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p.m. edits my shots at Gmail doc what there’s 8,000 emails I can even choose there’s hundreds of pages [Music] what’s up everybody Peter MacKinnon here welcome back to another video today is the day we’ve been waiting for I’m actually I’m super excited for this video today we are well I am I’m editing your Roth photos the other day I put out an Instagram story that said if you want to participate on Thursday that’s today I’m going to be making a video editing your raw photos so send them to this email right here and for those of you that actually did send them here thank you anyone that sent them anywhere else instantly deleted but that email got more than 8,000 hits in less than like 24 hours in the first 40 minutes of me making that Instagram story there’s 2,000 emails Gmail locked to the account so we bought more storage and then I got locked out three times total trying to make this video because it was like unusual activity way too high too many emails stop downloading attachments wow I am like honestly I’m blown away so the shear interest in this topic if you guys wanted me to edit your shots thank you that’s awesome I’m super excited I’ve picked nine different nine different pictures to edit a couple from different people some just won some a couple depending on the photos it was a lot of work to go through and I’m like I’m already looking forward to the next one that we do so if your photo doesn’t get edited today don’t worry I’m gonna make this a series this will be episode 1 but we will lay some ground rules going forward so don’t send any more emails I’m not taking any submissions right now if you send an email if your photos to edit today or any other day until I announce it it’s just gonna get deleted I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone that’s submitted especially the people that I’m gonna be editing their photos today thank you for letting me do this it’s also important to say I am NOT the best editor in the world there are far better than me this is just like my style and how I interpret these photos it’s my personal preference the colors that I feel would look good this is how I would edit my own shots with that being said I just want to make it a friendly environment everywhere in the comments and all that stuff because of these people that takes courage to submit a raw photo of yours for millions of people to see for someone that you don’t even really know that’s awesome and I just wanted to get that out of the way before we rolled into the first edits of today’s video here are two shots that he submitted one is a lake just took a landscape and the other is of him standing in front of the lake obviously he was hiking he’s got his camera stuff on his back though at school al jazz you are from Slovenia so thank you for submitting all the way over I would love to go to Slovenia and like Lake Bled bog can you just cut mmm please I’m gonna pick the one of him standing because I like the fact that there’s a subject more just the landscape shot I feel like it’s a little too heavy and just the water would have loved to have seen more of the like the rolling landscape in the distance be the BET’s mountains or more sky I just like the foreground a little too dominant for me so when I crop this for Instagram which I’m gonna be by the way cropping all of these in a four by five format for social posts so keep an eye out for that there’s a few in here that I’ll probably they’re just too good at landscape I don’t want to crop them but for the most part four by five okay so one of the first things I did with this photo is I changed his jacket from green to yellow I just there was just something about the green in the snow that looked weird to me I figured the yellow looked a lot better now I had a little bit of difficulty changing the yellow first because I was messing around with the HSL sliders and tabs lens corrections to get rid of the thing getting on the sides you can see he actually captured quite a bit of snowfall it was obviously snowing wow he shot this I added a little bit of snow myself it’s a very subtle snow addition it’s not like a crazy blizzard I didn’t put motion blur on and I just dropped the opacity a little bit to even make it look potentially like water spots so water spots or snow I added that in and then left the opacity around like 20% maybe even less just so it was like just showing off because it didn’t really need to be there I just felt like if you notice it it just makes the photo feel a little more dramatic so he hasted a little bit to get some of the highlights back in those clouds thrown a couple gradient masks with exposure to make sure that the sky was good in the ground the foreground all that and I couldn’t really get the yellow that I wanted it wasn’t until I was in Photoshop using selective color versus the HSL tabs in Lightroom that I was able to really drop the cyan from that and make it pop into that like orange yellow that I really wanted to make this subject stand out even more so in my opinion in a more pleasing way than the green jacket I also increased the blue tone in the image to make it feel colder make it feel a little more Arctic because he is standing on a snowy rock in front of what could even be almost a frozen lake surrounded by snowy mountains it’s just got that winter vibe to it like this is the exact type of photo I would take I had so much fun editing this i cropped it for Instagram centering him because he was standing on that rock I had it with a little more negative space with Headroom because I loved that I loved like a little small object with a lot of atmosphere but with this particular photo because he’s standing on this rock I just I needed I needed to keep that in there so this is my edit for you al jazz hope you enjoy its great photo amazing locations superjealous and thank you so much for submitting write Calum Morrison is next on the list Calum is a British photographer these photos were taken in the Alps I chose these photos because I really liked the dog and I liked the landscape it was kind of like a two nice contrasting subjects and I