DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras | Comparison and differences

Hello and welcome to GMax Studios my name is Gorky M and today we are going
to be talking about the differences between DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
[Music] Inherently there is one major difference
between the DSLR and the mirrorless cameras and that is the mirror. In DSLRs,
when the light enters the lens, it hits a mirror and is reflected through the
pentaprism to come out from the viewfinder through which we see the
image. When we take a photograph with the DSLR the mirror flips up allowing the
light to hit the sensor directly and that is the reason why the viewfinder
blacks out when we take a photograph. In the mirror less on the other hand the
light hits the sensor directly and is transmitted electronically to the
viewfinder and that is the reason why it is called an electronic viewfinder or
EVF. Now let’s talk about the size. Due to the absence of the mirror and the
pentaprism, allows the mirrorless cameras to be much smaller than their DSLR
counterparts but the DSLRs are also fast catching up in this regard. The smaller
entry-level DSLRs are almost as big as the mirrorless cameras and if you mount
the professional lenses on the mirrorless then the size different does
not seem so obvious. One fall out of the small size of the
mirrorless body is the battery life because the battery is actually very
small when compared to a DSLR and if you are coming from a DSLR and have switched
to a mirrorless recently it really sucks! [Music] Now let’s talk about the viewfinder. The
viewfinder is one of the major differences between a DSLR and a
mirrorless camera as you know in the DSLR the light enters through the lens
system mirror goes through the pentaprism and is displayed in the
viewfinder since there are no electronic components involved it is called an OVF
or an optical viewfinder. [Music] On the other hand in the mirrorless the image hits the sensor directly and is
transmitted electronically into the viewfinder therefore it is called an
electronic viewfinder. One of the huge advantages of the EVF or the electronic
viewfinder is that it shows you exactly what your
photograph or your video is going to look like. [Music] It is like having a live view screen in
front of your eye. Now talking about the autofocus, traditionally the DSLRs have
been faster while auto focusing but with the introduction of cameras like the
Sony a 9 and the sony a6000 500 the mirrorless cameras are also fast
catching up. Most of the DSLR cameras do have a “QUIET” mode which dampens the slap and
sound of the mirror but it usually does not work so well in mirrorless cameras
due to the presence of an electronic shutter you can shoot absolutely
silently. This is great for people like me who shoot on film sets or other
events where you cannot make a sound while shooting. Image stabilization or
vibration reduction as Nikon calls it is available for DSLR users but it is
usually built into the lens. S o if you want image stabilization you have to buy
an image stabilized lens, whereas in mirrorless cameras most of them have
image stabilization built into the camera so you can use practically any
lens and your image will still be stabilized. So DSLR or mirrorless, which
one is better? Well, both technologies continue to evolve and borrow from each
other at a very fast pace. Traditional camera companies which make DSLRs like
Nikon and Canon have also jumped into the mirrorless market in order to keep
pace with the competition. As far as which one to buy is concerned, you need
to draw a list of features that are most important to you like – size, battery life,
EVF or silent shooting. I, for example, use a mirrorless on a daily basis because of
its small size I can keep it in my camera bag, the EVF allows me to shoot
video in broad daylight and I can use practically any lens with the right kind
of adapter. For my commercial and professional assignments I still tend to
use my DSLR because my lenses and my flashes are compatible with that. So
while mirrorless technology might be touted as the technology of the future,
the DSLR is not going anywhere anytime soon. Share this video with their friends
and subscribe to our channel. Until the next video bye bye.

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    I have 2 questions:

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