Easiest Way to Remove Glare from Photo – No Photoshop Required

In this video, we’ll show you how to remove
glare from your photos using two effective editing methods. You won’t need any professional skills or
complex programs to get rid of nasty shine. Install PhotoWorks to your computer and let’s get to it! This photo suffers from too much sun glare. The easiest way to correct the reflection
in the picture is to subdue its brightest points. While on the Enhancement tab, drag the Highlights
slider to the left till you fix the defect. In this case, the perfect highlights degree is -100. Click the Before/After button to see the difference. With PhotoWorks, you can also remove face
shine from portrait shots. To do that, switch to the Retouch tab and
choose the Portrait Magic option. This face retouching module will offer you
several presets. Choose Remove face shine to make the girl’s
face less greasy. Now the photo looks much better, but there’re
still some shiny spots left on the girl’s face. Let’s tweak the custom settings to get rid of them. Move to the Custom Settings menu. There you can manually adjust sliders in the Skin section. Increase the Glare level and smoothen the
girl’s skin to edit out the rest of shiny hotspots. Although it’s possible to set the Glare
slider at 100, don’t overedit your photo or you can get unnatural plastic skin. Compare your retouched picture with the initial one, and save it to your computer.

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