found that the originals were especially the dog were underexposed enough that I could have some fun playing with it bringing back the shadows in the highlights I started by always correcting my horizons making sure it was nice and straight and then I wanted to see how much detail I could bring back by sliding down the highlights lifting up the shadows trying to dial in that exposure so that I could start editing from a place it was a little more you know further down the line I don’t want to start adding presets or start messing with color or clarity or any of those things until the exposure is pretty much dialed then I can go into the more creative coloring option I’m gonna use my preset Ember here because I feel like that lends itself to the color of the coat of this beautiful little furry four-legged friend here I applied that preset and then from that point because I’ve always suggested that presets are a great starting point manipulating from there the preset ember looks good for colors but it was just a little bit too dark so I was able to adjust that with the shadows and the highlights and the whites and that preset particularly kills all the blues but like a really nice summer day so I’ve brought a little bit of those blues back but primarily wanted it to be that like teal and orange color on the slightly muted side also added a couple masks to this photo one to brighten up the dog itself but keep the background exposure the same and then a second to brighten up the dog’s eyeball but not brighten up the entire photo I just wanted the eyeball so I made two of those masks just for exposure bumped that a little bit cropped it Center framed negative space with the head room like my preference is and you are left with a photo that looks like this that’s a good-looking dog you got there um he’s got another landscape shot of this habit now the cabin um there’s a few things I noticed right off the bat the exposure of this photo is pretty spot-on like you can see the detail in the clouds you can see all the detail in the foreground there’s not one part of the photo that I feel is too dark so he nailed exposure in camera which is just gonna make this photo easier to edit my one issue is I wasn’t sure where the subject was because we have a shed off to the left kind of lower thirds and then a couple feet over we’ve got someone standing who’s also a subject so we’re kind of competing for because he’s far enough away from that shed he’s not interacting with it he’s not sitting on the edge of it he’s not coming out the door isn’t like camping bags leaning against it you know all this to say there’s two subjects here so probably gonna start by cropping this a little bit to get rid of a lot of the foreground I feel like there’s a lot of information there are a lot of space that I just don’t need because most of the photo most of the activity that’s happening in this photo is on the left side is I’m gonna crop in so it makes that more of a prominent focus same things I’m gonna draw these masks on I love using these gradient masks both for the sky for the foreground to make sure that I can grab saturation and contrast out of that foreground without affecting the rest of the photo did the same thing for the sky so I could kill those highlights even more and bring back more definition with the clouds and this just felt like a good like Mountain shot cabin I want to pop that red a little bit more I want to kind of keep the colors the overall tones of the photo a little more muted but sharp especially when you’re shooting in mouth you can really draw mood from any type of picture when you’re shooting in landscapes like this you can see I’ve kept the orange and yellows in the foreground but move them more so they don’t look like grass per se it looks a little more you know stylized a little more Moody and then we muted some of the Blues in the mountains and the sky to just again get that kind of darker contrast those darker tones bring out the moods of the mountain and we pop that red on the shed so that it you know it’s the focal point now I’ve cropped this for Instagram and I chose to go this way centering both him and the shed together not just centering the shed or centering him because then it would look off because those two subjects are split I put them both middle and that would be my crop decision I was to post this online Calum thanks so much great photos keep up the great work hope you enjoy the edits and thank you so much for your submission alright next up we have Daniel hawk what a cool ask how Hawk I think of it I’m gonna go talk because that’s dope twenty-three-year-old wildlife photographer from the UK Northamptonshire er that’s a lot of letters and that I didn’t think that would end been shooting since he was 14 years old his favorite animal is the red squirrel so he was able to set up his tripod between two stumps two trees where he saw these squirrels jumping and waited to time it perfectly to capture this squirrel midair in between those two sound first off I’m not even sure how you were able to get the photo that you got this well kudos right off the bat this photo is so Pat sharp it’s so perfectly sharp nailed focus there’s no motion blur I’m super impressed so I was really excited to get to edit this photo and this is one of those photos where the exposure is great the framing is great he’s framed between these two stumps the depth of field on this photo is insane perfectly smooth creamy background the foreground has enough detail but still blurred out like I almost like I don’t even really need to do any for this photo at all but the one thing that I knew I already wanted to do was I made a preset specifically for green photos back in the phone called wolfswood I know like literally with one click I can make this photo pretty much just pop the way I’m thinking about it if we did that it went in applied wolfswood preset brought it into Photoshop pumped up the orange a little bit on that little red squirrel sharpened it with an unsharp mask probably didn’t need to do that because it added a little bit of unwanted noise to the background but sometimes when I see noise added I