ENTER Valentine’s Day Image CONTEST to WIN the Impact VENTURE TTL-600 Monolight!

– Hello, hello, Alex Koloskov here, from Photigy School of Photography. Today, I wanted to tell
you about our brand-new, Valentine’s Day image contest,
sponsored by our friends from B&H photo video.com, the best online store for photographers. The contest is open to all
photographers 18 years and older, not affiliated with Photigy team or B&H. To enter, you must create your
best Valentine’s Day-themed still life product shot and submit it, along with your lighting
setup, guys, it’s important, by the contest deadline. All the information below
this video, on Description. You can shoot in a studio,
outdoors or whatever, and you can include a person in the shot, if it makes sense to do so, but the focus of your image should be on a product. We leave it to your
imagination and creativity to decide on how to interpret
the Valentine’s Day theme. The judges will be evaluating creativity, technical execution, post
production, and composition. Semi-finalist entries
will be critiqued live, online, and the winner will be announced at that time, by our judges. The winner will receive
this awesome prize. So what in this mysterious case? Guys, this is something. Bam, the winner will receive
this amazing Venture VE-TTL-600 battery-powered light by Impact, courtesy of B&H Photo Video. And this is an amazing,
this is an amazing light. Check out the unboxing,
so you’ll see everything, what exactly inside and what
the winner will receive. This incredibly compact,
600 watt-second TTL light is about the same size as,
well, 70 to 100 millimeter lens. Has eight stop range, with
super-fast flash duration and recycling time, and
great color accuracy. This is an amazing light for
anyone who shoot outside, for action photographer,
splash and everything. And make sure to check the link below so you can enter this contest. Good luck, and I can’t wait
to see what you will create. Don’t forget to like and
subscribe to the channel so you won’t miss out
all the great content that we produce every week. Happy Valentine’s Day,
from all of us at Photigy, and B&H Photo. See you next time. (graphics ticking) (gentle tone) Whoo, (light pops) pop, pop, it’s cool. It has LED in it, and it’s cool already.

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