Edit like Brandon Woelfel in just 3 Minutes | Photoshop Tutorial

Before After Let’s Get Started πŸ™‚ Duplicate Layer Open Image in Camera Raw Filter It takes only 2 seconds to Subscribe my Channel πŸ™‚ Please Subscribe. Thank You! Create a adjustment layer – Color Balance create new empty layer Pick Soft Brush and make sure the foreground color is white change blending mode to – Color Dodge change opacity to about 40% Please leave a Like and Comment πŸ™‚ and Don’t forget to Subscribe.
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  1. Fella, i a m very ple a sed you published this video on change the complement. i followed yo ur trusty old suggesti ons and ha d the time get tre mendously just ab out the way I d esired. I filled out it for about three work hou rs and it was sm ashing! But once I unc overed this mind-boggling problem that I co uldn't repa ir. I additionally made an attempt at reinstalling the applicat ion and thu s pract ically nothing. i wound up s earchi ng a separat e version of the software at youtube comwatch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and performed past the snag! Maybe the set up file I have was corrupted. I d on't se em to know h ow to confirm that? R egardless, owing t o you r trusty online video media, I'm so near to getting this cropping and editing down, that it'll appear like it's pouring whenever I'm don e! Who wants a co lle ge or university class fo r photosho p, when peo ple ca n learn your videos to i nstruct these individu a ls, fr ee of cost on youtube ! Thanks again OP! I will publish my o utcome aft er i think I'v e got the heavy ra in modi fying effect down pat! Wei Dang, logging out.

  2. Hey! I just posted a video trying to match Brandon’s style of photography. Would love to have feedback! Thanks for the tips!

  3. it is a great tutorial, I tried it out and I liked how i made it. I wonder if u know how to save the effects I made as a preset, so I can use what I made without making it over and over again everytime I want to use the same effect

  4. Which version of photoshop it is i have cs6 but it doesnot have nik collection and camera raw filters plz reply me

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