then add myself a little bit of grain to make it feel like that style was intentional or you can you know bring that luminance up a little bit and try to remove that cream but then it starts looking a little bit weird so I probably could have gone a little bit less on the sharpening there but wolfswood it just brought it right home to where I like I’m happy with that now this particular photo I would not go four by five on this particular photo I would want it full landscape because it’s just framed so beautifully I didn’t even bother trying to crop it I was messing around with it and it was not working for me and I just decided you know what nope this is one of those rare occasions where you drop it in landscape and you accept your applause good job man this is a dope photo thank you so much for submitting okay next up we have gal ECF you saved terribly sorry guys names are very hard to pronounce Gao is not a super cool name 25 years old from Israel and took this amazing shot of this subject walking straight down what looks like an old desert country road the exposure is great right off the start the framing is perfect so I love centre framed photos so this was going to be very easy to edit I think it’s just like the wannabe composite photographer inside me because I’m not the best at it it’s something that I do work on people like visuals of Julius on Instagram that I’ve shut it out before his skills are insane we need to I need to go hang up that guy for like two months the first thing I saw with this photo was the massive sky and there is detail on the sky you can see I brought down the highlights and the shadows and it revealed way more detail in those clouds which was great for me I just felt like I just need to stick a mount back there I need I need an isolated Mountain in the very back and it make it feel like it’s like you know the Sierra Mountains are out in Colorado somewhere that’s just like that’s the instant vibe I got when I saw this photo so the first thing I did was take out the power lines now there’s subtle but you do see them in there and they were distracting me so I brought this into Photoshop went ahead did the content-aware fill got rid of all three of those power lines separately probably could have done it in one chunk but I didn’t want it to like mess up the sky pattern too much so I did them individually bringing it back into Lightroom tweaking it to where I’m happy getting that base down so we can bring it back into Photoshop again and start messing around with this mountain so I found this mountain online on a stock site with an isolated white background is able to cut out that white background keep it close to the mountains edge and then just kind of add some fog on top I masked out the subject so that she would be in front of the mountain and then we just added some tone curves now these tone curves within Photoshop are gonna help me match the color of the mountain better the original color of this photo and then I went ahead and added some lens blur because the subject is in perfect focus the background is pretty far away so that mountain would not be realistically tack sharp so I added a little bit of lens blur trying to help make it look a little more realistic then I added a couple layers of fog just to make it feel like it was a little bit further back in the background so that’s what the fog was for putting it back in the Lightroom running one of my presets on it called Louise I believe was the one I used and then I tweaked it further from there to kind of give it like a fresh bright blue kind of with some red hints summery vibe because you know we’re not in the mountains we’re just the mountains or the backgrounds we don’t want it to feel cold I still want to have that like desert Sierra Nevada feel to it so that’s what I came up with that is the edit so I hope you enjoy it it’s a little out there I know and you know I had a lot of fun doing it so thank you so much for submitting your great photographer great capture moving right along to an individual by the name of Jacob Graf from the Czech Republic this shot was also taken in the mountains which looks a bit like cottage country from where I’m from and we have this subject here floating in the lake this is a great shot it’s just it’s creative it’s cool composition it’s not something you see all the time so I was pretty excited to get to work on this I can see the subject under the water a little bit so I know if I bring back those shadows and highlights we’re gonna recover some of the body but looking at this photo one of the first things I wanted to do was take down how blue the water was what I’m shooting a cottage country rhyme up north and that’s just a personal preference to me one of the things I don’t like very much is how green and blue both the sky and the water in the trees look I find that really hard to edit with and when people kind of just use those photos and pump the saturation a little bit and send it off there I feel like it doesn’t have the stylized tone it deserves so one of the first things I wanted to do with this photo was desaturated I went into the HSL task completely killed the green color so those trees are gone in the background muted the blues as well and then what I wanted to do was add another couple layers of fog like it did in the last video to make it feel a little more eerie kind of creepy and maybe a little bit like horror ask dream state like those all those things encompassed that’s like that was the mindset I had Wow editing this photo so playing around with the settings in Lightroom to get that the best it can lifting the blacks raising the shadows bringing back that detail under the surface of the water getting that fog in there to build those layers to make it feel kind of ominous and then after I was done doing all those things I ran a preset to give it my stylized look which was I believe in north which kind of just added a lot more brightness and like white to the photo which then dialed back gives me with a little touch of sharpen gives me the look that I’m looking for which is this photo right here it’s quite a difference but it has that creepy kind