– I have mustache. – [Bryan] Dude, I love your mustache. Did you make that? – Yeah. – [Bryan] That’s so cool. You’re so smart. (“This is Home” by Bryan Lanning) ♫ Wherever you are,
that’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a
laugh in that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked up and sighed, ♫ “This is home” ♫ Just running around
you’ve never looked so cute ♫ Hugging you tight,
cuddlin’ all I could saying, ♫ “I am home” ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me – Good morning.
– Good morning. – We are out and about today. And Ollie, where’s your brother? – [Bryan] Where’s Fin? – At Mimi Papa’s house. – Yeah we left today
like right at nap time – We dropped him off – Yeah and he fell asleep
in the car and I was like, “Oh, I should try and transfer him to …” ‘Cuz we were down, near my
parents house, I was like, “Let’s transfer him to the pack and play” at my parents house, and
then see if he sleeps while we do our shopping and stuff. Well he woke up and now he’s so mad. But look at this, free smells. – [Bryan] Smell it Ollie, smell it. – [Missy] How’s it smell? – No.
– [Missy] Not good? – It smells like glass. – [Missy] (laughing) It smells like glass. – [Bryan] We’re going into Jimmy Johns. – [Missy] Yup, we’re gonna grab
some Jimmy Johns for lunch. – [Bryan] Ollie those
are called Jimmy Chips. – Jimmy Chips. – [Bryan] Yeah, they’re names after Uncle. Can you open them? That is not how you open chips bro. – [Missy] You gotta pull it. – [Bryan] There you go. Do
you like those Jimmy Chips? – Yeah, they’re my favorite chips. – [Bryan] Those are your favorite chips? – Just like it. – [Bryan] Just got our
sandwiches, and I am so excited. Look at that yumminess of Jimmy Johns. So Ollie’s been getting really
creative with his sandwich. This is now what he is going
to spend the rest of the day looking like. Oh hey. – [Missy] Remember your bread mouth. – [Bryan] Is that your bread
mouth? Are you like a duck? Can you open it? We’ve
been kinda holding it so he can open it (laughing). Why are you so weird? I love it. I love our weird kids. – We are done with lunch and
now what are we doing Ollie? – Going shopping. – [Missy] Going shopping – [Bryan] He sounds so excited. – [Missy] Ollie’s like,
“Why didn’t you leave me “with Mimi and Papa?” He was actually a little
upset when he found out that Fin got to stay with Mimi and Papa. We’re gonna do some shopping.
We’re gonna do some grocery shopping, and then we
need a couple of things that are non-grocery– – Which will be much easier without Fin. – Yeah it will be.
– Look at this chip. – Wow, that’s a big one. – Yeah, that’s a really cool one. – It’s a really cool one. We’re gonna be doing some
fun stuff later today, so we’re doing a photo shoot.
But not just any photo shoot later today, we are doing
an underwater photo shoot. – Did you know that Ollie? – Mm-hm. – We’re gonna take pictures
of you under water. – Isn’t that so cool? – Mm-hm. – So I really wanted to try
and find them a couple cute bathing suits that are kinda new, but also like look nice underwater. Kind of just wanted to see
what Target has to offer us. – Let’s do this. – Hey Ollie. – What? – Who is that guy? – Mario. – [Bryan] Mario! It’s me Mario. Mamas looking at bathing suits. – Cool. – This is kind of a cute
one, if they had his size. – [Bryan] Oh yeah totally,
with their short shorts. Sharks! – I got my finger stuck. – [Bryan] You got your finger stuck? Oh no! Your finger, oh… I saved you. Sorry, saved the day.
– I saved myself. – Alrighty, got our shopping done and now we are headed over to Mimi and Papas to pick up Mr. Finnigan. – [Missy] Fin! Did you miss us? You got to have fun with Mimi and Papa. And not go shopping. Ollie were you glad you went shopping, or you wish you stayed
here with Mimi and Papa? – I stay with Mimi and Papa. – [Missy] He’s like, “Why
did I have to go shopping “with you guys?” – [Bryan] A snake?
