Editing YOUR Photos!!

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  1. This is why I hate modern photography, at the end of the day that’s not the picture you took, on film it’s all bout the photographer, the camera and the film you use, you mess up… it’s over. Today you can change everything at any time setting unrealistic expectations, it’s all lies, luring photography now takes one day, but one year to master photoshop, it’s not anymore photography it’s CGI. This guy isn’t a good photographer he’s a good computer artist, he’s photos are empty shallow and basic with very minimal talent but once he sits behind that computer… masterpiece in the eyes of instagram fanboys.

  2. Your photo editing style doesn’t really vibe with my preferences, but I still learned a great deal from this video and am inspired. I appreciate you putting this out here because getting different perspectives helps you understand your own!

  3. 16:27 “He said he saw this old woman carrying these grocery bags down the middle of the street during a heavy snow storm and he thought Wow!”

    Lmaoooooo why couldnt he help her though?? Lmaoo

  4. 16:43 really? check those crazy Russians, walknig on the streets in -35*C just for walking on fresh air 😀

  5. What the hell with that mountain, tho. ''Didn't want to mess too much with the sky pattern while removing the powerlines''… Cut to: Let's put a mountain that completely blocks the sky…. ?

  6. My advise is to shell less the vloger who is talking and more of the pictures he is talking about. For example on 16:03 I barely have time to see what was the final result of the changes you have made.

  7. This video feels pretty rushed. There is an editing error at 16:09 where Peter forgot to show the picture comparison, but the sound effects are there. And yeah the mountain was not the best idea especially since the lighting is false as people pointed out. Still fun though.

  8. yall are haters. He said he was editiing these pictures in HIS preferred style so why are you coming at him for everything he did

  9. Hi! This may be a very noobish question but may I know what version of Lightroom you used here? I installed lightroom from their website but it doesn't look anywhere near this with fewer options and I'm not able to export to an instagram friendly aspect ratio :/

  10. Good editing,… but why adding visual artifacts that are not present on the photo like snow flakes, lens flares, smoke etc.? Come on, man. 🙂

  11. I know photographs and artwork is totally subjective, but I think Lightroom is almost like cheating. Because it doesn't look true to life. Yes, the pictures most of the time look better after an edit just like fake tits look better than real tits, but I'm torn.

  12. I hate the idea of adding shit to a picture to make it more "interesting." If you dont have the shot, you dont have it. Why fake it? Thats not to say the edit itself is bad. Just the practice of doing it makes no sense to me.

  13. Jesus, not every photo needs to look like its from transformers. The squirrel had the contrast between the perfectly sharp squirrel and the soft landscape. And you killed it. And i think i don't even have to talk about the mountain in the desert

  14. 9:38 Peter, the English language sets rules and then immediately breaks them. NorthamptonSHIRE looks as though it should pronounce as SHYER but we actually say SHEAR. Even more nuts we collectively call all counties that end 'shire' like Hampshire, Berkshire, Lincolnshire… we call these SHIRES, pronounced SHYERS exactly as you said it. Go figure!

  15. Love love love your edits, except I think you ruined the one of the girl walking on the desert road. It was better before you touched it. With that said, I learned a lot from this video!

  16. I just wonder which edit program could be proper for starting with photography and editing. Im quite a rookie in these topics Im need some help at the moment.

  17. so i'll buy $10.000 of gears and with all that come and retouch it. so wtf was all that spending for? so it's the same shit as auto tune then. all fake

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