actually like the CEO of the Wonder magazine he’s like so like so spend money Jonnie like you want to be with him like you want to work with him we’re here this is some new place Wow oh sure yeah I think this one they open the door [Music] and we’re having our hair done pussies actually share salads who did our hair for our nileen shoot and we loved his style we loved the style so we asked them photographer to bring him for our hair so he’s here today [Music] [Music] look at this is my look yeah I know [Music] [Applause] these are called bucket lists assessories eyeballing this one the McDonald emphasis one of gateless kurt and i would i buying this one there’s a plot but if you see at the bottom there’s just way too the bird yep nice is also your up kitchen so this place the studio the makeup artists actually owns it yeah told they will always love pasta John’s place is called the junghwan is studio and the Instagram is right over here I look so chic oh my god it’s not me [Music] this isn’t a mermaid so Gloria here and then the white one here so pretty they also have a huge backyard super huge [Music] you don’t you don’t get unlucky okay first ones done how are changed into our second look foolish are like twin the remedy I’m Sheeran meet knit okay with these check that white pants Oh same we gotta change our shows Oh No [Music] Oh moose is real to me Wow good this earrings McDonald french fries all right okay good okay cause I’m gonna be okay – see okay good so what’s happening right now is the photographer after says to play this deep water Lauer take your photo [Music] okay okay [Music] with all the alcohol is so pretty didn’t you like the one they do the flashlight flashlight was really pretty boy go [Music] so our third look is leopards little more diseases but it’s a really interesting combination because we’re gonna work this one piece with the skirt inside of the layer oh my god can I have this this is so cute so pretty dependence so this is my necklace total girl this one has a pencil on it oh so cute and this earrings this participant white dwarfs okay going for our third shoot [Music] or do you karate okay so for the audio [Music] [Music] gives us our final look dress but I’m wearing at the top I’m fighting with this mustard sister ready to slice a contract go okay good okay good see I’m officially done and she wanted to do her own final cut good all to top sangban good it’s so rad okay that’s a wrap everyone’s so nice I just want the most comfortable photo shoot we have ever done before I did better than nylon way better we didn’t have trouble at all from the beginning Wow the tog refer actually complimented me so many times we shoot which makes us feel more comfortable the stylist makeup artist hair stylist everyone deserve this do I deserve this yeah who’s so excited about the alcohol outcomes I saw it from the screen I never thought I’ll pull off those kind of styles it especially like a classic one I thought I don’t pull off classic look yeah then there were the Logsdon cuts a style like classic look very casual look so that was our experience and here are some photos final result yeah and your kids can check out the rest of the editorials at the link written at the description box below so make sure check it out and in case our kids are curious we put the links to the studio to where we did the photo shoot as well as the hairstylist a makeup artist everything all the links on our website or Instagram all at the description box below so make sure to check it out and we want to say thank you to soul life and water magazine for giving us this amazing opportunity to work with you guys are so far if they say that if we want to do another photo will be like hell yeah puppy cuties enjoyed this video and we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye bye [Music]

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