100 Replies to “Eerie Events Caught on Camera Baffle Skeptics”

  1. His name is Sayed Ali and the police have removed his Chanel. He only uses snap chat and very few devices… Keep in mind these locations have been destroyed by war… So there are very angry energies here. He is a very down to earth man, who is facing his fears, not seeking thrills.

  2. The theme-park clip – It's the bloody Sun FFS 🤦‍♂️ . Digital cameras have one chip that acts as the film for every "exposure" it takes. So if you overexpose it and damage it then you ruin the camera.

  3. Things, trinkets, and whatamajigs,
    is what they're all about.
    cellars, attics, closets and creaks,
    will make the smart ones doubt.
    Go down the hall and to the right,
    to find the ghostly voice.
    Swing the light right to the target,
    and see the black-eyed Joyce.
    She whispers softly in your ear,
    I've come to be your friend.
    A silly smile is what you give,
    now It will be your friend.

  4. I am not a mother anymore, a drunk driver killed my daughter but honestly if what happened in the very first video had happened to my baby when she was alive, I'd feel at peace with it. From my experience, ORBS are not anything harmful. I would feel relaxed upon seeing the video cause I would feel like my child is being watched over in a protective way. A guardian angel, if you will… but that's just me.

  5. Babies can not be harmed by spits or demons since it's the only time in their life they are 100% pure and have the full protection of God. Babies are in what's essentially the tutorial levels where they can't be harmed and it's not until I say they become 6 years old they enter the main game.

  6. Lame! The bag of whatever that fell in the store on its own was quite the reach to qualify as an eerie event. Since when is weight shifting in a bag on the edge of a shelf eerie?

  7. One good question to ask is: on the video with the alleged jinn, under normal circumstances what's a good reason to walk around in the dark with a camera…..???

  8. No it's the Sun sometimes when you shine a camera at the sunlight directly you get to see the actual planet of the Sun that circle is a Sun plus most of the videos you show a very grainy so I don't know what is real and what is steak that is very interesting to see

  9. Number 4 happened to me kinda also when me and my brother went to buy snacks and we came back like at 9:00 we’re driving back home and there was a car behind us with it’s high beams on and we were both quiet for some reason we turn the corner in front of us was a little Forrest and the fucking car turns transparent and goes straight into the Forrest I fucking scream and my brother driving also notices it and we fucking book it straight home speeding going 90mph

  10. That's weird maybe it was dust or maybe a dead family member?……. I kept my baby near me, his bassinet was in our room next to us until he was older (past the SIDS risk age)

  11. Oh come on. That is the sun. Some cameras can't handle the light intensity and it shows black. That rarely happens with modern cameras, but it;s very common with older digital ones.

  12. Did yall c the dude pointing in the sky on the 1143 or 34 mark mentioning Pennsylvania clowns and woods or was that just me? Zoom in and let me know

  13. A car disappears in a roundabout and they say that its a car who collects the dead from a hospital … ???.Serious, are you mentaly normal ha ha 😀

  14. Bro your getting so desperate. Your videos arnt even on actual paranormal events nemore dude. All these clip are obviously faked and you have seriously put them up on youtube. You just need to give it up

  15. Basically what's happening is that when you point the camera directly into the sun, the sheer huge intensity of the light directly on the sun is overwhelming the little chip inside the camera that's responsible for taking the picture. What the camera does is pretty much turn off those parts of the sensor that are receiving the overwhelming light in order to not be damaged. The result of this is what you see – a black dot.

    If it didn't do this, pointing the camera at the sun would cause a permanant mark on the sensor that would come up on every photograph from then on.

  16. No. 1: Your ghostly visitor was an insect flying around the baby's crib. No. 2: The sun. No. 3: The package was too close to the edge of the shelf. No. 4: The guy's fat butt clearly hit the door and shut it. No. 5: The red car had plenty of time to "disappear" before the guy on the bike came around the corner. It appears that the car simply went straight rather than continuing around the roundabout. No. 6: The clown…Who cares? Some dude knows about the camera in the woods and decided to prank the owner. Big deal. No. 7: Please. Let's get real. How fake can you get? No. 8: Nothing happened in that video that couldn't be faked. Not convinced.

