[Engsub] Naver Star Cast – Seventeen Repackage Album ‘Very Nice’ Album Jacket Photoshoot BTS

DN: Boo Seungkwan’s Talk Show! Say the name, Seventeen! Hello we’re Seventeen WZ: Here is repackage album jacket photoshoot
filming site WZ: People gave a lot of love for our 1st
Full Albumso we could meet again through repackage album! SK: ‘Very Nice’ is more.. how do i say it SK: I think you can see more of our choreography
and manly vibe~ V: It’s been a while since I played with Lego V: There’s something that I assemble by myself DN: What game are you playing? WZ: It’s EZ2DJ (or EZ2AC is a rhythm game you can find in an arcade) WZ: EZ2DJ is really fun though WZ: You don’t know EZ2DJ?
SK: I don’t know WZ: EZ~2DJ~ you don’t know? WZ: Too bad DN: I look different now and then PD: When was this taken? DN: This was taken during MAMA in Hongkong (Maknae lost in memories while seeing the polaroid photos) DN: We have a lot of memories… DN: There’s photos from Mansae album photoshoot DN: Aigoo, look Vernon hyung is so handsome… Vernon hyung is really… SK: You can just smile like that. before, you were like… SK: “Vernon, smile” (Raining during photoshoot) SC: Wherever Seventeen goes… One Fine Day, etc… (Seventeen who doesn’t have luck with weather) … it’s always raining SC: When we went for “My Friend’s Island”
it was raining hard too SC: This is… Seventeen is the problem (Nods nods) SC: We should admit that SC: Seventeen’s doesn’t have luck in weather… SC: You said you had a meal? (Wonwoo eating after a meal) WW: The egg is so good~ DK: We’re laundry team JH: Show us how you do laundry… we have
laundry song right? DK: We need to do laundry~ (Sweet(?) Laundry Team) HS: Should I show the choreography? I’m still making it… JH: It’s not decided yet (1. Golf) JH & HS: This kind of dance… (2. Soccer) MG: Basketball! (3. Basketball) DK: Wait, isn’t that Mansae choreo?
JH: Show us badminton! DK: He danced to Mansae choreo though??? (4. Badminton that Jeonghan wants to see) DK: There’s nothing that he can’t do
MG: Swimming! DK: What’s with swimming (5. Swimming that Mingyu wants to see) HS: Please look forward to ‘Very Nice’!
MG: It’s a really exciting song (Dokyeom who plays a bit of basketball) DN: Seems like you play basketball? DK: Of course (The basketball photoshoot scenario: Dokyeom received the pass and running to the hoops, but…) SK: The hoops is there!! Who told him to throw it here!!! (2nd try) (Why can’t you run forward…) SK: He doesn’t know the rules! He doesn’t
know it! DK: I can’t make it cool. Since usually I always play basketball like this V: Now, your visual alone is the best in the
world SC: You’re Michael Jordan DK: I’m Michael Dodan (OH I am the captain OH) DK: Jun hyung, do it properly DK: Joshua, i told you to do it properly HS: Why were you flustered, captain? SK: Try to play the basketball with your heart!
(Dokyeom’s catchphrase) HS: You said you play basketball with heart DK: Basketball…you play it with heart… (Hoshi experiencing(?) massage chair during
waiting) HS: It’s really refreshing HS: It hurts though? JS: Why didn’t you plug in the cord? (Mysterious Massage Chair) HS: Highest strength (Strong) JS: It’s really strong!
HS: Middle, middle! (Middle) (Weak) (Their performance is very nice(?)) SK: The normal watergun fight is boring so,
we choose a king for each team SK: If the king got wet, the team lost (Blue Team: King Dino) HS: Hyung please give us an advantage (Blue team has less team members than Pink team) HS: (We lost) if whole of Dino’s body got wet SC: Okay HS: If not, then… DN: Is it a good thing? (Something is weird?) MG: Be quiet! DK: Watergun fight… you play it with heart (#Michael_Dodan who play watergun with heart) (King’s Knight Game came to nothing) (Jun who said he was scared but use a bucket) *Pay attention to the pink bucket whereabouts* (Seungkwan-ah…) SK: We nicely wrapped up the jacket album photoshoot WZ: Very nicely~ SK: We will come to meet you again very nicely Say the name, Seventeen! Thank you! Bye~~ MG: Dokyeom, hurry and hold this

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  1. 3:32 OMG LOOK AT SEUNGCHEOL HAHAHAHHAHA he was like "im so done with these idiots" lol i feel you bro

  2. 5:37 you can see seungkwan throw the bucket of water to jihoon
    5:41 you can see seungkwan being all wet

    i guess woozi make a revenge because you can still see how woozi makes the revenge XDXDXDXD

  3. Jihoon is such a cutie in this😍😍 And he's talking so much😍😍

    I swear, Jihoon is becoming more hyper and cheerful and talkative and noisy after each comeback. Im happy he's become like this because he is just so much cuter when he's noisy and not serious. But he IS hot and charismatic when he's serious in producing tho😍😍

  4. i just scream when i see dokyeom's bicep. look at his body,so hot when playing basketball. I'm so done with you dokyeomie..

  5. I swear I can't with Jeonghan and Mingyu 😭❤❤❤ It's not that I even ship them but I kinda do😭 sorry SCoups and Wonwoo😂

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