[ENG] BTS The Best of Album photoshoot

The Best Of BTS J: I can’t do it. J: I slept for 10 hours yesterday. During 2 years of promoting in Japan, are there any episodes? J: They provide great food at the venues. J: After I’ve performed,
when others goes on the stage to perform. J: When they perform,
I eat in the waiting room, recharge myself. J: And then I go back onto the stage to perform, it’s one of the fun things when we have concerts. J: The fans doesn’t know but this is what
I do behind the scenes, behind the stage. J: We’re releasing an album. J: The photos came out very well. J: You’ll be able to tell when you see it. J: I hope it will be loved by many people. How do you feel about debuting in Japan for 2 years? JH: It’s already 2 years. JH: Promoting in Japan have been really fun. JH: The fans are always looking forward to (see us). JH: Whenever we have jacket photoshoots, we know that fans are waiting for us. JH: So we always want to meet our fans with our best result. JH: When we have photoshoots, I always concentrate. JH: I think this time will come out nicely too. JH: Our fans will really like it. JH: It’s because of our ARMYs that we’re
able to promote during these 2 years. JM: Hello. JM: The bust shot is definitely better. JM: The closer you get, the more charismatic. I’m Jimin. During 2 years of promoting in Japan, are there any episodes? JM: I remember that we’ve been to many places and ate delicious food, and being in the hotel. JM: And starting from the small venues up
till now we’re holding arena tour. JM: These are the precious moments in our memories. JM: We have so many memories in
Japan, so it’s difficult to pick one out. The most memorable activity up till now? RM: It has got to be the concerts. RM: Like the concert in Yokohama Arena. RM: And at a-nation. RM: It was our first time to perform in
front of so many people, over 50,000. RM: That was the most memorable. RM: And among the audience,
there were many of our fans. RM: I remember the happy moments. RM: Please keep watching over us and anticipate. RM: I want to spend the fan meeting
and concerts happily with our fans. RM: Happy. How’s the promotion in Japan for the past 2 years? JK: When we meet our Japanese fans,
their personalities are similar but different. JK: It’s fun to see ARMYs’ personalities,
expressions and smiling faces. JK: I like the atmosphere of Japan. JK: I like the atmosphere of the city. JK: So, I like walking around in Japan. JK: Performing is fun as well. JK: I like eating a lot of delicious food and
looking at the scenery from the hotel. JK: Promoting in Japan have been really fun. JK: I think my Japanese have improved
as we’re promoting in Japan. JK: It’s fun. How’s the promotion in Japan for the past 2 years? S: I’m sorry that we can’t often meet our fans as we’re promoting in Japan. S: But whenever we go to Japan, we promise that
we’ll show you great music and performance. S: We’re working hard to try to go to Japan more often. S: Also, it’s an honor to hold concerts
in Japan and it’s a fun experience. S: Promoting in Japan have been really fun. S: In the future, we’ll show you many great music
and performances. So I hope you’ll anticipate. S: We’ll come to Japan more often. A message to the Japanese ARMYs V: When we go to Japan to meet our fans after a while… V: I feel really flustered. V: I heard that the Japanese ARMYs have been waiting for us, so I want to go to Japan as soon as possible. V: We’ll come soon, so just wait a little longer. V: ARMYs, wait for us with hands together. V: Got it? V: And winter is coming. V: It snows in the winter. V: Thank you. V: Please fix my makeup. JH: Another album jacket photoshoot has ended. JH: When we make memories,
I think ARMYs makes memories too. JH: I think ARMYs already made great memories because I came out looking cool today. JH: Because J-Hope came out looking cool today. J: We always want to show you new things, so I hope you’ll like this pretty look when the album is released. J: Bye~ JK: Today’s photoshoot concept was very chic. JK: So, we took many expressionless cuts. JK: I believe that it will come out well. JK: Today’s photoshoot was fun and it went well. RM: I hope many people will like it because
it’s our first best album’s jacket photoshoot. RM: We’ll come to meet you guys,
so please wait. Thank you. S: It’s fresh to have a photoshoot
with 2 contrasting outfits. S: I hope many people will love our first best album. S: Thank you. V: Winter is here,
so ARMYs be careful not to catch a cold. V: Wear a lot of thick layers. V: And drink lots of hot drinks. V: And think about me. V: We’ll come to meet you with a cooler look. V: So please anticipate a lot. Thank you. JM: Because you’re always with us
and many of you are waiting for us. JM: I think there’re many. JM: I think we’ve grown up a bit than before. JM: We’ll come to see you soon,
so please wait a bit longer. Staff: Jin, we can’t see you because of V’s shadow. Come a bit forward towards Rap Monster. Staff: Just slightly, you’ve covered him now. 2, 3, Bang! Tan! Hi, we’re BTS. RM: Our Best Album is going to be released. JH: I’m curious of what kind of songs will be
included in the Best Album. RM: Hobi’s outfit is the best today. JH: The best. JH: Everyone is the best. RM: Our Best Album will
be released, so please love it a lot. RM: Everyone’s love is the best, BTS is the best, ARMY is the best. JK: We’ve worked hard in the photoshoot. JH: Please give us a lot of love. Bye~

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