  17. People UFOs in the sky are nothing more than demons making mankind believe there are aliens from other worlds. They can appear in any shape or form. They want you to believe you aren't created by Almighty God!

  18. The 1st one with the baby, the floating thing looks like ectoplasm! The 3rd one in the infirmary, did his butt hit the door as he bent over!?

  19. Most of this channel's content is bullshit now. Its all fake clips. oooohh a brown dot, must be an alien space craft. fucking bullshit.

  20. Okay now if people had noticed they weren't showing down that aisle where the thing came or came off the shelflike I said it wasn't showing down that aisle it was showing down the aisle the woman was on so nobody knows if anybody was on that aisle cuz that are down that aisle wasn't she'll just the aisle with the woman get your facts straight slap ham

  21. okay the door couldn't have slammed shut cuz it's a door that swings back and forth back and forth slap him why don't you talk or its making sense the door didn't slam shut because the door didn't slam it swings both ways or did you not catch that in the video hey did you ever get a go to HighSchool dude by any chance

  22. I can explain that red car!

    The red car that is on the round about goes around 1 time while going faster that the motercycleist can compensate to see it, the car will then exit the round about

  23. i think that door close by it selves might be one of the krew had illusion abblity like hudinni or something? and he shown his abillity without peoplle knowing it?

  24. Shadow patrol is my sister group in paranormal investigation! The person in the clip is Rhonda herself ❤ I have investigated it with my paranormal group as well the kitchen was the most active especially when you rang the chow bell! Shout out to shadow patrol love you guys 😁

  25. Black thing in the sky is a common error that happens when someone tries to film the "sun". If anyone did research on this…

  26. The guy in the last clip I believe is Ehab Qasmeyah. He has so many great videos. I feel his are the most genuine proof of spirits. I say spirits cuz idk really if I would call them ghost cuz that implies that they were once people. To me they seem like possible demons. If you really like ghost hunting then go check out his page.

  27. The door "suddenly " closing was obviously caused by her bending over and closing the door with her fucking big fat arse!!

  28. 2:00 the Dark circle is the sun. It was the way his camera was picking it up. The video looked like it was from the mid-late 90s or very early 00s.

  29. Number 6 is it literally just fell over lol I've worked at places like that an items fall all the time after being still fod like 10 minutes. You can't tell where the center oh gravity is.

  30. too many clowns perfectly dressed to cover themselves from being identified, they walk like a normal man but covered to spook unexpectedly any person who would get scared.

  31. Number 7 if it was a UFO don’t you think the people on the ride would seen it too not just the person recording it??

  32. The evil djinni. That brave man quoting from the Koran in a shaky voice.two thumbs up from me thanks for the effort excellent job

  33. If the clown sightings are just pranks how can we explain this??? Ummm the person who "caught" the video is an attention seeking loser …….

  34. OMG the Sun blacking out on camera is natural to some cameras, this is so lame, this makes you look like an amateur!

  35. 2:29 thats called ‘shit on the lens or mirror’ 😉
    4:33 the door was slammed by ‘supernatural’ fishing wire……….or the fat guy trumped and blew it closed😂

  36. the bag that fell looked like it was coffee or some other bean. The product finally settled and cause the bag that was put on the shelf not quite right to fall. Its called gravity. As for the nut house door closing that had been stuck on carpeting.. you can look to the fatty putting too much weight on the floor boards compressing them down – setting the door free.

  37. People who like to scare others by wearing clown costumes, holding knives or anything of the sort need to get a job and stop being a burden to society.

  38. So they are carpooling the souls😱🤔👻👻👻alright ghost get in, gas is expensive😂😧and st peter hasnt got a raise in an eternity😂👼💸

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