of horror ominous vibe that I wanted to go for when I first saw this shot so obviously could be taken in any direction I just feel this is more of like the fine art direction but I’m really happy with how it came out and it was a great capture so thanks so much for submitting your photo okay next up we have a 22 year old photographer from Montreal Quebec who shot this particular capture this frame last weekend during a snowstorm he said he saw this old woman carrying these grocery bags down the middle of the street during a heavy snowstorm and he just thought like wow no one even wants to go outside it’s negative 30 degrees Celsius that was his premise for this photo was to show how unique it was I wanted to add more snow but it was clearly snowing enough it looks already dramatic from the rock capture and just what the feeling that I got from this and this old woman carrying these bags he gave me a little bit of context I felt like a black-and-white photo was the best way to go so I actually switched lightroom over to monochrome and adjusted all my settings that way to effect the black and white a little bit better added some noise messed around with the shadows in the contrast to get a little more of a vintage look there and instead of using the D haze tool which normally brings back detail and clarity and cuts through the fog actually went the opposite way to give it a little more fog and take away a little bit of the detail to make that black-and-white photo really just give you that feel so it’s not an intense edit but I feel like it’s a very intentional edit that describes the story that happened last week very well so thanks so much for your capture I appreciate you submitting that photo that looks like one hell of a snowstorm I wish I was in okay next up we have 21-year old photographer saeed khan sides from london and he’s using a canon 200 d now i chose this photo because i like the street wear / urban vibe that i could clearly tell he was going for here so looking at the raw photos straight off i bring this up in my room thinking okay cool i need to lift the shadows fix the exposure so i can see the subject better and then the yellow lines in this bus are just competing way too much against the subject so i need to isolate the subject more with like an oval exposure mask so that I can like darken the entire photo except the subject and play around with the brightness of the yellow in these handlebars on the bus so street wear and urban wear and those types of lives and these types of photos I always kind of have it more of a feeling of nighttime I feel like they shine in the excel at night like all these guys go out and the streets and rooftops and capture really cool stuff when most of you know most of the world’s asleep or done for the day so I wanted to kind of add that night vibe to this photo by making it a little or blue adding a couple extra features and then I finished it off with an actual anamorphic flare to kind of give it a little you know a little pop doing all those things adding some vignette to this photo making those masks I did several masks because it did a few times it brought it into Photoshop I messed with the yellow added that flare but I dropped the opacity just slightly because I didn’t want it to be too like too obnoxious too over-the-top but this is what I ended up with at the end of it after a couple clone stamps and a couple things here and there tweaked it four by five crop that’s where I landed with your photo man so I’m super pumped with this one thing that maybe I would do now looking at it a couple hours later I would maybe pop the purple in the detail of his jacket slightly just to get a little more color than just the yellow and blue overall I’m pretty happy with how this turned out and I must say that flare is just it’s tasty thanks so much for your photos really appreciate it and great job next up we have Shervin who shot these photos from a drone on the east coast of Italy sometimes being able to see a massive landscape really kind of makes you feel like you’re immersed inside it you know it gives you a sense of scale that maybe how big the people were or how big that item is in this case the castle and is a great photo it’s a great photo to start drone photos are just notoriously a little harder to edit all the time I don’t know why it is it’s just there’s something about editing a DJI drone photo that I’ve always found a little more difficult but I mean you’ve got your layers in this photo you can see the rolling hills in the back the mountain peaks there’s detail and definition in the sky and the foreground was composed well actually a really really great shot the only thing that it’s not doing it for me is just how blue the photo is just looks a little too blue in the submarine it doesn’t have that stylized look that I’m going for when I’m posting my images online so I think I’m gonna do is run a preset on this and I think amber would make this look really good so I did that at ran amber lifted the shadows a little bit cropped it for Instagram and this was the photo that I ended up with and I like how muted it is I’m did over from the center I didn’t want to keep it center frames because we have a little bit of like ruins from the castle as well I wanted to include those in that four by five frame and I just liked the muted softness of those rolling hills in the background while still being able to see those white caps I didn’t kill the blue saturation entirely I dropped it to about 10% so it is there if you look it’s not completely black and white now it looks a little more like maybe the Sun is setting and that orange glow from the Sun is just hitting the side of that castle right before the light vanishes for the day so that’s the decision I made for this photo and a great capture man that looks like an awesome place to fly the drone super jelly just gonna put it out there thank you so much for your submission okay and we are at the last submission of the day and it is none other than a buddy of mine Matt little wood who actually submitted some photos of his from some recent travels I believe he’s in Peru and all over the place