Edit A Waterfall Photo In Just 60 Seconds | Lightroom Mobile

What’s up creative people? I’m Oliver Sjöström, and
today I’m gonna show you how to edit a waterfall photo in just 60 seconds. (energetic music) Alright, let’s turn on the
timer, and jump into it. So, I’ve gone ahead and imported the photo to Lightroom Mobile. And the first thing I’m gonna do is go over to the presets
tool, and add the Bali preset. And as you can see, the
fade is a bit too strong, so I’m gonna go over to the light tool, and then over to the curves,
and decrease the fade. And then, I wanna make
the photo a bit brighter, so I’m gonna go back to the light tool. I’m gonna increase the
exposure, the highlights, the shadows, bump up
the whites and blacks, and make the waterfall
really pop in the image. Then, I wanna make some minor changes to the colors of the edit,
so I’m gonna go over to the colors tool, and there I’m
gonna increase the vibrance just a tiny bit, and then I’m
gonna go into the color mix, and into the green channel,
increase the saturation, decrease the luminance to
make those green colors really stand out. Then, I’m gonna go over
to the selective tool, and draw a small mask around
the subject of this photo. I want the subject of the
photo to be seen clearly, so I’m slightly gonna
increase the exposure, and the saturation of the mask. And that my friends is how
you edit a waterfall photo in just 60 seconds. (timer ticking down) That’s it for this photo. I hoped that you found it helpful. If you did, make sure to give it a like, subscribe for more videos related to photography and filmmaking. As always, you will find
the preset that I used in this video in the
description down below. That’s it, see you in
the next one, I’m out. (groovy music)

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