– [Missy] Whoa! Ahh! Alright, I thought I would show you guys one of our long-lost family members. Jimmy’s pet and love of his life, basically (laughing). Look at Zury. Hi Zury. She’s like, “Wait, do I know you?” Hi. You love your Jimmy, huh? If you guys don’t know
Zury lives here now. Jimmy takes very, very good care of her. They have actually, a really close bond. She doesn’t really like anyone,
but she really likes Jimmy. And she’ll only listen to Jimmy,
she’ll only come to Jimmy. She’ll only like sit with
Jimmy, or sleep with Jimmy. Like, so funny. She’s still so pretty. There
she is, happy as can be. Come say hi. Come here. – [Bryan] Ollie wants to say hi to Zury. – [Missy] Zury is a cute kitty. Awe. So for those of you who
don’t know, we did get Zury when Ollie was three years,
for his third birthday. But, we were hoping for a
cat that was just gonna kinda stay in the house, ‘cuz
we wanna keep her safe, but she is a wanderer, and she was getting out every chance I got and I was so afraid
she was gonna get hurt. She’s a cat that wants to be
like out and about and stuff. But I think our house
was just a little too stressful for her ‘cuz she
was just always trying to find a way out. Here, she doesn’t go out. She’s much safer, like
smaller environment. And she’s super happy, so … – She’s not a friendly cat. She’s just not. She just only likes Jimmy, but Jimmy insists that she’s friendly. But for us, she doesn’t
even really let me pet her. She’s just kind of … She’s very standoffish. – Alright you guys, as you know, this summer we have been having
so much fun in our new pool, haven’t we? – Mm-hm. – If you guys wanna watch
any of those videos, please click the iCard in the corner. I have put together some, lot of the fun, pool videos that we’ve done this summer. So today we are going to
get some professional photos taken of you guys
underwater. How’s that sound? – Good. – [Bryan] So our good friend Crystal is here …
– Hey! – [Bryan] With this
massive beast. You ready? – I’m ready. – How’s the pool feel? – Oh my God, it feels like a bath. – [Bryan] Yeah its like 95 degrees. – That’s good for me,
‘cuz I’m a water snub. – [Bryan] And she has her girls over who jumped immediately, right in the pool and are having so much fun. So this is cool. We just
get to swim and take photos. (Upbeat pop music) Something we’ve been wanting to capture in photos is this jump. So Ollie, jump and I want you to wave to the camera and look at it and
smile under water. Okay? – [Crystal] Three, two, one. – [Bryan] Smile and jump! (upbeat pop music) – Alright. We just got done with our amazing underwater photo shoot and I realized that we’ve
done one of those before when Fin was in Mama’s belly. Do you remember that? – Mm-hm. – Yeah, if you guys wanna watch that vlog, I’ll have it linked in the iCard. But guess what Ollie? – Hmm? – Someone gave you a package. Ollie and Fin got a package from Lego! Check this is out. It’s actually from Lego Junior
and we’re going to un-box it. Now I have no idea what’s in here. They didn’t even tell me they
were sending us a surprise. Lego you’re way too good to us. You always give us so many cool goodies. Alright, come over here boys. Ollie and Fin, you guys
wanna open it together? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Bryan] Alright. Open it up boys. Carefully. What’s in it? – [Missy] He’s so excited. What is it? – [Ollie] Oh my gosh, this is so cool. – [Bryan] What? Oh, we have a Mater’s Junkyard. Look at this one. Willy’s
Butte Speed Training. Oh so cool. Look it– Whoa! So these are the new Cars Lego
Juniors sets, easy to build. That is so cool. Look
at all those cool Legos. – Can we open them up? – [Bryan] Yeah. – Lego Playset helps you
and your family celebrate the new Disney’s Pixar Cars 3 Movie, release by building and
playing with these exciting three new Lego Juniors Cars
3 set. We are including– – [Bryan] How cool. – I am so excited to open these. – And also don’t forget
the Fandango gift card for you and your family to check out the new Cars movie at your local theater. – [Bryan] Oh cool! We actually haven’t seen
Cars 3 yet, have we? – Thank you Lego. – Yes thank you Lego for hooking it up. We got lots of cool
things we can build now. I’m excited to try these. These are the Lego Juniors
that are just easy to build. – [Missy] Yeah.
