Event Photography at night using flash | Low light photography in hindi

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once again to your channel Dreamshot In youtube comments and other places I have been receiving some messages that why am I only into theoretical videos and not doing it practically . To be very frank I am waiting for a certain number of subscribers Kelly … and when I create a vlog or behind the scenes kind of a video I would want a bigger audience when I publish Will take a little more time… but behind the scenes of weddings ,
behind-the-scenes of photoshoots product shoots I will be planning to make a video from step 1 to post processing whatever is done, I feel I need to share with you… but when we do this for a youtube video, it takes up additional production value and time, so I am waiting for a bigger audience There are a lot of photographers among us, who are confident in natural light photos, but when it comes to flash because , as it is we need to take care of multiple aspects like
shutter speed ISO or aperture we have to take care of all these and now we have another variable – flash We need to make a combination of the flash light and ambient light when we use flash in the day, the complications are different and there are different issues when we use it at night when we are clicking photos in parties and events when people are dancing, we need to freeze them, we need to preserve the actual colors it shouldn’t look like the flash is put directly on subjects face…. So, is there a formula for this?… Generally, we do not have any formula for flash or even photography in general… We have to be patient and learn by doing some trial and error… Else, if we ask some experts and if we plan to use it during the event… and the situation in the event changes, then we do not have a standard ISO/ aperture or shutter speed values to be used…. Initial days, when I used to do night photography… when I used to be at parties, whether it is cocktail or any event parties… there were some issues i always faced… I did not have a high speed sync flash So, we are restricted to 200-250 shutter speed… Like I told you before… flash should not be obvious on the face and the photos need to be colorful… there is no specific formula for this But I will tell you a secret which is going to help you in more than 90% of the cases… So, whats the situation and whats the setting? Whenever we go to a cocktail party or an event where it will be very dark and we have those colorful lights and those colors which are powerful red, blue green yellow ones keep falling on the face…. not just that, the subjects will be moving so fast that freezing is difficult as well… and when we free, the flash comes on the face…. I have faced a lot of these … After a lot of trial and error, I have got to know a secret and I am going to share with you today… In this.. we need to keep Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed and flash in a specific combination we will give very less importance to aperture and will assume that based on the situation , we will keep the widest aperture possible… which means, if I am able to keep the aperture to 1.8, i will do so.. else if I need to keep many people in focus and need a narrow aperture I will keep 3.5, 4 or whatever but based on the situation , i will try to keep widest possible aperture Keep this thing about aperture in mind and keep it aside whatever we do now it will be between shutter speed ISO
or flash… what does the shutter do? it controls how much light comes in .. + how to freeze the subject. Which means faster the shutter speed better the subject freezes and it will restrict the light and the slower the shutter is, the more we get light and the more movements / shake is seen in the photo… In ISO also we will consider that we have 2 things…. As such ISO controls the expose or brightness We will also consider that more the ISO, more the grains Now just imagine.. you will be clicking pictures in the party hall…. In most of the cases (cocktails, reception, small events), party halls will have roofs where we can bounce the flash there are limited buildings where the ceilings are too high…! So, before the party starts, we should take some time and do some important settings…. usually we have DJs, waiters and we will see people moving around…. this is the perfect time for trial and error So, what you are going to do, decrease the shutter speed I cannot say what shutter speed.. make sure it is less than 1/200 Also, keep very less ISO try to keep it less than ISO 800 You may be thinking , in this environment why am I suggesting less ISO and when we are going to have so many movements, why slow shutter speed? hold on , you will get to know..! Now keeping both ISO and shutter speed slow, you need to start clicking photos.. photos click commercial recurring guest
low should have speed Chanukah Baba dude despite having slow shutter the image may be dark due to very less ISO Slowly change the values of shutter speed and ISO Increase the ISO and decrease the shutter speed… and keep seeing the results.. keep changing them until you tend to barely see people in your LCD You have set your camera in a way that, in case someone just peeps into your LCD he will feel that there is nothing in the picture Now, whichever flash you plan to use.. whether it is Canon , Nikon or any other local brand I know canon flash settings as I use it… I am not sure about the settings of other flashes…. but keep minimal possible flash power, I have no idea what flash you use… But in canon… 1, 1 / 2 , 1/ 4, 1 / 8
… 1/64 this is the way in which the flash power reduces…… So initially keep in lowest power Slowly increase the power, do some trial and error and keep clicking the moving people…a time will come when … along with the movement, you will start getting perfect pictures… and this works 100%.. now you may be wandering how does this work? See,, you have kept minimal ISO. which means unless a powerful light falls on the subject, the subject will not be visible easily… Even , initially we have seen during the trails that subject is moving but we are unable to see anything much So, the setting was in away that as soon as the light falls on the subject, the subject will be clearly seen.. the task of freezing the subject is not done by the shutter speed We have kept the shutter slow and during the time the shutter is open, we triggered the flash with slow power Now, what do you mean y triggering the flash in slow power? The flashes in the camera , work like this If you keep slow power, not that the it gives dim light but but the duration of the flash will be less…lesser the duration , better the subject freezes So, the task of freezing the subject here is not done by the shutter but the flash… shutter was open for a longer time anyways…. if there was good light, movement of the people would have been evident but in that long duration of shutter, the flash just same for that small duration and lit the subject in this way flash freezes the subject despite a slow shutter speed and we are able to exploit this property of flash as we are keeping slower shutter and lesser ISO and we will be getting a clean photo with very less noise more than 90% of the photographer’s
have not been doing this…

