Emotion Wedding Photography

Hey thank you so much for coming seriously! No worries I’m so excited for this. Where do we start though? Ummmm??? Well the venue’s sorted. Got the dress obviously. The flowers… done them now. Ummm…So [sigh] I’ve got to find a photographer. But like I actually need an affordable one. Yeah and there are so many of them. Like once you start going through them one by one, it is actually mind boggling. The thing is like I’m having a really small wedding, so [sigh], I only need them for a short amount of time. I know…. and my sister had to wait so long for her photos, like months, months and months and months! Although the next day we got to put our photos up, the ones we’d taken from the day. So we all saw them on Facebook and that was nice. Yeah see that’s exactly what I want! but…[giggle] If only… If only you can find a photographer and a company that’s affordable. If only you could see your photos online and share them, within days rather than months. If only you knew that your photographer was professional, trusted and capable of capturing your day the right way. At eMotion Wedding Photography, we want to make it easy for you to choose an affordable, quality and reliable
professional wedding photography service. We believe you are entitled to expect great photos and we believe you should expect to see your photos the day after your wedding! We want you and your friends to see, share and celebrate your wedding day photos, whilst the memories are still fresh. And while we understand that weddings can be costly, eMotion has to affordable packages under $2,000. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Okay so eMotion Wedding Photography… you are set! Awesome [relief]

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