– [Fin] (yelling excitedly) – [Bryan] Fins really into it too. – [Missy] He wants Legos. – Because Ollie likes the little Legos. He doesn’t really do the
Lego Duplo, you know. – [Missy] Yeah, yeah. – [Bryan] So it’s cool,
that they have sets that are easy for him. – [Fin] (babbling excitedly) – [Bryan] Oh really? – [Missy] I think he wants to play. – [Bryan] Oh really? Look at
this belly. Look at this belly. – [Missy] They’re for
kids four and up Ollie. – [Bryan] Oh, you gotta wait until your birthday to play with them. – Lego? – No, you can play with them now. You’re smart right? – [Bryan] What? We got a special delivery, don’t we? (Missy and Bryan laughing) Fin, are you hanging out in the box? There you go, almost. Almost. – [Ollie] Let’s open them. – [Bryan] (laughing) Are you stuck? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah. Ohhhh. – [Missy] Good job. – [Bryan] Did it! Which one do you want to build? This one? And you want to do Mater? – [Missy] Oh we got one
for each of them, actually. – [Bryan] Yeah, isn’t that cool? – Oh, That’s so nice. – I think this one is for you. This ones for me. – [Missy] Good job. (upbeat music) – I have a mustache – [Bryan] Dude, I love your mustache. Did you make that? – Yeah. – [Bryan] That’s so cool. You’re so smart. – [Missy] Look it’s coming together. What’s it look like? – [Bryan] Nice. Starting
to look like Mater. Let’s finish er up. – [Missy] Oh, we need the teeth. – The teeth. – There’s the teeth. The teeth go … right in the front right there. Yup, just like that – I put on the last tire. – [Bryan] Only one more tire? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Wow. – Now, I make this Mater. – Alright and this goes
on the side of the car. Just like on, this side right here. – I seriously love watching Ollie do Legos because I feel like its just
stimulating his brain so much. He’s so into it, and seeing
him look at the directions and then do it, practically
in front of him. It’s like really cool to see
your kid do these things. Like he’s literally almost
built Mater right now. It’s so cute. – [Ollie] Right there? – [Missy] Yeah, so you’re just gonna push
down right on that one. (upbeat music) – It’s Mater. – [Bryan] That looks so good, dude! Good job. Isn’t he cool? – Yeah. – [Bryan] What’s your
favorite part about him? – His little hook. – [Bryan] Yeah, he’s got a hook so he can tow all the other cars, huh? – Yeah. – Hey Fin, who do you got? – (babbling) – [Bryan] You got a Lego
car too. Well he’s got his Lightning McQueen, I
believe it’s a Hot Wheels. And then what’s that? – That. – [Bryan] Is that a new car? – (Babbles) – [Ollie] That’s actually a Lego car. – [Bryan] It’s a Lego car? Can I see? Whoa. That is so cool. Yes, the boys had to move on to a new set. Who is it? – Willy’s Butte. – [Bryan] Oh, Willy’s
Butte Speed Training. Oh cool, and there’s a cop car? – Or maybe that’s Willy’s Butte. – Yeah, it’s kind of
like Lego sets are now kind of like books, you know. It’s like, “Just one more before bed, just one more.”
– [Missy] Lego, good job. – [Bryan] So they’re working on that. And Fin is so happy. (Car noises) – [Ollie] Here comes Mater, on the case. – [Bryan] (laughing) – [Fin] (yelling excitedly) – [Bryan] Fin you’re so excited. Are they kissing? He’s seriously so happy, it’s hilarious. Fin, it’s time for night night, okay? Good night. – [Missy] Awe.
– [Bryan] Awe. K. Night night. Can I have a hug? Come give me a hug, right now. He thinks if he escapes,
he won’t have to go to bed. He’s so funny. We tell him it’s like time
for bed, and he’s like, “No.” What are we gonna do with that kid? Fin? Hey Ollie, it’s time for bed. – I don’t wanna go to bed. – You don’t wanna go to bed either? – [Ollie] No.
– What a surprise. (upbeat music)

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