South America really kind of getting around the globe there bud so again jealous of that but he gave me three really great photos I found this very interesting because the first thing I thought of when I looked at these photos here’s one of a girl standing on a cliff edge and here’s another one of a incredible looking subject wearing the most colorful and these and clothing like this this would be such a great edit this kind of thing is just it stands out just the infinite looking squares that diminish into the distance with this subject nicely centered with that dark background that makes him pop and the clothing it’s just it’s great so and then moving on to the third one which was this picture the cheetah which was great super close-up of a cheetahs eye I don’t even know what I should check the exif data on this to see what lens you use to shoot that because wow that’s close but these three photos like I don’t really think they need that much work to be editing so first off I started with this guy in this kind of this temple looking situation what I wanted to do was mute a lot of the colors bring that vignette down and I wanted to add some smoke into this I just feel like smoke would look good and make that subject pop a little bit more like a smoke layer over the entire photo with like a screen blending mode and then just layer mask out my subject to make him really really clear which would give me like a really stylized looking photos so after all those things were done you can see I killed a lot of the brown in the photo a lot of like the natural stone looking color I removed it completely to make it feel a little more like we were inside the cave not outside trying to see in I want to make it feel more inclusive that was a really fun one to edit not so great capture on that really had a good time and the cheetah that’s a great photo I don’t really need to do anything here besides pump the saturation and brightness of the cheetahs coat itself I don’t feel like it was orange enough so I just made it a little more Orange added a bit of clarity through an oval mask over his eye to just brighten it up a little bit and add some vibrance to that and now cropping this to four by five there’s a lot of dead space on the left side of this photo the Cheetahs body is out of focus it’s not in I can put our plane of focus so I just move that four by five frame all the way over and frame the Cheetahs eyes so it was just like half his face for this frame it feels more intentional it feels like the photo was shot this way versus having all that detail on the left side that we weren’t gonna use this feels like this was the purpose for this photo I’m really happy with how that crop came out I love how bright the whiskers are just popping off the corner of that photo incredible I would love to know the story of that shot and then the last one the mountain peak again we’ve got a subject standing right on the edge and that background is just making her pop it’s such a great photo already there were so many layers of this photo that looked great with sharpness and clarity that like it was almost distracting cuz you were just looking around it too much so initially I had like this bangin sunset because the pinks were just on fire in this photo and the Blues were great so I ran my Louise preset to kind of like just whitewash the photo a little bit and I slowly started bringing those colors back but I added a couple layers of fog and masking to the top so try to like pull your focus to the subject more so you’re not distracted Center frame that gave her tons of headroom small people in big places again great for a four by five frame I’m really happy with how this one turned out it feels really dream state this looks like it was probably taken either like right after golden hour or at like the crack of dawn so like right when you got out again like the water looks insane I wish I was standing there three incredible photos so thank you so much for submitting and that brings us to a conclusion for all of the photos I’m editing in this first episode of p.m. and it’s my shots to everyone that submitted photos thank you so much it takes courage to put your work out there your RAW photos out there for everyone to see even for me to manipulate how I think they look good which could be completely different from what you think looks good so for that very reason thanks so much for letting me do this it was a lot of fun like I said the beginning no longer taking submissions for photos so do not email me photos to edit when it is time to make the next episode I will make it very clear I will make an announcement and I will have a new place for you to send photos to and we’ll do this again but I am most definitely gonna do it again because it was so much fun I hope you enjoyed watching this episode I hope you learned something got a little bit of insight into the editing process yet again and enjoyed watching you know seeing other people’s work from all over the world that’s one of the coolest parts of this I mean these are photographers spanned across the planet showing us different pockets different cultures different styles mats what makes this really fun especially for me because I get to edit things that I don’t normally get to edit again thank you so much who thought like what if you like this video is smash it if that’s something that you’re into 2019 style hit the like button hit the bell do all of those things and folks I will see you next week peace thanks for watching thanks for sticking around for the bloopers lately you know let’s select few that that don’t just close you’re still here watching you specifically you’re laughing right now yeah I could see see I know and I appreciate you ok now we’re feeling uncomfortable you’re feeling it – so now you’re laughing again I just I know these things when I smile you smile stop you smiled again ok I’m actually gonna go now traumatic pause because you weren’t sure if I was actually going to go did this I’m good at this I’m actually going but like I said before I’m just going over here just to be off frame see ya

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