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  1. Sir pls help me…..i hv canon 200d with the kit lens and i want a 50mm 1.8 lens which can do well in terms of auto focusing during video as i will use it in making self video so there will no one to touch and focus me…but i am confuse between canon 50mm which cost 8.5k and yongnuo 50mm which cost just 3k in amazon…….pls tell me which more value for money …..and is there any problem in autofocusi g during video with yongnuo 50mm??

  2. Sir, this was one of the questions which I wanted to ask and know the answers. You explained it nicely but this is one of the concepts which needs huge practice as you have already said that it the concept learned by hit and trial. I would definitely try this way (yes sir, I was scared of using flash as it used to make my photos artificial and many a time overexposed, whitewashed).
    Thank you again, sir, for this wonderful concept.

  3. Good tutorial explained with simplicity. But it gives rise to so many queries. Presuming that you are talking about mounted flash, (may be manual or ttl) what if built-in pop up flash is used ? What about distance factor? Some events take places which are lighted with electrical
    fittings! Adjustment?

  4. As many of you have been requesting, i will make a practical video on this one. Sharing this link for now where most of the photos are taken using the same technique :

  5. Sir Please shutter count ko thora explain Kar dijiye na.. Aagar shutter count cross kar chuka hai mera camera to kya photo lena bandh ho jaiga??

  6. YouTube पर बहुत सारे कैमरा टेक्निक बताते हैं । बहुत सारे कैमरा की डिटेल्स बताते हैं। परंतु मुझे किसी का इतना ज्यादा इंप्रेसिव नहीं लगा बताने का तरीका, पर आप का तरीका बहुत ही अच्छा है और मैंने आपके चैनल को दो-तीन वीडियो देखने के बाद ही सब्सक्राइब कर लिया। बहुत मजा आता है आपके वीडियो को देख कर के बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिलता है। उसके लिए बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद।

  7. But wedding mai setting karte baithenge ti movement miss ho jayega… idea achha hai per wedding ke liye kuchh batao… fast setting

  8. Please make a video on what type of lighting (with brands name and prices) and defusers photographer use in indian weddings and events. Thanks in advance:)

  9. pls tell….me which will be better a (costs 46k)canon 200d kit with 50mm stm lens or only a canon m50 with kit lens(cost 47k) which will be value for money……..

  10. Without practical his
    Video too difficult to understand you Lectuer.
    Pleas invest your own mony for your video practical.

  11. Loved this sir. The best thing was about the duration of flash…..really got to know a very important thing. This is going to change the game.

  12. Very well explained Sir. I will do some experiments and let you know the feedback. Thanks for sharing this very nice video. Keep posting such conceptual videos please.

  13. Your videos are well explained n those animations clears the point u r trying to explain…. Great videos n amazing ideas 👍👏

  14. कम shutter speed पर फ़्लैश फ्रेम को फ्रीज़ करता है तो ये बहुत ही उपयोगी जानकारी है। मैं इसे try करके देखूंगा।

  15. Bhaiya…
    I wished this video came out earlier….I messed up one of my events like that…

    Thanks for the tip for exposing the picture…but, ekk aur problem hota hai Cocktail Parties me…The lens goes into focus hunting…It never stops on the subject and goes in and out rapidly…how can I fix this?

  16. sir bohot hi informative tha. Mein abhi start hi kar raha hu. Meine Sonia VT 631 flash liya hai for panasonic micro four thirds camera. I dont think usme high speed sync hoga. But slow shutter wala concept interesting hai

  17. But thier is one more thing as if we fallow what you say then keeping ISO low you will not be able to get the those beauty full ambient light in our pictures.

  18. Achha nahi bahot achha laga hai. Youtube pe Itni chhan been karne k baad bhi aapke bahot se tareeke bilkul alag hain sir, thanks a lot itni achhi technical knowledge dene ke liye🙏🙏

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